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Korranation’s perfect animal crossing town

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35 minutes ago, Korranation said:

Yay for semi productive days followed by self sabotage.


I know those days too well... :unsure: But luckily tomorrow is a new day with a fresh chance to be productive again. :)

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Who am I? -- My NF Character

Current Challenge: WolfDreamer Enters Spartan Training

Past Challenges: 


Winter is ComingWolfen Strengthens His Heart, Body, Mind, and Spirit, Wolfen Becomes One of the PeopleWolfen Strengthens His ChakrasWolfen Welcomes Summer and Gets Primal, Soulcon and Spartan, Wolfen Develops Mental ToughnessWolfen Joins the Wander SocietySoulcon, Spartan, School, and Stranger ThingsWolfen Becomes a Warrior EliteWolfen Goes Here and There and Back AgainWolfen Becomes a Soulcon Warrior EliteWolfen Returns to His RootsWolfen Wanders in Soul, Spirit, and BodyWolfen Owns the DayWolfen Searches for His Wild Heart, Wolfen Runs for His LifeWolfen Hits the TrailsWolfen Becomes an Explorer and Joins the ResistanceWolfen Goes Back to the SourceWolfen Begins the Hero's JourneyWolfDreamer Returns to the People,  WolfDreamer Pushes BackWolfDreamer PrioritizesBurpees, Books, and BrainworkBurpees, Books, Brainwork, and BodyworkWolfDreamer Masters the Four ElementsWolfDreamer Continues to Master the Four ElementsWolfDreamer Returns to SpartaWolfDreamer Returns to Middle EarthWolfDreamer Continues His Middle Earth AdventureWolfDreamer and the FallWolfDreamer Forges His Own PathWolfDreamer Has HopeWolfDreamer Returns to Middle EarthWolfDreamer Reads Harder, Breathes Harder, and Journals MoreWolfDreamer Embraces His Wild PoetThe Mad Poet Becomes SupernaturalWolfDreamer, The Mad Poet, Becomes SuperhumanWolfDreamer ElevatesWolfDreamer Becomes IronBornWolfDreamer Wakes the White WolfThe Mad Poet Recovers by Keeping it SimpleWolfDreamer Clears His Mind to Find His Wild HeartWolfDreamer ResetsWolfDreamer Strives to Become an Eminently Qualified Peaceful WarriorWolfDreamer Springs ForwardWolfDreamer Returns (For Real This Time)WolfDreamer is RespaWinningWolfDreamer RebootsWolfDreamer Thinks About the Roman Empire

I'd rather sing one wild song and burst my heart with it, than live a thousand years watching my digestion and being afraid of the wet.” -- Jack London

“I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love.” -- Leo Tolstoy

"I feel love rising in my chest again
Rising like a burning sun into the day..." -- Gungor, "Hurricane"

"...wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." 2 Corinthians 3:17b


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I woke up today with sore shoulders. Makes me almost glad I didn’t finish the workout. I pushed the max weight for my arms. I did the same for my legs, but those suckers are use to lugging around some weight.

I met some new apartment neighbors yesterday. They’re friends with my balcony neighbor. And since one of them is legally disabled they frequent the place. One of them mentioned that my dog goes off when people walk past the building. Which is good because it lets them know when someone’s out and about.

I’ve been giving my balcony neighbor some dishes of my meal prepped goodies so I’m gonna do the same with the new friendly residents. I feel like it’s an animal crossing game giving gifts to villagers to build relationships. I keep needing to write the next installment to my animal crossing story. And I need to sit down and pencil in my routines.

On another note things have been bustling at work. Someone is retiring and their sustainability actions are needing to be reallocated. One of them is gathering used coffee grounds to give to a friend for their garden. I was overthinking all this morning about how to make it a company wide project. But then I remembered I like to bite off more than I can chew. So I’m taking baby steps. For now I’ll be collecting the amount he’s been collecting and give it to my alma mater. I know a few folks still in some green organizations that run the community garden on campus. And if they can’t take anymore then I’ll start repurposing it myself. I might start up an Etsy shop and make coffee candles, soaps, body scrubs, and face masks. But if I do that I’ll need to find a vendor who manufactures labels and I’d want to to be someone local. And I’ll need a supplier to purchase the goods such as candle holders, socks, soap material, etc. And if it takes off maybe I can hire my sisters part time since they always say they need extra cash. And at another point down the road I’ll have to hire someone to manage social media since I’m not the best at it and rather outsource than sell my time trying to learn. Hmm... so many decisions. And again with the overthinking.

