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Jarric 2019 - To Oblivion and Back Again

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The Road to Oblivion




2019 has got some silly big goals for me. If you've already read @Charlie_Quinn's or @jonfirestar's 2019 road maps you might be bored of seeing this, but this year I plan to qualify for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships at Nuclear Oblivion in May, and then run them in October.


Goal 1 - OCR

Nuclear Oblivion is a lapped 12-14km race, and completion of 3 laps (about a marathon) automatically qualifies you for an Age Group place at the Worlds, whilst 4 laps (about 50k) qualifies you as an Elite. I'll be going for the 4 laps and the Elite qualification, which may or may not be possible, but if I fall short and only qualify Age Group I think I'll be ok with that (providing I've given my all).


That's not my only goal for the year, but I have it first as I will be breaking up the year in line with it, and all of my goals will be split into similar phases. Here's the breakdown:


Phase 1 - The Road to Oblivion

Challenge 1 - January 7 to February 3
Challenge 2 - February 11 to March 10
Challenge 3 - March 18 to April 14
Challenge 4 - April 22 to May 19 - Oblivion takes place May 19th, giving a perfect end to this phase


The focus here will be on building my mileage so that I'm actually capable of running a 50k ultra OCR. Whether I will do it in the 8.5 hour time cap is another matter, but I want to at least stand a chance of going the distance.


Phase 2 - Return From Oblivion
Challenge 5 - May 27 to June 23
Challenge 6 - July 1 to July 28
Challenge 7 - August 12 to September 8

Challenge 8 - September 16 to October 13 - OCRWC takes place 11th-13th October, so again this lines up perfectly


Having trained for a 50k ultra, I will now be heading towards the OCRWC where the longest race is 13k. Focus for this phase will be on improving obstacle proficiency as all of the obstacles are mandatory completion, and on building speed (I am under no illusions that I can actually compete with the top athletes at the Worlds, or that I will ever get to that level, I just want to put in a showing I'm proud of).


Phase 3 - Find a New Goal
Challenge 9 - October 21 to November 17

Challenge 10 - November 25 to December 29


I don't know what the focus will be here. With the big goals out of the way I hope I'll be setting my sights on even bigger things, but I don't know what that is going to be yet.



Goal 2 - Finances

My second big goal for last year was to clear my debt and start saving. I made a sizeable dent in my credit card, but fell short of getting debt free. This is really important to me as I want to own my own home one day and have a big of financial stability, and I get really stressed about my lack of money and pointless debt.


Phase 1 of this year will be all about clearing debt - I should absolutely be able to entirely clear my credit card in this time period. I'll be looking to spend less and also reduce household bills. Phases 2 & 3 will focus on building up a pot of savings - I'll explore the shape of this in more detail when I can asses where I am at the start of each phase.



Goal 3 - Career

My last goal for the year is to push on with my career - I'm not an overly ambitious person and I won't be looking to hop jobs or anything like that, but I really want to be better at what I do. Phase 1 will see me completing the current module of a work related qualification that I have let slide for far too long. Phases 2 & 3 will see other goals linked to work, likely more qualification based but subject to what opportunities arise.


And that's it, I'll put together a post now with some more details on my phase 1 goals, and then write my challenge which will take the first steps of those goals. I plan to post copies of all of my challenge intros and wrap-ups here, so I can easily look back and see how I'm progressing on all fronts.

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Phase 1


Goal 1 - OCR

So phase 1 of this year is all about getting ready for Nuclear Oblivion, which if I do it right will be a 50k ultra-OCR on May 19th. No surprises then that my goals really all focus around running for this phase. Currently I'm running 4 times per week, with a tempo run, and interval run, a 5k and a long run, and I'll stick with that patterns for as long as it works. This fits in well with Crossfit and climbing, which are the things that make me good at obstacles. 


