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13 hours ago, annyshay said:

Hi hi hi!




Hey Hey Hey!!!!




7 hours ago, lucky fire dragon said:

Found you :)


I love that stretching goal you added on and am missing it in your summary numbers, as you should totally list that there! Also love the solid plan on many small steps towards the marathon goals in fitness and finances.


As for the feelings, I can only recommend that you allow them to be without beating yourself up about them. As humans we do go through a big BIG range and especially men train early on to try and control by ignoring or numbing to some of them. The twisted comedy variety is another attempt to put up a shield and as you know, it's not a good one :( So try and be kind to yourself by acknowledging and that alone will help them to flow easier with time. Like being a kind observer, as if it was someone else you were observing and maybe someone innocent, that you would try not to be harsh with. That alone changes soooo much, I promise you! And then if you watch comedy in order to cheer that sad person up, it's a whole different world, see :) 


Cheering for you, you got this!


Damn it!! Failed my Hide check AGAIN!! This is why I'm a Cleric not a Thief :D 


You're right! I should add in the stretching goal and notes into my results. I thought of it as just a cursory achievement but then again it is an achievement. I will be adding it IMMEDIATELY! And thank you, I know when you aren't used to doing something it's best to start out small, like the yearly New Years Resolution of 12 pounds per year. I do that 5 years and I'll be down 60 pounds... I'd be 274!!! I haven't been that weight since.... I think the mid-2000s.


I am trying to be more 'empathetic' of my own feelings. I'm quite empathic in general so I don't usually let others' feelings affect me. I am doing what I can to be able to work with my emotions and I know that part of it is dealing with how I perceive things in my life. It is a work in progress. And I definitely can watch my fill of comedies... though maybe my choices are odd. I've got Little Nicky on right now LOL :devilish:


43 minutes ago, NicTheRugger said:

Hey, sometimes progress comes in waves! Sometimes you make progress in some areas and don't make progress in others. But the important bit is that you made some progress. Keep pushing!


I will indeed keep pushing, I will keep moving along. If I can push my old POS car a dozen or so feet going down an incline then I can do this!!

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Week 2 Day 2 Update


Today has been a kind of up and down day but for the most part it was up more than it was down!!


Exercise I was up and doing my Toe Challenge just a little while ago so that puts me at 6/8 days (since I didn't start til last Tuesday) so I'm pretty much on top of it.

With luck I'll be able to get on top of my normal exercise goal tomorrow since I've got a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning (nuts, I'm being responsible!!)


On the food side, as much as I wanted to go out and get wings on BOGO wings from the neighborhood chain restaurant, I managed to stay home and made pasta with bottled sauce and some frozen garlic bread. It hit me like a brick but it wasn't a bad decision altogether. So it's a tentative success until I do something better this week... for real this time!


Financially.... yeah, I'm really trying to get things a little more organized!! I'm being an adult with responsibility!!!! Got rid of my '02 LeSabre because it was a good temporary car for the last 3 years but when repairs cost more than the car it's time to give it up (and getting some money out of it helps), took care of a traffic violation (not mine), deposited the check for the car into savings for a fall vacation (or other uses, TBD), took car of the last things I needed for the new car including getting the title and registration in the mail and getting my safe back into a general order. Now while none of that is technically fixing my credit related, it is financial responsibility and that is what is lacking sometimes. 


Overall a pretty good day, especially now that I've got friends both old and new here for the ride!! :D 

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Week 2 Day 3 Update


I did it..... oh damn I did it!!




OK, well maybe not that! Can't have anything good or fun about this time, have a doc appointment in the morning and fasting for bloodwork. 


I have a certification webinar that I'm doing shortly so I've got a quick update to do. 


Exercise: nothing yet but I'll be doing my Challenge shortly (probably during the webinar) but then I'll be researching other workouts soon.


Food: Thanks to a little mini-challenge encouragement, I actually whipped up a meal tonight and it not be premade in any aspect!! Simply put, it was a bottom round steak pan-fried with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper with a side (side?? I made so much it was practically a plateful itself!) of broccoli steamed with oil, salt, pepper and garlic. It was delicious!! Water to drink and no steak sauce so wins on that aspect.


Finances: You can't improve this goal everyday.... though let's see if there's something we can do about it tomorrow. 

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Week 2 Day 4 Update


So the day was a mixed bag. It was going GREAT!! New general physician I saw, thought he was very down to earth, listened to all my concerns and we're going to start a few things plus of course seeing how things look with my bloodwork and such. Work was a decent enough day but then to be attacked when getting home REPEATEDLY (verbally not physically) just took a real freaking toll on my soul last night. No successes in any goals and today will probably be a mixed bag as well. Time will tell but the effort will be made.


Happy Friday All!

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More time!!
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Week 2 Days 5&6 Update


It has been an up and down kind of couple of days. Snow storm, travel to help another club, doctor visits, and whatnot leads to some poor choices and not much done.


Friday came and went without much success though did get back the bloodwork from my doctor's visit. Amazingly, all my results are within normal ranges except for low Vitamin D levels LOL no exercises, no good food, no money goodness.


Saturday was a little different and better. Big snowstorm yet I still needed to go to a club to help out that's almost an hour away in good weather. It was a pretty good day and a good amount of millage was gotten for the trip. Made myself another steak with some green beans for dinner tonight so while it's not new it was homemade and that's something! Did my 7th day of the Toe Touching Challenge so I'm up to 7 of 12 days. Nothing else new financially except my credit score is up 1 more point right now and that's without the new car loan showing on it. Getting prepped to pre-authorize the first payment so I stay on track. 


Not too bad for the first day of the weekend. I'm gonna catch up on you all tomorrow. Getting really sleepy right now.

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Week 2 Complete


So the week has been a mixed bag (I use that term way too much, gotta change that up). 


Exercise -- 0/2... IMPROVEMENT NEEDED!!

                   7/13 Days for Toe Touching Challenge


Food -- 2/1!! Both times it was steak with a different veg so that's good. This week I'm going to adventure with chicken sometime. 


Finances -- I'm a point up on my credit score but nothing much else to report.


So that's that


Week 3 Day 1 Update


Yesterday was much of nothing so I continued part of that AKA leftover pizza because it is below freezing here!! @annyshay you could prepare for your trip here now!! Beyond the lack of anything else I did get in Day 8 of the Challenge so I'm up to 8/14 days. It's a Monday and makes for a long day at work plus I'm in the middle of 10 out of 11 days at work (yesterday being my only day off). I really need to work up a new plan for the working out and need to implement that sooner rather than later. Might be making another kind of change here in the next few weeks, time will tell on that. 

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It was -4 deg F (-20 deg C) on Saturday here. What you got?
Saturday wasn't that bad here just cruddy snow dumping over us. Yesterday morning left for work at -2. Either way too damn cold!
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Just now, Calibre said:

Saturday wasn't that bad here just cruddy snow dumping over us. Yesterday morning left for work at -2. Either way too damn cold! emoji39.png

Impressive. And yes, too damn cold.

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