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So I read a book outside on my lunch break today. And it’s always an odd experience. I work downtown now. And you’d think that it would be like the concrete jungle of NY. But no. It’s the tourist town of the world. In its own sense. And naturally there natural accommodies and avant-garde parks. So there’s a nice place to sit.
And outside has all the natural sounds of a fast paced place. The commotion of cars, click clackers of busy businessmen, and the hollers of homeless. Like the one guy on the street that really likes ideology. And the sound of his own voice.
As I donned my metaphorical swimming gear on and dove into the book, I swam through the section of archetypes. And at the very end was the adventurer. At first glance it looked like nothing special. The Hufflepuff of the group. A catch all for the talentless lot. But on further inspection it was the diamond in the ruff. The veil had been lifted. And I finally understood. Adventurers aren’t as swift as scouts, as well-mettled as warriors, or as daft as druids. At level one their weak, their vulnerable, they have yet to embark on the Heroes journey. But at level 50 they’re gods. Scouts can go the distance, warriors can slay the dragons, and druids can connect with the infinite itself. But adventurers. Adventurers can conquer worlds.
The America wouldn’t have been found if it wasn’t for Amerigo Visgucci, that one other part of America wouldn’t have been found without Lewis and Clark, and other some third thing. They take one great step for man and one giant step for man kind. They explore the unexplored, commune with the uncommunicable, and conquer the unconquerable.
If you go to level up your life and look at the quests. They’re all about adventuring. Aka exploring.

Physical quests explore the limits your body can take and the reward is breaking those limits.
mental quests explore the knowledge of the inner self and unlocking it leads to the treasure of connecting at a higher level with the outside self and world.
Work quests explore your passions and reward you with a tangible item.
Freedoms quests explore the maze and chains that restrain you and the reward is... um more freedom I guess.
Master quests are exploring for ultra-rare items and material and the reward is the end game of all crafted items.
Gratitude quests are exploring the community and reward is giving back and getting a warm fuzzy feeling.
And well adventuring quests are self explanatory.

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I had to post that because I wanted to end on an awesome adventurerererer note.

I got on the wrong bus today. Sorta. It was the right number. But the routes updated on Monday and two routes had merged. So on the upside the number that gets me to my vehicle the fastest was now only one block away instead of six, but downside is that it loops around all of downtown and backtracks to my six block start point. So I wasted half an hour going in a circle downtown. But bright side again is that it still went to my original end point. And I was able to do a Good Samaritan act today. When I got off and was toward the front of the vehicle, I heard someone yelling half a block behind me. “Stop the bus stop the bus” a woman yelled, her bags and belonging bouncing as she bounded forward. I saw the bus moving in the corner of my eye so I put of both my hands and made direct eye contact with the driver. And let me tell you I gave him a fright. His eyes looked like he was about to hit a cluster of kids. The rest of the bus passengers saw the woman and told him to open the doors and he did. It’s only on the poorer sides of town that you see the richer sides of people. On the nicer bus everyone keeps to themselves, and keeps their head down. But on the not so nicer bus, people speak up for the stragglers and they orate with the outlanders. Everything has their pros and cons. And it’s all about how you focus on it.

Not much I can say about the afterward. I clicker clacked my way through the mall. Like seriously if you sat on the leather sofas near the coat factory chain that shall not be named you’d hear me coming a mile away. It’s weird how that place echos. So I got home and walked with pupper. Talked on the phone with my sis. Told her about the weird phone calls I get. Like the really crazy people have been blowing up the phone. I came home and dawned on my bday suit since its what everyone wears underneath the layers of unnecessary clothes. And also clothes are an illusion. And also a birth is really a formal event since the baby is born in its birthday suit. So there’s that to think about.
Hmm... I’m starting to find it unsettling the amount of shower thoughts I’m having outside of the shower. And the amount of alliterations. And following things in groups of threes like the Greeks. And I’m not Greek so it’s puzzling why I’d even do that last one in the first place. Or the first one in the last place. Ramble ramble.
Anywhoo again. I had a slow dinner, watched bobs burger, and realized I should have dessert. So I thought to myself “what leftover goodies do I have lying around that could go to waste?” And I saw a neglected half empty can of coconut milk. Which in my opinion is the better of the two coconut liquids. But I digress.
I adventurers into the internet and came back with a recipe for vegan coconut pudding. http:// https://www.texanerin.com/vegan-coconut-pudding-paleo/
And again I thought to myself. Which all people do at one point in their life. And I thought “it’s too easy of a recipe.” But I made it anyways and left me tell you. This is the vegans version of crème brûlée. (I had to use Siri for that part. Robots have weird spellings for words)
It’s as this as custard, as creamier than any wannabe dairy product could ever dream of being. But be warned. Consuming the whole thing may leave some side effects. Like an upset tummy and weird noises out your not mouth whole.

Ya so I had Siri read all the above back to me and boy do o sound loopy. Not really sure hope to end this so.
Korra out.

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Only a week into the challenge and m already running out of content to put here.


I’ve been reading “level up your life” on the bus both to and from work. I’m excited a d sorta disappointed. The latter because there are straight up renditions of old blog posts. And the former since they’re easier to digest, it ties cohesively to the questing structure and gameplay mechanics. I know I’ll be picking this book back up time and time again for both encouragement and reference.


upon rummaging through all my pants pockets I found my missing pair of ear buds so I can start listening to “The Alloy of Law” book 4 from the mistborn series. I was interested to see how it didn’t end after the third one. Then again I was hoping to see a time skip and further fleshing out to the world building. And his writing inspires me. As a book critic I can’t overlook the flaws in the series. But I enjoy how the world structure dictates the theme of the characters. It gives color to the otherwise two dimensional NPCs that follow their roles in their socioeconomic predicaments.


