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Akaris new year resolutions


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Eat Keto!

Lose Weight!

Get the perfect bikini figure!

Carry around proudly your baby bump while others present there bikini figure in summer.


Hey guys,

it's been a while since I did a challenge. 2019 will bring some major changes for me. The actual best news: On 9th January I will finish my apprenticeship and can leave that horrible company. Second, I will become a mother in August. I'm so happy! (Even tho at the moment I puke out my soul each morning).

Since I am pregnant I stopped doing keto diet. At the moment I'll try not to eat for two. But eating feels like the only thing against my morning sickness. Since 3 weeks I only think about that sickness - from getting up till going to bed. The goal for next month is to do a food diary to control how much I eat. I also need to reduce my juice intake because of the sugar. Usually, I was drinking coffee 3 times a day, now it doesn't taste anymore and I get a headache. Running or doing other sports is currently not good with that sickness. But going for a 30 min walk each day feels good. When I feel better I'll continue going to the rehabilitation sports group once a week. My doctor prescribed me that after my therapy last summer after my psychotherapy.

But the most important goal right now is to find a new job. Would be bad to sit home and do nothing till my baby will be born. (Especially for my financial situation.)

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Was wäre das Leben, hätten wir nicht den Mut, etwas zu riskieren. Vincent van Goch

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