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Korranation’s perfect animal crossing town


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Guess who’s back?



I saw NF bringing up the New Years challenge in emails, blog, and on several fb group. So I though, why the hell not? If you oversaturate the market with an idea I’m bound to bite.



I can’t believe NF has finally hit a decade. It feels like just yesterday when I signed up for here. But that was eight years ago. Ahh, I was a young whipper snapper in college dreaming of being something smart and convoluted like an engineer. A lots happened since then. Heck, a lot has happened since my last challenge. Since then I’ve:

- [ ] Started meeting up every weekend with a running group

- [ ] Lost 30 lbs

- [ ] Left my non-profit job

- [ ] Started a new job downtown

- [ ] Moved out of my parents place

- [ ] Got my first apartment

- [ ] Meal prep all meals

- [ ] Walk my precious pupper twice a day


I’m now healthier physically and mentally. I’ve gotten away from a toxic environment, ended my toxic relationship with food, and started socializing more. It took some time, but things got better. I just had to take the initiative. For those of you new to me and me to you, go skim over those cringe worthy old challenges. I was very vocal about my problems.



In the past I’ve used the forums as a form of escapism. It’s a fun way to immerse myself in something and connect with an online community. But at the same time, I disconnect from reality. So I’m going to do this as a narrative stand point for y’all readers rather than for myself. So gather round now.



**cue story sequence music**


[Part 1 I comments somewhere]







keep it clean

Automize routine

~find days you might slip up

~place reminders in calendar

~create rules - don’t miss 2 workout days in a row

~create productive physical environment

~place notecards everywhere

~treat personal life with some responsibility as work life



plant more flowers

Work healthy habits into routines

~ set up reminders for drinking water

~ set up mindfulness rings e.g. big breath



build more public works projects

Level up on adulting (e.g bill payments and apartment cleaning)

~set relentless reminder to pay bill

~revamp YNAB app



plant more trees

Practice FIRE (financial independence, retire early)

~consume FIRE item a day like a podcast, blog, vlog, email, etc.



get villagers to move in

plan socializing into routine and 30 day schedule

~use paper 30 day calendar





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Congrats on your own space! I bet that helps a lot with nutrition goals, and more importantly with sanity.

Thanks :)

I’m able to prep all my meals now. And thanks to the space I can experiment with the bolder smelling items and don’t have to worry about comments on things like tofu and seitan.

And my sanity is doing much better. No more intrusive thought, self doubt, isolation, or any of that other nasty stuff. Plus I socialize a lot more.
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I’m really needing to clean up my intro at the top. It looks like a hot mess.

Not sure if I should focus on sleep as one of the challenges or if that’s too basic.
IF I clean up my routine, THEN I’ll stick to my schedule and go to bed on time.

I had a rude reminder what lack of sleep does for me. Slowed speech, slower thinking / processing, and grazing galore.

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22 hours ago, Korranation said:

I had a rude reminder what lack of sleep does for me.


We often learn things like this when it starts to impact us and trickle into our lives. I know when I don't eat right I get grumpy and feel irritable all the time. So I snap at friends and family without really meaning to. It's like those Snickers commercials where the guy isn't himself until one of his friends hands him a Snickers bar, except someone needs to hand me some celery. :D

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We often learn things like this when it starts to impact us and trickle into our lives. I know when I don't eat right I get grumpy and feel irritable all the time. So I snap at friends and family without really meaning to. It's like those Snickers commercials where the guy isn't himself until one of his friends hands him a Snickers bar, except someone needs to hand me some celery. 

The trickle effect is a nasty thing.
I recently went semi-vegetarian. Mostly when I meal prep. And I wasn’t getting enough vitamin D which was causing muscle pain and depression. And adjusting to my new job was causing a flare up in my thyroid which effected my anxiety and sleep. At a certain point I was scared to come into work because I thought I was going to make a mistake and my boss would fire me before my six month probation even finished.

I’m less of a grumpy person and more of a non responsive one. Yay for self-isolation. But I’m more self aware now and I don’t do that anymore. Tomorrow I’m literally running around with people all day and drinking beer. My feet will most likely fall off.