I’ve been having ftrouble following my evening routined since I get distracted and lose track of time or a task takes longer than anticipated. Like cleaning the kitchen. I can’t believe I make such a mess so quickly. I’m like a food tornado the desperately needs to be stopped. And the poor evening routine leads to a later sleep schedule which leads to waking up later despite the alarms which leads to sleeping past my workout time.


So I haven’t worked out since whenever I said I did last. And I’m not liking it. I did find those weird stretchy bands that you step on with your foot and pull with your arms. It was abandoned in an old the and half empty filing cabinet. I know no one in their right mind on my floor would use it since it looks silly and their fancy business folk.


I also found a pair of air pods. Or sure what I should do. It connects via Bluetooth and anything that expensive has a tracker on it. But I don’t know how to use it to find it’s previous owner. I know they either work in the building or at the very least with the company. If I can’t find the owner and it’s not connected to the find my iPhone feature does it mean I get to keep it? I’ve got a nice pair of blue tooth headphones that go around your neck. A lot of gym folk use it but they get tangled in my hair and lanyards.


So this weekend is running weekend. Heck every weekend is. And I’m so tempted to skip Saturday’s run. The drama runner is part of management in the group. And she’s gonna give me hell. And she wins if I don’t show up. But I’m a sore loser. Not sure if I have anyone to be my plus one there. It’s more for her safety than mine though ;)


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I LOVE THIS WHOLE KORRA GOODNESS going on here. I feel like you've opened a window into your brain for us to look inside, and it's filled with fast moving colors and lights and so many moments of joy and fun. 
I mean, is it perfect? No. I think that's the really magical bit.
You are doing a wonderful job here 


I do love putting on a good show. Bc if it’s not entertaining to read and write why bother in the first place?
And some blunt honestly and a heaping spoonful of humor and gifs does brighten it up. I’m just so glad I can move on to this chapter of my life and share of with y’all.
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I feel like a ferochemist from the mistborn series. They have a set of powers like strength, weight, stored knowledge, or healing, etc. but they have to give up something to get it. Kind of like autocannibalism. Like if someone has healing they have to stay sick for a while and their heal is stored in medal bracelet, earring, or accessory. But then they can heal burn wounds and sometimes grow appendages like their fingers back. And if a person has weight they can store their physical weight in their metal accessories and be lighter for a time. And by using their store they can be ten times heavier for a short time.

But I did that with motivation Saturday. I spent the majority of the time on the couch watching YouTube. They’re getting better with their algorithm and it’s harder to look away. I fell down a few rabbit holes of smaller youtubers who make real content and it was refreshing. Their content is how I like my food. Real, raw, and not processed.

I finished up the rest of my meal prepped foods and made some coconut pudding in the evening. I was enjoying Bobs burgers with my pupper and my eyes started getting heavy. I thought to myself what’s the harm in closing them? So I did. When I came to and checked my watch two and a half hours had pasted.

So I got up on Sunday with a plan. I wrote down what I wanted to do and got to work. I decided to meal prep, take the dog to get a touch up since his fur is tangled and he hates me brushing him, prepping for running day, and go to the store to stock up on bulk items like rice and beans (my paranoid side is still worried about a possible recession or at the very least some of my retired apartment neighbors being affected).
I got the majority checked off. I was out of some items for meal prep so I went to the store. I took the little guy to the groomers but his rabies tag says expired, the vet is closed on Sunday’s, and his paperwork that says he’s up to date was at home. So I decided to treat him. I got him a puzzle toy and a koozie for myself.

I started meal prepping. I make some cauliflower fried rice. I think the cauliflower is undercooked. I was nervous of it turning mushy or stinking up the place. I’ve heard it smells and have yet to experience the odor first hand.
http:// https://sweetpeasandsaffron.com/cauliflower-fried-rice-recipe/

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I've never had Cauli rice turn out quite the way I wanted it to. It looks like you're using the bag from HEB that is pre shredded, which is WAAAAY better than trying to process cauliflower. 

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Current Challenge

"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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So i made another mistake in my meal prep.

I bought white homonym instead of cannellini, so naturally another trip to the
Store was in order.

I made the white persona version of quesadillas. It was vegan and had all the white stuff. White beans, white cheese (feta and mozzarella), and white tortillas. And what better way to pretend like it’s healthy than with white people spinach.

Right after the finished I had to book it to my runners group. Thankfully it was just a ten minute drive. Some old faces showed up and some drama faces were a no show. Both cases were very exciting. I ran for a bit, enjoyed some drink, and ended up near some eateries near some community college. The pizza was very good in the area. That or I hadn’t eaten much for the day so anything tasted good.

