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Wolfen Begins The Hero's Journey


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14 minutes ago, Korranation said:

You’re doing awesome on being consistent with the lists.
Your pic isn’t a yak yet so it looks like you’re still breathing ;)


Haha, yes, thank you. I am still breathing. As for consistency, the muscle soreness I feel is my own personal proof. I haven't felt this "worked out" in quite a while, and it's a great feeling.

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Haha, yes, thank you. I am still breathing. As for consistency, the muscle soreness I feel is my own personal proof. I haven't felt this "worked out" in quite a while, and it's a great feeling.

DOMS are a good sign you worked out hard and also a good cue for a rest day. How well is the Wim Hof method working while you stretch?
Thanks again for mentioning it in your challenge. I’ve used it myself and it works well enough to let me stretch through some foot tendinitis and relieve the pain.
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Sorry, gang, but I need a break. Today was my first day with students for this semester, and I am exhausted. I will post the story and update for 1/13/19 (Sunday) early tomorrow. I will also be transparent and confess that I did not get to my Hero's Journey workout today. I completed all the other expectations but did not get Hero's Journey completed. So the story for today (1/14/19) may be delayed, as well.

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3 hours ago, WhiteGhost said:

It's like 2 months long, so getting in every single day is pretty much impossible for people with actual lives.  Adjusting as necessary is probably more important than trying to stick rigidly to the schedule 


Yeah, and I knew that when I took it on. That's also why I squeezed in Epic Five, my push-up progressions, and the running routine because they're easy to place throughout my day, and even if I don't get to Hero's Journey at least I was active.

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1/13/19 Update:



As our hero felt his strength returning, he stood up and stretched. The dragon did the same, looking more like a domestic pet than a dangerous beast as its body elongated into an "upward-facing dog" position. Wolfen laughed and the girl giggled. But there was no time for fun. Wolfen was certain he wouldn't be safe for much longer. He needed to train and be ready. As the girl and the dragon watched, our hero worked through some push-ups, pleased to feel the strength flowing into his arms. He stood up, dropped down again, held a plank, then jumped up and repeated the process several times. After this, he grabbed his sword and swung it around, striking at the air, thrusting the blade forward, slashing it in front of him. This went on for a while until his sweat stung his eyes. Our hero walked to a nearby tree and found a branch that looked thick and strong enough to hold his weight. He jumped up and gripped the branch with his hands, then did several pull-ups until his arms couldn't take anymore. He let go, dropped to the ground, rested, and then did it again and again. As he was feeling his arms weaken again, he heard a familiar sound in the woods: howling. Wolfen dropped back down from the branch and looked into the forest, where he could see the white wolf and its companions, watching him. They all howled together again, and then ran off deeper into the woods. Wolfen smiled, and then returned to the girl and the dragon. He was breathing heavily. He wasn't sure if it was the workout or seeing the wolves again that had his heart beating so quickly. Feeling another impulse growing, Wolfen sat on a rock, took out his notepad, and made another bulleted list:

  • 0630 wakeup (Sunday is sleep-in day)
  • said the Lord's Prayer, as well as a more personal prayer for my wife and daughters and for patience.
  • listened to the weekend prayer using the Pray As You Go app
  • completed 100 side leg raises (50 per leg) (Daily Dare)
  • took the dogs outside while shirtless and shoeless with temperatures in the 30s and snow falling; worked through some stretches and movements
  • two rotations of WHM breathing (holds 1:55, 2:13); also took a cold shower (2 minutes warm, 3 minutes cold)
  • no running today; allowing my knee to rest
  • completed 5 sets of the following: 30 seconds of burpees and 30 seconds plank hold (Epic Five Day 21)
  • as part of the progression to being able to do 50 push-ups in one go, I completed 3 sets of push-ups (24, 12, 8) with 60 seconds of rest between each
  • completed all of the daily requirements for Duolingo
  • listened to a podcast interview with ultra-runner Timothy Olson
  • read a few more chapters of Wind River; I'm almost finished.
  • completed 7 sets of the following: push-ups to failure, 20 side chops, 20 infinity chops; also completed 3 sets of pull-ups to failure (Hero's Journey Day 13)
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Update 1/14/19 (Monday): No story b/c no Hero's Journey workout:

  • 0515 wakeup (late night, so slept in a bit)
  • said the Lord's Prayer, as well as a more personal prayer
  • listened to the daily prayer using the Pray As You Go app
  • completed 2 minutes of single leg hops (1 minute for each leg) (Daily Dare)
  • two rotations of WHM breathing (holds: 2:11, 2:17); also took a cold shower (2 minutes warm, 3:30 cold)
  • took the dogs outside while shirtless and shoeless; worked through some stretches and movements
  • ran today: Time -- 27:06, Distance -- 2.72, Average Pace -- 9:56/mile
  • completed 1 minute push-ups, the 1 minute bicep extensions, followed by 3 sets of 30 seconds of push-ups and 30 seconds of reverse angles (Epic Five Day 22)
  • as part of the progression to being able to do 50 push-ups in one go, I completed 5 sets of 20 second push-up plank holds
  • completed all of the daily requirements for Duolingo
  • I was officially accepted into the Leadership Studies Masters degree program. When I complete this Masters, I will be able to become certified as a school administrator. This will be one of the most challenging things I have ever done because it will without a doubt conflict with typical my work-life balance. It may also impact how consistent I am with my challenge goals. I may need to re-adjust my schedule to make more time.
  • started reading the first chapter of one of my textbooks, School Leadership and Administration.
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Thank you, everyone. It's been crazy already. I have a long list of assignments due by Monday, I need to get in touch with a local school principal to become my mentor (the program in which I teach does not have a principal, so I can't just do my field placements at my school), I need to interview three principals at three different levels (elementary, middle, and high) by January 28th, I will eventually have to do a classroom observation, a mock improvement plan, help build a school schedule, attend a school board meeting... and on and on... The good news is that if I successfully complete everything I will be finished in two years.


The bad news is that my work load has trickled into getting my workouts completed and finding time to continue my story. I'm not saying it's over... just on pause. I'm still praying daily, doing the Daily Dare as well as the Epic Five workouts and my push-up progressions, my WHM breathing, and cold showers, but Hero's Journey and running have had to be put on hold.


My insomnia is also back, and Princess Arabella has been waking us up wanting to sleep with my wife, so I end up retreating to the couch because it's 2am, and I don't have the energy to argue. So for about three nights in a row, it takes me until almost midnight to wind down and fall asleep, and then she wakes us up and I struggle to get back to sleep once I'm on the couch. So... I've been guilty of resetting my alarm to a later time when it goes off in the morning. It has really caught up to me today; I'm feeling drained and I think I have an early migraine building.


So... prayers and well wishes would be appreciated. I love you all, and I thank you for your continued support and friendship.

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I'm still here, I promise. I've just been too busy to post. But I thought I'd do a quick check-in. I'm staying consistent with prayer, the Daily Dare, and WHM breathing. I missed one day of the push-up progression but got back to it the next day. I've missed a few days of Epic Five and almost a week of Hero's Journey. As I said, I'm not eliminating these things from my routine, but I'm figuring out the best way to proceed with the addition of my coursework for my Masters degree. Today was also the first day I have went for a run since Monday. I ran 3.6 miles on mostly trails in my new Adidas Rockadia trail shoes:




The shoes worked really well as it was raining, muddy, I only stumbled once (my fault, not the shoes), and I was even able to climb up a slippery hillside that I usually have to bypass or crawl up because it is so slippery. They're comfortable, as well, and perfect for the trail.


On that note, I met with the principal of a local high school, asked him some questions required for my course, and also requested to work with him as my principal mentor while I am pursuing my degree. He agreed, so that's great news. My daughter, Princess Bianca, starts at her new school this week. Long story short, she was expelled from her previous school but was released from expulsion pending her transfer to a different school in a different county. She will be staying with my mother during the day and coming home some evenings and most weekends until we get moved to the town where the school is located. This might take a few months since the house needs some work and my parents still need to get their stuff out of it.