And why haven’t commercials done a reverse snickers commercial yet? imagine if someone did that for a weight loss company. Like a guy would walk up to his fat friend and go “you’re not you when you eat like shit” and hands him a celery. With today’s rage culture that company would be getting millions in free promotion from everyone talking about it. It’s just like when IHOP pretended changed their name to Haus or something. Everyone was getting their pantries in a twist and pulling out their pitchforks.
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Just a heads up. You should activate text to speech on your phone sometime. Or just copy and paste this to a text to speach website if your using a full on hard drive like a scrub ;)

(I’m just salty bc I can’t find my laptop change after I moved)


So today’s eating could have gone better.


I had my usual meal prepped stuff. Overnight oatmeal for breakfast and vegan burrito bowl for lunch. It has black and pinto beans, every colored bell pepper under the sun, and baked sweet potatoes with a homemade taco rub. And also Greek yogurt for sour cream. So technically it was vegetarian.


Unfortunately I did not pack enough for lunch. The meal was only 18ish ounces when it should have been 28oz. So I went into hungry mode where I eat something and don’t notice till I’m done. And I had a slice of cheesecake from a party tray that someone brought for everyone on Wednesday. then I went down one floor to the vending machine and wasted money on a bag of restaurant themed potato skin chips. And that was only a half hour before closing.




Spoilers, RANT, so sorry to Tapatalk users who can see spoilers


I hate snacking. To me snacking means you aren’t eating enough and aren’t eating right for your meals. I use to snack on jerky, hard cheese, and nuts like I was straight out of the shire or Elderscrolls. But that was back when my meals were ground meat, mostly carbs, and not enough of the right kind of calories.


I love having huge meals that are mostly veggies because... one: I’m eating so much I feel like a glutton. 2: it takes a lot more of the veggie bulk to hit my calories and 3: it tastes so much better than most stuff that I get in restaurants that it feels like I’m getting away with something. Pigging out on real food is like a guilty pleasure for me. I just haven’t learned when to portion more when I prep.






So I take the bus to and from work now. I work downtown so parking is murder. Plus my job gives me free bus passes thanks to my workers badge. So I spend that time reading or catching up on NF. I’ve been reading Steve’s “Level Up Your Life” book. I tried reading the ebook version when it first came out, but never finished. I feel like I’m in the right headspace where the message will stick. Heck, most of what I’m reading I’ve already gone through.






I’ve failed over and over and finally found a good method of losing weight. And in the last year I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone so much. I ignored that tiny voice in my head that says things like “don’t throw a plugged in toaster into a bath you’re currently sitting in” and “don’t wander around ever because you’re a woman and you’re responsible for a man’s actions if he tries to take advantage of you.” And you know what I say to that voice? Nothing. Because it’s dead. I killed it. Just like I would with anyone who’d try to take advantage of me. I’d make Amy Elliot Dun look like Marry Poppins.


My escapades started with meetup. I went to a group of foodies only to realize the youngest member there had at least three more decades of existing than I’ve currently racked up. And at the end I thought “that wasn’t so bad?” It was good food, good wine, and there were belly dancers.


So I went to my second meetup. It was a random apartment in a weird part of town (I think) at night. So I showed up in the dark by myself and let myself into a strangers apartment. There were several guys sitting on a long sofa that followed the

Wall from the door to the other side of the adjacent wall absorbed in a game of smash. And at a dinning table was a bigger group geeking out over the nerdiest board game I had seen in a long time. I had walked into my second home. Now on Saturday nights everyone calls me Kirby. Because that’s the only character I know how to play and I kick ass by floating around and smashing buttons.


And my third escapade was almost a year ago with my current running group. I was at the pub - Which is how great stories should start - and I overhear my friends talking. And being the great gossiper that I am, I know that time I good gossip. Only problem is that they’re using code names. Like everyone has a nickname and it’s inappropriate and also hilarious. So I ask about where and how these nicknames originated. And my friends thinking me to be a shy wallflower show me a webpage that posts the time and place for the runs. So I show up to the event without a second thought. I find myself at another random apartment complex. When suddenly I see them. A group of oddly dressed individuals I knee high socks, running attire, and all holding a refreshing beverage. So I turn to my inner voice that usually would say “don’t jump off bridges or whatever” and I hear nothing. Because it’s still dead. And here I am about to run the equivalent for one and a half half-marathons tomorrow and sing songs about good old debauchery.