In order for me to map out my runs and give me a bit more of a long-term game plan, I'm going to list below all of the long runs I plan doing in this phase, and where they clash with OCRs that I may well be doing instead. My other 3 runs probably won't change that much over the period, so it's the long runs that are key. I've put two dates for each one, as I may do the long run on a Saturday or a Sunday


Challenge 1

5-6/01 - 7 miles

12-13/01 - 13 miles

19-20/01 - 14 miles

26-27/01 - 15 miles

2-3/02 - 16 miles


Challenge 2

9-10/02 - 8 miles

16-17/02 - 15 miles

23-24/02 - 16 miles

02-03/03 - 17 miles - Nuts Challenge

09-10/03 - 18 miles


Challenge 3

16-17/03 - 9 miles

23-24/03 - 17 miles

30-31/03 - 18 miles

06-07/04 - 19 miles

13-14/04 - 20 miles


Challenge 4

20-21/04 - 10 miles

27-28/04 - 19 miles

04-05/05 - Deload TBC

11/05 - Rat Race Dirty Weekend

19/05 - Nuclear Oblivion


I am also considering running 4 laps of Nuts Challenge. This would give me a chance at qualifying for the worlds early, and also makes me eligible for attempting 6 laps at Summer Nuts on 1st September, which is another automatic elite qualification if I can do the distance. March 3rd is my birthday and I don't know if putting myself through 4 laps of frozen hell is how I want to spend the day, on the other hand I don't want to put all of my eggs in one basket and this looks like a great plan B. It's only 7k a lap, so the distance is doable, it's just the cold that scares me. I'll have to make a decision on this at January payday.


Goal 2 - Finances

The goal for this phase is simple - get out of debt. This is all about spending less and getting chunks off the credit card. Every challenge should have a goal relating to this.


Goal 3 - Career

By the end of this phase I plan to have finished my current module for the qualification I'm working towards. I missed the deadline for a piece of coursework over Christmas, which is really unlike me and shows I've not been taking this seriously enough. There's a variety of reasons behind that, but no excuses, I need to get it done. One coursework piece has been passed, so I need to pay for a late submission of the second and get it in, and research, write and submit the third. Again every challenge should have a goal dedicated to this.

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So, a very late challenge wrap then :




Nutrition went very well, followed the plan 21/28 days, and it would have been more if it weren't for the fact that I added a tracking goal on top of it at the end. Going to keep up the raw veg bit and the fat bit (seeds and olives) going forward. 




On the alcohol side I basically ended up doing dry January and then drinking the last 3 days of the challenge. Interestingly looking back at my mood throughout January it was pretty dark at times, and it's pretty uncomfortable to read. I think I can safely say that the amount I now drink is not having a negative affect on my health, but that not going out and socialising does have a negative affect. 




I learned some stuff, and mostly stuck to the plan, lets say 13/20XP awarded. 




Running/Rehab went pretty well too. If you can call being injured and unable to run "going well" that is! Got at least near my mileage for the first 3 weeks, and hit all my rehab sessions in the last 2. Let's say 13/15XP.




Climbing goal went OK - I hit all days on 3 weeks, and in total 29/34 total. The ones I missed were because I felt like I was on the verge of injury, and all in all I'm starting to realise that whilst this is making me stronger it doesn't seem a sustainable way to train. 




I didn't track the hangboarding side properly, although I think I hit most sessions, and I still really need to work out how to get it into my routine. 8/10 XP awarded. 




Budget goal wasn't particularly SMART, so it's hard to judge. I do know that not drinking saved me a small fortune, but because that took the pressure off I did care less about sticking to budget. *shrugs* 4/5XP feels right. 




Study went really poorly. Must. Try. Harder. I managed 4 hours studying in 5 weeks out of my planned 20. With deadline time approaching this is not good. 0XP




Forums I hit 26/34 days on here. That was on any thread, not necessarily my own, but that was the point as I knew I'd be busy and wouldn't update this every day. 26/34=76%. *5XP = 3.8XP. Let's be generous and call it 4XP.

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February challenge very much didn't happen, but here's the March-April one:


On 3/19/2019 at 12:55 PM, Jarric said:


Keep It Simple Stupid


Last challenge was a flop - I started late and then didn't update after the first week. Not good.