So, there's a lot going on. I'm doing okay mentally, other than feeling overwhelmed.

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Just a quick update:


Staying consistent with prayer, Daily Dares, and WHM breathing. Saturday night it snowed and all day yesterday it snowed off an on, and the temperature dropped considerably (like from 30s to teens in just a few hours). But what did I do? I took the dogs outside while shirtless and shoeless, amid the stares and comments of my neighbor. He was bundled up in a Carhartt jacket and a hat. A few hours later I put on some base layer pants and a compression shirt, topped it with some workout pants and a light windbreaker, an Underarmour beanie, gloves, and my new pair of Adidas Rockadias. I made it to the top of the first ridge (about 350ft climb in less than a mile) before my phone rang and my wife needed me back home. So I ran back down for a total of 1.2 miles. The Rockadias were excellent in the mud and snow. Later, I was able to go back out. One of the neighborhood dogs followed me the entire way as we made it to the end of the ridge until it drops onto the next ridge, then turned around and came back. This hike/run was 2.68 miles. I visited my mentor, who is recovering from pneumonia and has a syst on his pancreas. I fed his chickens and gave them fresh water; they were all hunkered in the corner of the chicken house, trying to stay warm.


In other news, my wife and I are going Keto. This is a really big step for her, and I am trying to contain my enthusiasm. She also bought and Instant Pot, and today she made a Keto-friendly broccoli soup with fresh broccoli, shredded carrots, heavy cream, cheddar cheese, and a variety of seasonings. It was freaking delicious. She's going to make more later to pack for lunch tomorrow. She also plans to make Keto garlic chicken with spinach and broccoli. I think it also has tomato in it. I'm loving this because now her diet is more compatible with what I usually eat (low carb, high fat, high protein foods) which used to cause arguments because she was all about low-fat/fat free/diet foods that might work for some people but were never sustainable for me. And she's cooking with butter instead of canola oil! Do you have any idea how happy that makes me?


Anyway, thanks for sticking with me. I'll hopefully be back to usual bulleted lists this week, even if I don't return to Hero's Journey quite yet.

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I forgot to mention that I finally finished the novel Wind River (not to be confused with the movie of the same title). You can read my review on Goodreads here. (TL;DR -- it was a touching story with lots of beautiful descriptions of the book's setting, but as a book it was just okay).


I have started reading The Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield. It packs a punch for a book shorter than 100 pages.


Wife and I worked together to make the chicken meal; it's freaking delicious, and I have already packed some for lunch tomorrow. She also cut up some red, yellow, and orange peppers, as well as some celery. We spread some almond butter on celery earlier for a snack; it was a hit with us and the little ones.


Got my assignments for this week completed. I need to try to read and work ahead for the next one.

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8 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Being on the same page as a significant other in terms of healthy eating makes things so much simpler.


Very true. The other day she even said that once they get her thyroid medicine corrected and she has more energy and once we get moved to our new town, she could possibly join me on a walk around the neighborhood until she's ready to maybe start running. I told her I would be honored if she joined me and would go at her pace until she was ready.

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Today has been great so far. Arabella woke me up wanting to get in bed with my wife, and at first I was frustrated until I saw that it was 0429 and my alarm would be going off soon anyway. I smiled and let her lay in the bed. Then I knelt by the couch in the living room, said the Lord's Prayer, as well as a more personal prayer for forgiveness, wisdom in some upcoming choices, patience, and for my wife's health and for my daughters to be a blessing to someone today. I lay back on the couch, eyes closed, and listened to the daily prayer on the Pray As You Go app. Then I tried to do a wall sit for 2 minutes (Daily Dare) but only made it to 1:20 then started again for 30 more seconds, then 10 more. Then I did three rotations of WHM breathing (2:04, 2:18, 2:32) and took a cold shower (2 minutes warm, 3 minutes cold, 1 minute warm). I took the dogs outside while shirtless and shoeless, even though it was only about 15F. The only complaint I had was the hardness of the ground since everything was frozen. Then I helped my daughters get ready for school (down to only the little ones now; oldest is back to college and 15 year old is staying with my mother).


