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The Year of Possibility - Shello's 2019 Roadmap

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The Year of Possibility - Shello's 2019 Roadmap


2018 was a year of change, healing, and growth.  It was not an easy year. I got sidetracked from most of my goals but I still accomplished a lot. Now that it is the start of a new year, I feel a sense of possibility.  I don't necessarily have any concrete expectations about what comes next but I'm looking forward to seeing what the new year brings.    I'm ready to return my focus to the goals of 2018.  There have been a few changes to the goals to better align with where my life is at now and I've tried to simplify them.  



Goal 1 - Agility 


This goal is basically the combination of everythig fitnessy.  I want to be stronger, be able to climb stairs and not get winded, to not feel restricted by my body's size, to be able to run a 5k, lift heavy things and put them down, see muscle definition, and just feel more physically capable.   I do have a weight goal too but it is secondary to agility.  If I felt more agile and barely lost any weight I'd still be happy.  However, if I lost on average 1 pound a week for the entire year, I could make it to Onederland by the end of 2019


  • This goal will be accomplished by incorporating strength and cardio into my fitness routine.  I'm sure this will take on many forms during the year.  Do All the Things!  I know I promised this last year but rucking, hammer workouts, and tire flipping could all play a role at some point.  The possibilities are endless.


Goal 2 - Preparedness


This goal involves a continuum of survival goals, from the likely to the unlikely.  I like to go camping with the kids and I'd like to try some backpacking.  I want to work on fire building skills, backpacking and hiking, emergency preparedness.  The apocalypse is a little less likely but I'd like to have a go bag ready, be able to handle a gun.  



Domestic Rangering


Goal 3 - Food


My life is busy, too busy.  I don't want cooking to be a chore.  I will continue to batch cook at least 80% of the time but I don't have time to be restrictive with food.  I just want to cook normal food, real food, reasonably health food.  I just need to work on ways to eat that food in a healthy, balanced manner condusive to losing weight and becoming agile.   Currently intermittent fasting has really been working.  I'm not that strict about it though.  My eating window varies from 8-10 hours and some days I don't both fasting at all.  I'd like to work on recognizing my hunger signals better and knowing when to stop.  


  • I will work on this goal by continuing to batch cook and follow IF most of the time - at least as long as it's working.  But I will also read through the Intuitive Eating book and workbook and see what that brings. 


Goal 4 - The Elusive Tidy House


I am terrible at this.  Part of the issue is that I have allowed the kids to have bad habits regarding picking up after themselves, opting for cleaning up later rather than preventive tidiness.  With them only here half the time, it's just enough time for them to make a huge mess and then leave it for me.  I need to set a better example and have more acountability.  


  • This goal will be accomplished by figuring out what the hell it takes to keep a tidy house and then do that consistently.



Relationship Rangering


Goal 5 - Be the Best Me


I put some of this on hold last year as I focused specifically on healing and just landing on my feet after my divorce.  But it's time to start back up again with therapy and work on some old wounds and negative thought processes.  I want to be the best me for whatever lies ahead.  


  • The goal is just to start up again with therapy and do the work


Goal 6 - Be the Best friend/girlfriend/sister/daughter/mother or whatever I am to other people


I am still terrible at staying in touch with friends and family.  With most of my friends and family living so far away I need to put extra effort into this.  I also want to be the best I can for the people near to me and my virtual friends. I haven't been getting what I used to from NF but I haven't been putting in what I used to either.  


  • I'd like to reach out to someone important once a week just to check in.  
  • I need to post here more consistently and follow people more consistently, even if that means following less people.


Financial Rangering


Goal 7 - Budget


I'm still using YNAB and I love it.  I've gotten a handle on my new financial situation but I am still overspending habitually. 


  •  Check in with YNAB often, preferably weekly and even better, with every non essential purchase.  Staying within budget entails being flexible but not overspending so much that I am sabotaging other long term goals. 


Goal 8 - Credit Score


Since the divorce was final over the summer of '18, I am on a countdown to refinance my house and cash out to buy out my ex from his half of the house.  My credit score is not terrible but it is just shy of qualifying.  If I don't meet the deadline I could be forced to sell the house.  That would not only make me have to pay for something that is likely more expensive but also pushes the kids out of their childhood home.  I need to improve my credit score enough for the buy out.


  • I intend to accomplish this by monthly monitoring of my credit score and managing the debt I have to keep the balances decreasing while avoiding any new credit or anything that might negatively affect my score. 



Let's get this year rolling.  I have a feeling this year is going to be epic!!!




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