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Not much to report.

I’ve stuck to my meal prepped items. And thankfully my lunch has been super filling. A lot more than last weeks. Vegan stir fry is more of an appetizer. As I’ve said in the adventurer guilds feast/banquet hall.

The quesadillas are amazing. It’s like a grown up version like adult Mac and cheese. Only problem is I’m hungry then. It’s calorie dense so I hit my counts but not the physical ounces. Then again it’s not real food. It’s processed. It just looked so fun to make.
**Le sigh**

I’m still trying to get my evening routine in order. Bc I keep sleeping past my alarm and workout time. So I’ve get more sluggish than I’d like. Not the “I feel dead and I’m a zombie at work.” But more of a “why don’t I feel like I’m on my eighth shot of espresso and also I can hear colors.” A good workout will give me that high for the whole day.

I’m doing more of the socializing. Only problem is that my Saturday game night got moved to Tuesday’s. I’m guessing it’s bc the guests work part time and are either working and tired when they get there or work full time and party too hard on weekends and show up drunk.
Idk if I should go since it starts the same time my evening routine does. I mean it’s a lot closer to my place than my parents when I use to go. And I’d only be good NF to be a half hour later. Hmm, I should make Wednesday mornings my rest days or workout in the evening. There’s a family that started taking to the gym after New Years, but it’s been a while since then.

These posts let me be RAAD. Reevaluate, Adjust, Adapt, and Dominate. I know I have a lot on my plate, but these past few months have been no different than the games resource management games I use to play. Not sure how the quote goes but it’s something like “to get to places you’ve never been you have to do things you’ve never done.”

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Animal Crossing Day 1

“Congratulations Mayor! You can relax for the rest of the day.” Isabella cheered as she applauded along with the villagers.

After a minute the crowd dispersed. A dog approached as Korra jumped off the bricks. Her blue eyes contrasted with her red fur.
“Hi there Ms. Mayor! I’m Cherry. You looked so cool planting that tree today! It was obvious to everyone in the event plaza that you’re gong to be a very dependable town leader..” her black ears bounced as she swayed. “With your help we can put NF town as a really cool place to live!”
Cherry bowed and turned in goodbye.

“Everyone’s looking forward to what I. And do.” Korra thought. “And I have to keep up this image. And I can’t exactly do that living in a tent.”
Korra made her way to wards the train tracks. She walked along the river creek admiring the cherry trees. The fruit shone in the afternoon light. They looked like a good snack for later. Korra reaches for the tree and shook it. The fruit fell away easily, bouncing softly onto the ground. She picked up all three and pocketed them.

The entrance bell to Tom Nooks store rang as the door closed. The room was small. A miniature scale of a castle stood in the right hand side. Displayed were mail boxes, doors, and roof colors hung in the back. Book stood in front of the displays. He looked up front expectantly at the sound of the door.
“Welcome welcome! [pause] Oh! Korra, yes yes, have you finished everything you needed to do to move in? I have, of course, completed running the numbers of your home loan, yes yes. Now let’s discuss the costs. You know, Korra, we can’t build you a home unless you have all the necessary costs covered, hm? So the down payment is nothing more than 10,000 bells.”
This currency system sounds confusing.
It is like $1,000 or $100 maybe $10? How inflated is this money? And how would an earning be made?
”I can’t afford it.” Korra said dismissively.
“No, no?! That’s fine! You’re fine! You don’t have to worry about giving me a single bell at this point in time! I’m quite a generous raccoon!” Tom blushes and swayed as he continued. “My heart is about the size of a four bedroom, two-bath duplex, hm?” This seeemed to be an amusing joke to himself.
“That being said... I do need your down payment before any work can be done on your home. OK? But do not worry! No no! This town is rich in crops and other resources! You’ll find it easy to earn money! You can collect fruit and seashells and take them to the recycling shop to earn quick cash, yes? Once you’ve saved a bit, buying a net or fishing rod at the store is a good idea as well. It is indeed! You can use such tools to go forth and catch insects and fish to sell too. An easy path to riches, hm? Much faster than searching for low-paying, part time employment, yes? Oh yes, yes?”
“ so come and see my when you’ve earned 10,000 bells.” Tom bowed as he finished, his belly heaved in excitement from the exertion of his speech.

Korra stood at the top of the hill above the railroad tracks. The houses sprouted around the river that snaked through the land. A large pink building stood near the town hall. It looked like a possible shop.

The shop bell rang.
Timmy “mrs. Reese I have something to sell”
Reese “oh help Timmy! What do you have to sell today?”
Timmy “I have a tape deck I’d like you to look at!”
Reese “ ok! I can take it off your hands for 175 bells! Or you could set your own price and set it down in the back for somebody else to buy. Which would you like?”
Timmy “nah, that amount is completely fine! I’d much rather sell it outright!”
Timmy pulled out a leaf item and handed it to Reese. In return she pocketed the item and pulled out some bells.
Reese “thank you! With your help, we’ve been able to recycle and refurbish so very many things.”

