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New year is good time to get back on track

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Hello fellow nerds. In the last few minutes before the new year, I'm frantically scrambling to finish my New Year's resolutions. I had a lot of fitness ones this year after I realized that I could use my stomach like a drum. I've really been inspired by Steve and the rest of the NF community. My resolutions this year are as follows: 

1. Is to lose 2 inches off my gut by July.

2. Because I've been bad about this before, my second resolution is to exercise at least every other day. On days when I don't do any official exercise, I need to do 300 jumping jacks and 15 pushups divided throughout the day.

3. Eat paleo at least 4 days out of the week. When I'm not eating paleo I need to be doing a 16-8 fast. I also resolved that if I binge on sugary or greasy foods one day, then I have to do a 24 hour fast within the next 2 days.

4. This was probably covered in the above resolution, but it is to fast at least 5 days of the week, or any day not eating paleo. I'm going to try to do a 24 hour fast every 2 weeks.


Well, those were my resolutions. What do you think? Anything that I can improve?


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