So after the bus I go home and start making food. My pantry is in serious need of a restock because I’m grasping at straws. actually I don’t have straws at my place because I don’t need them and neither does the environment. So I make some apples and peanut butter. Then I have a cutie orange with it. And here’s the kicker. I have garlic butter angel hair pasta parmesan as a chaser. I enjoyed my own meal in the comfort of my own place knowing I wouldn’t be shamed into having such an odd combo and sleeping soundly Knowing I could take this dark secret to my grave. But since you’re reading this know you know my shame and you cannot Unknow it now.


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welcome to NF town


The story starts with a hero named Korranation. After finally moved out of their parents house, she’s making her first step towards independence. And what better way to start new than in a new town? Korra had seen an ad for a new town with a great location and reasonable price for a home.




The train ride seemed to go on for a while. After a a nap or two a cat accidentally makes eye contact. He asks for the time You make friendly conversation. The cat, Rover, get excited when Korra mentions the town name. He pulls out a bunch of maps - more than should logically fit in a pocket - and shows Korra each one by one. Eventually she decided one one that might be it. It’s hard to tell since she’s never been there.

The speaker comes on to the intercom with “Now arriving in NF town! NF town station!” And the sound cuts off just as quickly.

Korra stands up as the train pulls up to the station. Out the window Korra sees a river winding through some grassy hills that are dotted with trees and tiny houses. One of them overlooks the ocean.



Korra’s heart quickens standing on the station platform. What new adventure awaits? Who will she meet? What’s the house going to look like?


Korra is greeted by a group of animals.


1: OHMYGOSH! Look who just got into town!!!


2: I bet that’s the girl.


3: we cant just stand here! Let’s all say hi!


Isabelle: OK, everyone! Her e we go... Ready! And... Those of us in NF town...





Isabelle: Mayor, we’re so happy your finally here!


Korra: is this the right stop?


Isabelle: Don’t pretend like you don’t know. Didn’t you hear the conductor announcing our town name? You said you would arrive on this train! And we’ve all been waiting for your arrival!


Korra: this must be a mistake...


Isabelle: Oh no! You can’t fool me! Things are just as you’d say they’d be! All is well. There’s no mistake! Tee her you’re a real jokester!


Korra: no um...


Isabelle: Well, let’s continue this discussion at town hall, shall we? Here’s a map of NF town for your reference, mayor Korra.


Confused, korra look down at the map. It’s identical to the one Rover showed on the train. “Well, maybe I can sort this out with a one on one discussion there.”


A large yellow building with white pillars and a green door stand next to the river bridge where the map indicated. And since Korra’s residence hadn’t been set up yet it was the next best place to start.



The interior is warm. The afternoon sun shines through the windows brightening the pleated wooden boards lining the floor.

In the centere of the room stands a sturdy oak desk. Piles of paperwork, a sunflower in a vase, and an indiscernible name plate adorns the top.

Isabelle’s bells jingled as she followed Korra from behind. She quickly pats down her yellow cardigan and navy blue skirt. The collar of her white blouse is crinkled in a way that only a desk nap can give.


Korra turned to Isabelle hoping to straighten this misunderstanding out. “Why did I think an ad I saw on a leaf was a good idea?”


Before Korra could say a word Isabelle spoke up. She spoke in a rapid fashion not giving anyway for interruption.

“Mayor this town hall will be your base of operations. Oh and I complete forgot to mention that I’m here on staff too! I’m Isabelle, your secretary, and I’m here to help anyway I can. But if I may be frank, i was surprised to see someone as young as you step off the train. I mean our former mayor held the position for many, many years and was set in his ways. But youth is a breath of fresh air. And exactly what our town image needs! You’re perfect for our job. “



Korra thought for a moment. “The previous mayor was here for years? Isabelle seems fond of whoever they were and looks supportive in me taking this. Why am I kidding??? How can I run a whole town?”


Isabelle continued, “Alright we need you to get started right away as mayor. Therefore, first we must complete your resident registration. A mayor really should be a resident. Now what’s your name?”