Reese “ sorry to keep you waiting. Welcome to the recycle shop, re-tail. Oh my, would you happen to be the new mayor? I’m so happy you decided to stop by our shop. Well buy any unwanted items from you. Well also pay a premium for any high value items listen in front of the shop. In addition to selling to us outright, you can set your own price and put items on display for others to buy. So, mayor, if you have something you no longer need, please feel free to bring it by for a fair price!”

This sounded like an interesting bartering system. Surely the cherries would go for something? Nook did say that the land was full of resources. Can a house really be paid off in fruit, bugs, and fish? This town was sure different than anything Korra had heard of. Then again she was very sheltered.

Korra approaches the pink alpaca looking over her books.
“ yes! Can I help you? You want to sell something, do you? What did you bring in?” Reese said expectantly.
Korra pulled out the three cherries and handed them over.
“Is this everything then? I’ll start crunching the numbers right away!” Reese proclaimed as she excitedly examined the fruit. “Well then, I could probably part with 300 bells for all of it, if that sounds OK to you?”
”Deal!” Said Korra.
Reese handed over the bells which Korra quickly pocketed.
“Now all I have to do is shake down 33 more cherry trees and my house will be paid off.” Korra thought. She knew from her view on the hill that the town did not have that many yet. And it would take some time to plant more. How quickly did fruit trees grow here? She didn’t want to wait and find out. There were more important mayorly things to do. But trees were now on her to-do list.
She looked around the store. On display was a potted plant, a locker, a chair, and a cozy looking bed. And a bed is much better than sleeping on the floor in a tent. The tent was large enough to hold it too.

Walking over to the item, Reese followed Korra in tow.
“Oh the [common bed]? This item belongs to [cherry] from here in NF town. The asking price is 120 bells. Care to give it a loving new home?”
Cherry is selling this item for this low of a price? She was there to greet Korra at the entrance at the train station. And Isabelle did say they knew she was coming. It couldn’t be a coincidence.
“I’ll take it.”
Reese clapped her hands “OK! Thank you for your purchase!” She grabbed the item from the display and handed the leaf to Korra in exchange for bells.

Korra approaches the next cherry tree. One of the fruit looked different so she shook the tree. The fruit she held was golden in color. This must be the perfect fruit my parents never wanted to buy since they were so expensive.
The next tree was a pine. Korra looked up and saw an indiscernible object towards the top, grabbed the trunk, and shook. The item thumped onto the ground. Suddenly there was an angry buzzing sound. Korra looked down to see a bee hive. “Not good!” Korra thought as she did a 180 and ran away from the tree.
A small villager home was nearby and it looked like the perfect place to get away. With a burst of speed Korra threw open the door and dove in slapping it shut behind her.

Inside was a single room. The sounds of the radio and tv rang in the air almost drowning out the angry buzz of the bees. A bird turned around from a punching bag he was facing. His eyes lit up as he recognized Korra.
“Oh mayor! I’m jay! We’re gonna be big fans of each other. So... that tree you planted? When I say you performing that ceremony, I had a thought. I thought, if this gals in charge, NF town is gonna be in good hands. We’re counting on you Korra! Make this town the strongest town around!”
You nodded to him as he turned back around and continued to hit his punching bag. Korra put her ear to the door. The muffled sounds of the trees blowing the the wind was the only thing she heard. Korra peeked around the window above the tv. No swarm waited outside.
Korra ventures outside again. It didn’t seem like a good idea to shake random trees anymore. She went back to re-tail and sold off the remaining goods in her pocket.

Korra had just over 1,000 bells. The message from Tom popped up in her head. There were over resources like fish and bugs. Surely there must be a place that sells a rod and net? A town had to have more than just one shop. A second look at the top of the hill was in order.

At the top of the stairs Korra looked to her right where a small wooden shack stood. It had a metal roof and a small sign that read ”nookling junction.”

“Welcome! Welcome! Come on in!”
“What’s this? Could it be this is your first time in our humble establishment?” Questioning
“Ooooh, you’ve already met my older brother, Timmy? I hope you treat us both kindly! Please do!”
“Our store sells a variety of furniture and useful goods for daily living! As you can see, it’s a rather teeny shop, but please relax and enjoy shopping! Take your time!”
Check out equipment
“Ah a fishing rod. The price is 500 bells. Are you interested i. This item?”
“I’ll take it!” Korra said.
“Thank you kindly for your purchase!” Tommy proclaimed.
Korra purchased the shovel for 500 and thanked Tommy.
She left with her tools in hand eager to see what goods awaited her in town.

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I’m slacking in being healthy.

It started on Tuesday night. I went over to a friends house to go play board games. We played the card game of the binding of Isaac. It was like playing Munchkin. And it reminded me of themed version of flux. Same game different outfit.