I spoke with the elementary school's principal, and I have an appointment tomorrow morning to interview her for one of my classes. I still need to get in touch with a middle school principal.


On my way to work, I stopped at Cafe Crema (my favorite local coffee shop) and ordered a coffee with steamed heavy cream (I have heard so many names for it, I don't know which is correct). I am continuing to read Between the World and Me by Ta Nahisi Coates and working through The Warrior Ethos.


I'll keep you posted on the rest of my day.

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Ehhh, so the Keto diet didn't last. My wife messaged me and said she was feeling really drained, like she might pass out. I tried to encourage her, but she explained that she was already feeling drained because her thyroid medication hadn't yet been adjusted, and now the Keto flu on top of that is just too much. She said she may return to Weight Watchers. About five minutes later I got a text that said, "Just ate a cracker... Fuck Keto." After she felt a little better, I asked her if maybe after her doctor gets her medication regulated and maybe after she loses some weight through WW and begins to get more energy, would she consider giving Keto another try. She said, "Maybe."


I went for a run this afternoon, but then my phone got all wonky. I had to stop to fix it, but my battery died, and by then I had lost my momentum. I managed 1.76 miles in 19:04. When I got back I tried making a protein shake without powder using cottage cheese, heavy cream, honey, blueberries, blackberries, peanut butter, and two raw eggs. It was a bit thick, so I added about 1/4 cup of milk. It wasn't bad until I got to the bottom and realized I had let it settle for too long. 


And now I need to work on schoolwork. It's not due until Monday, but why put it off, right?

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Sorry to hear that your wife was having some problems adjusting. The first few times I tried to go low carb, I was having similar issues and it can be rough!


Might I recommend a compromise? Continue to make a keto-friendly main dish and then have her make a small side of something more carby to go with it (like some rice with your delicious looking dinner from the other day). That way, you still get support while she gets carbs. We do this regularly as a family and it's really helpful. 


Also, I personally have better luck easing into keto versus going all or nothing. Something for her to consider for next time you try this experiment. 

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I'm still here, everyone. Just been crazy busy. This week I met with three different principals (one high school, one middle school, and one elementary) to ask them what they felt their duties were in their current position at their current level of education. It was an informative experience (especially the elementary school principal as she was honest with me about the struggles of being the only administrator in the building). I have to finish writing up a paper summarizing what the principals said and what I learned from the experience. Maybe I'll post it here.


Workouts have been... meh... I'm still doing the Daily Dare and moving my body when I can, but I'm waiting until the next challenge begins to get back into Epic Five and Hero's Journey. I'm running when I can for at least 30 minutes each time.


A pipe burst in the house we'll be moving into. The water shouldn't have been on to begin with, but apparently my parents left it on, and our recent well-below-freezing temperatures must have burst one of the pipes. Now the kitchen carpet is soaked. We have fans and heaters on it in hopes to dry it up quickly.


I started reading The Outpost by Jake Tapper. So far it's pretty compelling. It's a true story about a military outpost that was placed in one of the most dangerous and strategically foolish places in Afghanistan. I've also listened to quite a few podcasts over the past few days that have discussed the recent ad by Gillette and such things as "toxic masculinity," gender roles, etc. And in between all this I started watching Bojack Horseman because a friend recommended it.


Hope you all are doing well.

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Oh, I forgot to mention something (unless I mentioned it a few posts ago and don't remember). I am doing the Polar Plunge again. There is an online donation option if anyone wants to help me out. It is to raise money for the Special Olympics. I need to raise at least $50 to participate, but my goal is $200.




Just go to the link above, scroll down to the part that talks about donating, and fill out the information. My full name is Jason Lilly, and I am participating in the Plunge at the Hurricane location.


Thanks again!

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