Suddenly her face turns pale as she brings her hands to her mouth. “Oh no, this is bad. I completely forgot that in order to register you as a town resident your address needs to be on the form.

Do you have a place to live yet? There aren’t any vacant homes here, but you can build one. We really should have you decide where you’re going to live before we proceed! And here I have you come to the town hall for nothing. I apologize for being so flaky!”


Isabelle quickly pulls out a map pointing to where the real-estate location is on the other side of the tracks. She starts to tell Korra to get things in order while she fills out paperwork as she rushes Korra out the door.


Korra stood outside town Hall not knowing what to do. She had already packed up her things at her folks house and they immediately rented the room out the day she left. Everyone in town thinks she’s the mayor and there’s not even a house available.


It was a difficult situation Korra was in, but the only way is forward, so she made her way to Nook’s homes.


Inside was a modest business. A home model of a castle was nestled in a corner of the room and in the center were displays for doors and roof colors. And in from of the displays was a raccoon. He seemed older in age. His yellow sweater fitting snugly over his belly. He gave a smile at Korra’s entrance.


“Ah! Welcome! Welcome!You must be the new Mayor, am I right? Isabelle at the town hall told me to expect you! On behalf of the NF town chamber of commerce, I’m pleased to welcome you! So Korra, you’re here today because you wan it to build a house? Very good! Very good! I can build you one just about anywhere you want, yes, I can indeed! So have you decided on where you want to live?”


Korra nodded dumbly wondering if the residence here ever paused when talking or if they have a fondness for monologues.


“Then this won’t take long at all! Just take me to where you want to build your new home, Korra!”


Not knowing what else to do she walked out of the business and back into town with Tom Nook in tow. Korra walked for a while before coming to stop near where the river looked into a lake. Sunlight reflected off making light dance on a nearby maple tree.

It seemed like a good spot. A front view of the water every morning , a tall tree for shade, the town square is right behind, and the beach is within walking distance but not close enough to where she had to worry about falling off the ledge.


“Yes, yes. So you would like to build your house here? Yes, yes. There’s plenty of space to build your house here! And the river’s right here. If you like fishing or nature, it’s the perfect spot!”

Korra nods excitedly at the thought of being able to catch her own dinner and enjoying the view every morning. Maybe it will be cold enough to try ice fishing too.

Tom Nook claps his hands. “Wonderful! It will take some time to build your house, so for today, let’s reserve the space for you!”


Tom pulls out some picks and rope from his picket and marks out the area. A yellow tarp is laid out I. The middle. In a matter of moments a large tent stand where there was an empty space between the trees.

“Ta-ta-ta-da!” Tom hollers. “ I’ll let you borrow this tent so you’ll ha e somewhere to sleep. I’ve also put up a mailbox so you can even start receiving mail! I bet you rarely see a tent with a mailbox, right? Oh ho ho ho ho!” He chuckles at his own joke, his belly and tail swaying with laugher.



Korra heads back to town hall, finishes up the paperwork with Isabelle, receives a town card to mark mayoral accomplishments and traverse between towns. Everything was over and done with.

“ The last thing we’d like you to participate in is a ceremony that commemorates your arrival. We’d like for you to plant a tree in the square so it can become a great symbol of our town. I’ll lead the way so follow me!” Isabelle says excitedly.


Isabelle and Korra stood atop the center of the town square where the tree would grow. All the townsfolk had gathered and looked eagerly at them. “So take this sapling.” Isabelle reached into her pocket and pulled out the item. “OK, Korra. Now plant the sapling by hand. Put your heart into it!”


Not really sure about everything before and the current situation of living in a tent or what was currently going on, Korra looked at the young sapling and knew everything’s going to be just fine.





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That's so awesome you are doing new things and meeting new people. Wonderland Mall is a good place for that sort of thing. It's the anime kid of malls, they have nerdy stuff there all the time.

I walk through wonderland mall most days to get to my car after my bus route. Plus my new apartment is close by there.
I’ve gone to mini mini con once and got some cute fan art.
I stop by the nerd shops now and then. I almost a Playstation with Spyro and crash bandicoot, but those came on for the newer consoles.

Wow Korra! So much change and excitement in your life. I'm so happy for you and will be following along! 