It took an hour and a half to finish it up and by the time we were done I had to head home. When I got home I saw that a few items had been knocked off my dinner table. Turns out my pupper climbs on the table when I’m away. He knocked over my pill holder and ate my chocolates. There wasn’t anything he ate from the holder. He doesn’t like the vitamin D, antihistamine, and the multi-day vitamin gummies are too bitter for him. He does like melatonin gummies and since it’s a natural thing the body produces its not harmful.
Thankfully the candies were a Japanese brand and was milk chocolate so it wasn’t really cocoa. Only problem is that candy gives him the zoomies. So I had to take him for a run through the complex. Thankfully my running group has helped build my stamina to outpace my dog. Even though he’s a tiny thing he’s hard to keep up with.

So I went in to work with less than six hours of sleep. I noticed that it took me longer to process things, it was harder to speak, and the negative thoughts started sneaking back in.
I spent longer than I thought on the story narrative for here. And then I got distracted from my evening routine and stayed up late again. And it seems like when I get not enough sleep for two days in a row I start to neglect my hygiene. I just didn’t want to shower so I used some dry shampoo and finished up the routine.

Thankfully work has been slow for the last two days. My manager and my first line of defense SME are both out sick. But now my job is starting to feel like my last one.

I’m making a stand to stop myself from backsliding.
Starting tomorrow I’m going to be working out straight after work. I already walk my dog first thing when I get home so that’s a perfect warm up. The gym is a short walk from my door and still in my complex. I hardly see anyone there anyways and it doesn’t matter if I have to share the space to get it done. I’ve still got steam to burn off from work.

I usually don’t have Friday runs so it’s a perfect time to start. I do have to help scout a running trail Saturday morning and two runs on Sunday. So Saturday evening will be a perfect time to do meal prep.

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The Salado Creek Greenway is awesome for running, thought it's not as close to you as other options. Walker Ranch Park or Hardburger Park (the Blanco side) are both on it. I was just on that trail today for a walk.

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Current Challenge

"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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The Salado Creek Greenway is awesome for running, thought it's not as close to you as other options. Walker Ranch Park or Hardburger Park (the Blanco side) are both on it. I was just on that trail today for a walk.

It saddens me of the lack of creeks in the medical center. There’s always denman estate park up the street from my place though. It’s a perfect spot to catch Pokémon and watch scrubs in their natural habitat.

And I explored the rough side of Phil hardburger Park. The laid out trails were too vanilla for me so I followed some deer trails till a sign told me that the nature in the area was too natural for muggles like me.

And I’ve followed salado creek from huebner to 1604. There are plenty of bike trails that the city hasn’t paved down yet. The riverbed is the perfect terrain out there. And there’s plenty of little caves in the walls,an abandoned husk of a car that fell down there ages ago, and what I call a fairy bridge. Some fancy handy dandy ladybro build a literal bridge out of the trees in the area and drilled it into the rocks.

Heck. Give me a ditch and I’ll rough it. And thanks to my runners stamina I can get through it before the cops show up.
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At different times, I've covered Salado Creek from Huebner to 281, I really like it, especially those bike trails you mentioned.

16 minutes ago, Korranation said:

There’s always denman estate park up the street from my place though. It’s a perfect spot to catch Pokémon and watch scrubs in their natural habitat.

Never even heard of it (Just googled) and I used to work in the medical center. It looks really cool.

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Current Challenge

"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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At different times, I've covered Salado Creek from Huebner to 281, I really like it, especially those bike trails you mentioned.
Never even heard of it (Just googled) and I used to work in the medical center. It looks really cool.

It’s a hidden oasis. You’d never know it’s there unless you knew what you were looking for. People get married there near the Django unchained looking house. And there’s two Pokémon gyms, one of them with daily raid battles, a lot of ducks, and tiny turtles that sun bathe in the afternoons. And also deer for some reason.

I’d love to ride a bike down salado creek someday. It’s way too long to trek it on foot.
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10 hours ago, Korranation said:

And also deer for some reason.

There are deer all over the medical center. When I used to work overnights I had to drive between two hospitals and I'd often see Deer in parking lots or in the streets.


I've often thought about working my way up to walking the entire stretch of the greenbelt one time.

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Current Challenge

"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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In non NF news I found my old 3ds and visited my old town called Traverse. And it had been a hot minute since I’d been there.

Before I stopped playing ages ago I had put a perfect town ordinance into effect so the villagers had kindly been plant NF and watering flowers for all of that time. And when I got back there weren’t many weeds laying around. In fact Isabelle gave me a golden watering can when I checked on the status. The only reason I didn’t have that tool was bc I ran my town like a perfect peach bell farm. I planted as many trees as I could, shook them all at once, then cleaned up the mess. And all the fruit littering the ground broke the 15 day clean streak needed for the golden tool.

Thankfully I had put most of my bells in the bank since it’s annoying carrying them around and they gained three years of interest. So I took some out and paid for the rest of my home. So I think I unlocked this Lyle house interior judging portion. So I don’t have to worry about paying things off, but rather worry about furniture hunting.

