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First Challenge


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2019 is MY year!

Motivation: I am Engaged! and we are looking at buying a house!

This is huge for me and I want to look my best when we get married. I am already one step in the right direction as I met my weight loss goals of 2018 and had a breast reduction I desperately needed. Unfortunately the two weeks bed rest and holidays have put back on a significant amount of the weight I lost :( Buying a house is also HUGE and I want to feel like I am ready for that so I plan on purging out all the junk we have in our place currently and want to get a jump on better morning habits.


Quest: Lose 30lbs and increase flexibility


·         Eat more fruits/vegetables

                                  §  Eat at least one vegetable per meal

                                  §  Eat one fruit a day

·         No more sweets

                                  §  Reduce sweets to a single small dessert a day

Physical Health:

·         Work out 3 times a week

        Do something Physical every day (Walk, squats, something)

          Do weekly Measurements with roommates (Every Friday)


Quest: Have a Morning Routine

·         Wake up early

                              §  Put alarm across room

                              §  Plan out clothes day before

Quest: Save Money(down payment)

·         Make a budget/finance sheet

·         Review Spending (weekly update)


I have a bunch of other things I want to list under each quest but my goal is to finish this challenge successfully and add items under each one as they are completed!

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Welcome to the Rebellion, and congratulations on your engagement. Let me know if I can help with your challenge in any way.

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Starting off this challenge on the wrong foot. This weekend was rough and I was unable to meal prep so my nutrition today is already behind. HOWEVER I will not let this ruin this challenge for me! I am making a plan and will meal prep tonight after work! Because I am meal prepping tonight I will not go to the gym, BUT I will take a 20 min hike on my lunch break(On Friday I hiked 2.2 miles in 36 minutes on my lunch break!) and do squats while cooking. 

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great idea to get some movement in during your lunch break! don't worry, it sounds like you're starting off on a pretty good foot, even if the weekend didn't look like you expected it to.

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Week One Reflections:

Wow how many ways can a week go wrong. a double ear infection plus a viral bug had me out of work couch ridden for 4 days. That being said, I did not meet most of my goals that week as soup was life and exercising would be death lol Feeling back to normal.


Packed my lunch yesterday and today and have prepped for the rest of the week already. Meeting those nutrition goals.


I am still on antibiotics and have a rough couch/sore throat so exercising is a bit hard but I am walking as that is the most my lungs can handle at the moment.


I have been setting my work cloths out each night, though I have not been getting up earlier due to the whole feeling like death bit. 


I did balance my weekly budget yesterday for last week and got my first of the year credit report from experion so winning there.


Here is to crushing week two of this challenge!

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