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On 1/5/2019 at 12:06 PM, Korranation said:

I walk through wonderland mall most days to get to my car after my bus route. Plus my new apartment is close by there.
I’ve gone to mini mini con once and got some cute fan art.
I stop by the nerd shops now and then. I almost a Playstation with Spyro and crash bandicoot, but those came on for the newer consoles.

That guy with the massage place in the shops is awesome. $8 for 10 minute chair massage and it's worth every penny.

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I'm really proud of you [mention=25695]Korranation[/mention] for getting out of your comfort zone for the sake of your mental health. You have really grown since your last challenge, and I am really proud of you. Every step you take is one step closer to growth. Keep it up.


That guy with the massage place in the shops is awesome. $8 for 10 minute chair massage and it's worth every penny.

I’m definitely hitting that place up when I get an off day. Some of the older workers there take a break around five and do a lap around the bottom floor of the mall for exercise. It’s so weird that it use to be a bustling place and now it’s always empty and filled with an odd assortment. It’s one of the few places you can go see a movie, get your weeaboo on, eat too much sugar then go see a general care provider and dentist, and follow it up with family therapy all in one stop.

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Another eventful weekend. It’s one of those weekends that are so different that I’m dying to go back to work. You know you’ve had the right amount of stress when you’ve begging for the monotony of a work routine.

I started off Saturday morning with a run with the girls. It was through a neighborhood that had peacocks running around. Every roof at a dead end had at least two atop. And at the end of the lane was a tall tree. It was like a Texas Christmas tree with peacocks for ornaments. After a quick pic and some more running we stopped for some brunch.

The afternoon run wasn’t as nice. There’s a new runner that showed up a few weeks ago and they love drama. And I’m their new target. I’ve rarely talked to this person, but I think I’ve said or done something that offended a friend of hers in the past in her eyes. What’s worse is she’s like my stepmom but cranked up to a 10. She’s got serious textbook BPD. Their impulsive, easily irritable, risk taker, self-destructive, anxious, narcissistic, and abuses substances. They’ve made the running group a very unwelcoming place and I’m tempted to just quit altogether. I’ve spoken for weeks to those in charge of the groups for several weeks on multiple instances, but they can’t do anything about it because it’s technically not breaking their rules. I swear this runner is going to be the next Michelle Theer and convince her new bf to go on a murder spree.

On a happier note I’ve befriended a resident nearby. When I first moved in she stopped by the first day and gave me some fruit and muffins. Because moving stuff is hard work. Since then I’ve been giving her some leftovers from my meal prep and some banana bread. She’s been helping me step up my apartment. Now I have more room in the kitchen by hanging some items below the cupboards, my tv finally has a stand, my patio has a carpet, and the patio banister has a cleaner coat of paint.

I skipped the Saturday evening run and Sunday’s run to focus on running errands. I spent the morning looking up recipes and found several vegetarian ones that are freezer friendly. So I went and bought three weeks with of lunch and dinner.

The first two I made were instant pot enchilada casseroles and vegan teriyaki stir fry.
Those were the only ones made before the fam called and asked me over to dinner. It was a nice chicken soup with zucchini squash and tomatoes.

This morning was a little off. It took me half an hour to get up from bed. And during my morning walk, the pupper and I had to take a few detours. The first one was because of a skunk. And the second one was because of a broken pipe. It looked like a sprinkler head had burst and the water was shooting past the roof of the apartment. It was also shooting diagonal across the only narrow walkway so another detour was in order. And during my routine while brushing my teeth the water had turned off. Good thing I took a shower from the night before.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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That's an awesome grocery haul. I always get irrationally excited when I see HEB stuff in other people's threads. Sorry about drama runner, I hope that situation clears up soon.

Same here. When you’re from Texas you’ve been indoctrinated to love HEB. Because “Here Everything’s Better.” All hail the super state conglomerate chain.