I also build a snow man. Well... a snow child. Which is cute but the problem is that he won’t take these odd snowflakes I’ve been catching all over town. So I can’t get any snowman furniture sets. Fingers crossed that I find another two snowballs and make the dad this time.

On another note the night skies are beautiful in the winter. I wonder if AC put blood moons in their game.

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How's your week going?

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I’m busy as a bee. I wrote some of my post for the week/weekend during my lunch break. But I never had the time to post afterwards since I had plans straight after work.

It’ll be up in a bit.
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Looks like o took an extended weekend from updating my IRL stuff.



I stayed in on Friday and enjoyed some couch time with the pupper.



Saturday morning I scouted trail with a friend. I lost track of time and missed that evening trail. Which was a shame since the drama runner was out of town at the time.




Sunday was suppose to be a busy day. I was scheduled to scout trail with a different person. But their car broke down on the way there. And by the time they told me it was too late to go to the morning run with group. So I made it the evening run. It was outside the highway loop and towards the section of the hill country that’s still being turned into the city, so there were plenty of natural places to run around in. It was a short event since there was both a football game and a coverband half the group wanted to see. Instead I cleaned up and watched the blood moon with the fam. It wasn’t as spectacular as I thought. Then again I was dealing with light pollution and no telescopes.




I didn’t have work Monday. So I scoured trail that day instead. Afterwards I cleaned house and meal prepped until it was time for the hour long special of Steven universe. I didn’t have cable so I watched it on twitch. The show cut off at the last fifteen minutes so I had to wait until a different stream popped up. Thankfully they were able to skip the commercials, the quality was much better, and o was able to connect the stream to my tv. Glad the neighbors didn’t call the cops on my fan girl screaming.


I cooked a vegan chickpea Moroccan casserole.



It still felt like a mess of a weekend.

I really wanted to get more done. And I didn’t end it wit a feeling of accomplishment. Plus I spent way too much time on the couch and on YouTube. But if I don’t vedge then I have to plan something and if I plan something then it feels like it take energy away from me. It’s a weird cycle. This faulting this is starting to get harder.



And I’ve come to the realization that I can’t go to my gaming group anymore. They move it to Tuesday’s and the last time I went I stayed up late and it ruined the rest of my week. Sleep is a terrifying thing if you don’t get enough. And I’ve only been averaging six and a half hours at most. Maybe I should increase my sleep schedule to nine hours? That way if I stay up past curfew (which I will do) then I don’t have to worry about.




Tuesday was a different level for me. I took my car to work instead of the bus. And I parked in a garage only to find that my CC had slipped out of my wallet. So I had to ask a coworker for cash before work let out. I got home half and hour earlier than I do if I take the bus. And I found my CC slid between the passenger seat and console after the fact.

I walked the pupper and booked it to trail. Which was on the far west side of town near sea world. I was only there to help lay trail. The person I was helping did everything during the day since he works uber. I set everything up and made it to the end with him. The vehicles had to go off road a bit. And it turns out that the trail was laid so poorly that I might get in trouble for it. So that’s fun.



Fingers crossed that today is a normal day.



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So glad you didn't actually lose your cc. Three of mine plus my debit card were missing a couple months ago but other cards were still in my wallet so I thought they were stolen at work. After I had reported them stolen to ther credit card companies I was picking up some stuff in my car and found the cards had slid out and were all together on the floor. I had to go back to security at work to tell them they weren't actually stolen. They had even watched video to see if they could see anyone near my office. So embarrassing!

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Goal Weight: 145

Current Challenge

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I got back on track with meal prep. And remembered that I’m still part of the NF academy. There are so many easy meals to make that don’t look overwhelming and require few ingredients.

I was starting to get a burn out. I had been mainly using sweet pea and saffron as the site for resizes, but the more I cooked with them the more I realized they make things so complicated. There’s so many ingredients, so many steps, and so many ways to mess it up. I had tried their Moroccan casserole but their seasoning has too much clove in it and I can never get my sweet potatoes to cook ok all the way through.

Not much to report. I had forgotten to meal prep breakfast so I had tacos for breakfast. My manager had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was running from floor to floor to make sure that a retirement journal made it to everyone to sign. Which is silly in retrospect since it was available at the retirement party and was still being signed. Mainly from those outside of our department or building. But whatever.
I think I had a weird dinner. It was a protein shake of almond milk, collagen peptides, a scoop of peanut butter, and some honey. Then I had an over easy egg.

This was a fun day. I was running around even more with the retirement journal. And at one point had to step away from the front desk. And when I came back found two random coworkers making calls on the desk. Turns out someone had unlocked the lobby doors in trying to look for me and forgot to close the door behind them. A UPS guy and some random clients were wondering around in the back. So that was fun to come back to.

Eventually the retirement event started happening. So many people came over. But that expected when you’ve been working with the same department for over two decades. I was bad and had some cake and cookies. But stomach didn’t agree with my choices.

