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Notonalli 3.0, but this time I'm gonna do it better.

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I just read the 2018 recap email from Steve... Yes.. I'm a bit late with my readings, but it made me realize, I did actually started a 4 week challenge a few years ago, actualy twice I started my "first", but never reported back to end it... shame on me...


So this is the third attempt at a "first" 4 week challenge... With a twist.


This is 2019, I'm in a better shape than before (actually, I ran a half marathon twice last year :P) but still I'm doing bad in other areas, like healthy eathing and social interactions (and keeping up with my master's thesis dutties...). 


Besides that, I have two friends I  met in elementary school. It's been more than 20 years we know each other (I'm 30 right now) and each of us have gone our own paths. One of them became a dad last year, but also had a lot of health problems, is overweight and has a hard time finding time to do anything. My other friend is single and more in shape, but we are both worried about the other.


So to mix things up, I'm gonna start this 4 week challenge here, and one of my Quest will be to take my friends with me.


My three Quests of the challenge will be like this:

  1. Diet: Count and reduce the amount of junk food I eat
    First, I'll track them down. I should at least replace a quarter of those snacks with healthier ones I should make myself by the end of the challenge
  2. Fitness: Get more than 75% attendance rate to my scheduled workouts
    As I'm preparing for a half marathon in early march, I shouldn't miss the routines.
  3. LevelUp: Help my friend (let's call him James) to get his life up.
    I'm committing to be with him, to guide him, to help him to see a positive outcome out of these 4 weeks


I'll try to pos twice a week, you know how life gets in the way...


Thanks for passing by.

Oh, by the way, Notonalli is Nahuatl (the language of the ancient aztecs) and means "My path" or "my destiny". I named my first 4w challenge that, and It kind of sounds nice.


See you around!




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Welcome back! Fellow re-starter here =) best of luck in the challenge! You have some solid goals and it's awesome that you're going to bring your friend along with you on the journey! I'll be rooting for you

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Hi guys! Thanks for the support.


Just a quick report: It's day 1 and I have both my friends on board. We'll be emailing us our own progress so we get accountable together. As an extra, I'll be giving them some extra tips on how to stick.


And as our great leader Steve (ha ha) does, I added some gifs to their emails, such as a flappy bird beloved moment...


See ya tomorrow


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