Short intro: I coach a kettlebell sport team, and I try to be a decent kettlebell lifter too.. I have a 2 year old daughter, a dog, a messy house and a desire to someday not suck at all this adulting stuff. Oh and I'm an avid fantasy reader, I love board games and I remember my vacations by the food we ate.    I made a huge list of things I want to accomplish at some point in my life, but it's in dutch and I don't feel like translating     But one of them is to go through life groomed a little bit better, so for the first challenge of the year it's all about my hair. (that sort of rhymes doesn't it?)   Goal 1; in 2018 I wore my hair up in a bun 361 days of the year. This has got to change. 
- try out 4 new hair styles that don't make me want to shave it all off and practice braiding my own hair at least 3x each week.    (this is really what my hair looks like before I tie it all up in a messy bun)    Goal 2; (training) my competition focus is on the snatch right now, and I have a lot of skill/endurance training to do there... so all other training I can focus on gaining some necessary strength. I'll pick back up some form of squats and deadlifts and for upper body play around in the rings and paralettes. The latter is going to be the biggest challenge so the goal is;  - bring paralettes back home and every day I'm not at the gym do something from GMB P1.      Goal 3; in december I started with a bullet journal and I'm really enthusiastic about it so far. I use it mostly for the running to do list and keeping track of work projects. What I also really like is picking 3 things to focus on every day, writing something good about the day afterwards and tracking some daily work I want to keep up with (duo lingo, laundry, that kind of thing). So the goal.. - to keep bullet journal motivation high share some pics and find 1 or 2 people also keeping one   That's it!