Work is mega busy at the moment, and I can't pretend that it's going to let up much before the end of this challenge.


But I miss this place, and I feel a bit directionless without the accountability here. That's why I'm running a super simple challenge this time round, with simple daily goals that I can answer "Yes" or "No" to.


Rehab - 15XP

I am still having hip issues, and pending seeing a specialist and figuring out what's going wrong I need to keep doing my rehab exercises. I'm not even 100% sure that these exercises are doing anything given that the physio isn't sure what's wrong, but building glute strength for my wear-arse arse can't be a bad thing.


Workout - 10XP

I might have mentioned this before, but I'm running an ultra-marathon OCR in 9 weeks (that would be Oblivion). So I should probably stick with the programme in terms of Running and Crossfit. One thing (at least) every day.


Budget - 5XP

£50 weekly budget. Stay under it. Simple.


And that's it. I can't pretend that I'll post daily or keep up with everyone here, but I'll try to get on as much as I can.


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Challenge wrap for March-April:


Just now, Jarric said:

I was going to wrap up this challenge on Monday, and it's now Thursday, which is kind of the story of this challenge.


Last week ended ok - I got in my Friday Crossfit, my 15 mile (24km) run on Saturday and a 5k on Sunday. Drank a reasonable amount as I went out on Friday with my dad to see an ACDC tribute band, had a couple of afternoon snooker beers and fair few evening beers in front of the TV with WW on Saturday, and a bit with WW and her mum with Sunday lunch. Was a nice weekend all told.


Overall for this challenge the goals have taken a bit of a backseat. Well, workouts have been at least 6/7 every week and most of the missed ones had good reasons, so i guess I owe myself about 8XP there. Rehab goal stopped pretty early on while I wait for a better diagnosis. Budgeting goal I got somewhat close to in week 4, but still didn't get there.


We've got bank holidays (UK public holidays) here on Friday and Monday for Easter, so yay 4-day weekend! At some point over that I'll get my next challenge posted, which will be my final one leading up to Oblivion.


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Aaand we're on the final stretch to Oblivion:


Just now, Jarric said:

This year the first of my major goals is Nuclear Oblivion, a 12km lapped obstacle course where I'm hoping to do 4 laps (~48km/~30 miles) and qualify for the Obstacle Course Racing World championships. Nuclear Oblivion takes place on 19th May, which is the last day of this challenge.


On the Saturday of week 3 I'm running Rat Race Dirty Weekend, a 20 mile obstacle course, just for a bit of fun.


The end of week 2 will be a taper run at 10 miles. The end of week 1 will be my last long run before the events at 19 miles. I ran 17 miles yesterday.


So that sets the stage of where we are for the next 4 weeks, Now for some goals;


Track Your Workouts - 10XP

My usual plan of a minimum of 7 workouts per week, but this time with a twist - if I didn't write about it it didn't happen. I've fallen out of the habit recently of writing out my Crossfit workouts, and I'd like to get back to that and have a full picture of my running and climbing too.


Plan Your Food - 10XP

I read a great Nerd Fitness e-mail yesterday about knowing what you're going to eat tomorrow, and how that planning helps you avoid making bad choices. It sounds interesting and I want to give it a go. And to start, here's what I'll eat tomorrow:

  • 1st thing - Glass of whole milk
  • Breakfast - 3 eggs, banana, protein shake
  • Snack - Apple
  • Lunch - chicken, veg and rice
  • Snack - WW's homemade lemon cake
  • Dinner - Tomato-y sausage pasta
  • Snack - Easter chocolate
  • Last thing - glass of whole milk


Sort Those Finances - 10XP

I got a promotion (and payrise) at work this month, and next month I should get my annual bonus, so it's a good time to think about where I'm putting my money. I'll have weekly goals for this:

  • Week 1 - do family budget
  • Week 2 - do personal budget
  • Week 3 - investigate help to buy ISAs
  • Week 4 - Reduce some bills, get pet insurance


Check In - 5XP

I'm terrible at keeping up on here, so I'm making it a goal to check in daily, even if it's only for 5 minutes.


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