After work was a happy hour across the block. Everyone had a margarita and talked for a bit. I found some coworkers that are older than me and still like anime so we talked about some old school main stream stuff and now everyone e knows I’m a huge nerd.

I took the bus home which was difficult since my route stopped when I needed it and my phone was at five percent so I had to ask around and text the number on the bus route bill board for time updates. I’m so glad people in my city are nice. And that I have an emergency ratty cardigan. It was cold and it covered more than my nice looking coat. And with my hair up in a messy bun I knew

My sister came over for a bit. We caught up on Adventure time and The Good Place. And cooked some red beans and rice together. By the time she headed out I had to head over to my friend surprise bday party. I was happy to go but sad that I missed my workout for the day since the last minute change in plans.

We went to Incredible Pizza. It’s like a step above peter pipper but still chucked cheese level minus the animatronics.

They thought it closed at midnight, but it closed early at 10:30. So they made last minute plans to go to their house and play some games. So I tagged along and we talked till the sun came up.

My stomach was not happy with my choice in food and drinks and the rest of me was voicing its complaints of the lack of sleep and exercise.

I got home in the afternoon. Thankfully my lil pupper is a trooper and didn’t make a mess. So instead of going to run and drink more I stayed home and cleaned house. I unpacked the last of my boxes and purged my closet. I’ve got four bags full of clothes that are good as resealable at a nice thrift shop.
And by the time I was done cleaning I realized it was almost bed time. So I sort of meal prepped and hit the sack late.

another dreaded Monday. But I like to start things off on the right foot. So I wear my Sunday best in hopes of a Monday best. So only my cutest blue dress and a business blazer.

I had overnight oats for breakfast and a breakfast burrito for lunch. No one knows my secret shame of mixing up meal orders except me. And now you guys. I was feeling a scramble brained after my crazy weekend. And fro some reason when that happens tasks pile up and everyone starts asking for more a half hour before closing. So it takes me half the time just to write down what the new tasks are so I can pick up the next day.
I missed my bus and had to wait for a bit for the next one. I used that time to do morning journaling in the afternoon. I got the idea from a book called the artists way at work. It’s cool that the metaphor for change is a dragon and it’s sad that people can often overlook the book because of it. A proven with my pages is that I spent them all oncwanting to plan everything and adding more wants to my task list.
So I rode the bus feeling overwhelmed and under accomplished.

I I tried working out at home but was feeling listless from all the lists I made. I was getting to a point where I couldn’t hold my focus for more than a minute. I’m not sure if work is also the cause of this. I’ll be working on a project that requires research and deep thought, but I’ll be interrupted by the front desk phone or someone walking in. And it becomes increasingly difficult to go back to the task at hand.
Anyways I went to bed late that night too.

Can’t believe it’s almost been a week since I’ve posted. I’ve been adding to this but things come up and another day passes and more has to be added.
So I workup late due to a new app I’m trying out. Well it’s an old app called sleep cycle. I wanted to put it to use again. So I skipped the bus and drove straight to work. I hit a ton of traffic on the way due to several highway accidents. Thankfully I made it on time. I spent the rest of the day in a listless fog on autopilot.
I came straight home, walked the dog, and picked up the new kingdom hearts game. I don’t even have a PS4. I just wanted to get the deluxe with the cool art book and pin. It’s sad how I’ll sell out for something g like that. Glad I didn’t fork over the extra dough for the super mega deluxe edition with toy figurines.
Afterwards I picked up my grandpa and we got tacos before the game.

The game was terrible by the way. I’m not really Limon all the new guys. It use to be a game of skill and stamina where the ball would be passed around and the defense would tire out. Now it’s a game of who can suck the least. Honestly both sides fumbled more time’s than I could count, there were ridiculous fouls that could have been avoided if the players weren’t playing freight train, and it was stupid that our team would get ahead then slack off till the opposing caught up.
Honestly this week had nothing to do nutrition. I ate terribly, I barely worked out, And I didn’t go to my running group this weekend. I’m not sure why I feel like things fall apart when there is a wrench thrown in my plans. I’m not the best at being RAAD. REvaluate, adjust, adapt, destroy? Not sure about that last one. My brain can’t focus long enough for me to do the first step. Maybe I should make my next challenge about mindfulness?

I’m starting to remember a story about a person who is so focused on the wrong thing and that it ended awkwardly. I think a story went something like it was a guy loading his crossbow, it misfired, he dropped his phone and it shattered on the floor. So he drove to the phone store to get it fixed. And when he went inside everyone was staring at him in horror. Turns out when the crossbow misfired the arrow was lodged in his shoulder. And he was bleeding everywhere. His priorities were so unfocused that he could have died.

I’m not sure where my slow decay into anxiety, paranoia, and muddled thought started. It could be sleep, stress, over scheduling, a combination of the three, or something else entirely. But I’m not sure how to track it. I feel like doing so would be another something on my endless list. Or maybe it’s something that you spend some sanity on to get some back.

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