Ya, when that drama runner started runner her mouth - Pun intended - I frickin froze. It was like stepmom PTSD. I brain recognized all the cues so I fell back into the autopilot role I use to take with her. Staying mum near the fake mum. So to speak. Management said for both of us to stay away from each other. Doubt she will if she shows up black out drunk again. But hey that’s just another potential problem scenario to put in the hat.
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Meal prep nightmare
http:// https://sweetpeasandsaffron.com/instant-pot-cauliflower-korma/
So I tried making that this evening. And let me tell you.
I. Failed. Hard.
I read over the recipe and everything. Even the beginning part where it says to have everything chopped and measured before you begin.
If you’re not prepping you’re preparing to fail.
So I used halved or skimmed on the following: tomatoes, ginger, cardamom, and cauliflower. Now that last ingredient is the main one so idk what I did there.
And I accidentally doubled chili powder and peas.
So when I was done with the hot mess, half the sauce was burnt at the bottom of the pan and the rest refused to clump to the cauliflower. And an assault of pea were looking me in the face.
The moral of the story kids... is prep all yo shit. Murphy’s law here. Anything that can go wrong probably and most definitely will.

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Ugh. Drama mamas are awful. That's a shame when one person can ruin an otherwise great experience. I know you'll do your best to stay positive. Maybe those in charge will become aware of the problem before it gets too bad.

I’m just gonna keep my head down and keep running. Or head up? And shoulders back? I think that allows for deeper breathing while running.
She’ll burn herself out, disappear, and will turn into another myth of the girls who leave a hurricane in their wake. Seems like the running group attracts one now and then.
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Yay for semi productive days followed by self sabotage.
I went to bed early last night and got up early to boot. I even went to the gym. Only thing was I had to cut it short since I took too long getting out of bed and my dog was being a drama queen. And I got distracted by my phone. My Fitbit didn’t even track the strength training as active minutes. Maybe I should go in and add them?

The work day was hectic like always. It usually picks up like that after Monday’s. Not sure if the food I packed was enough either. I doubled the portions of my overnight oats since I use to go crazy hungry afterwards. That and it wasn’t enough calories to even count as a meal.
But now lunch isn’t enough. I doubled the edamame beans for protein and have 15oz of greens and almost a whole cup of rice. Maybe I’m not drinking enough water. My bad I didn’t catch the doodlie memo. So now I made another slip up at work. I hate another slice of cheesecake. I hoped the two tiny apples and cutie orange would curb my sweet tooth, but no. I am, apparently, an insatiable beast. I’m so glad I didn’t have enough change with me either or else I would have gone down a floor to use the vending machine and make an ass of myself trying to get snacks out. Last time I tried the bag got stuck and I had to shake the thing like a crazy persons.
And after the workday I sat and thought about my emotional state. It was, in all sense of the work, stressful. But I wasn’t wracked with anxiety and stress. And it concerned me. I felt stressed, but when I felt inside it was filled or pushed back in my mind. Makes me think it will come back and this is just part of the unexplainable womanly phenomenons of the cosmos. Or I just had a vitamin D deficiency and my poor diet and holidays was causing inclination to my thyroid. And now a mostly plant based diet and proper vitamins are leveling out the playing field.

Just when I thought I was out in the clear my dad texts “dinner at 5:30.” And my first thought was “well shit.” Because if I wanted to make it to my place in time I would ha e to take the shitty bus route and cut through the mall. And if you hear crazy heel clicking on the hobby lobby side of the store after 5:00 that’s me. And if you holler my nerd name here irl I’ll most likely holler back.
Getting sidetracked... anywho, so I got to my place at 5:30 on the dot when I see two people sitting out between the gym and pool. And it’s co-residents I met while they were visiting my balcony neighbor. So naturally the pupper and I stopped by which wasted the time on the nasty bus. But it was so worth it.
So I got to my parents house late enough to say bye to grandpa Iroh since he got there early for food. I quickly ate while making conversations and giving enough jokes or throwbacks so they could pick up the verbal football and run with it. Shame that my blouse had a lot of white in it. And I ate spaghetti with red sauce. Which is impossible to eat not messily. Like back when I like at my parents and someone make spaghetti the girls and I would go to our rooms to put our hair in buns and away from our face s d put on black shirts to not stain. It almost seemed like a serious sport for that kind of meal. We literally had our own spaghetti wear.
I came home to chill on the couch with the pupper and respond to a few threads. To those of your who I have t responded to: sorry it’s been a hot minute and life can be a hot mess. I will write to you, you bet your sweet bonnet I will.

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