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Dark Artemis: Just because is works doesn't mean it can't be improved

Dark Artemis

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Okay I have to say that I have accomplished a lot of things that I did not know I a the ability to do after "all to define is to limit" I was able to start exercising more I lost 30lb/15.6kg  and finally truly embrace this journey that I am on. But I still want to keep this going as I start to fully accept the person that I am. With that being said I want try to kick it up just a little more to start the new year.


Diet/ Fitness Quest:

I want to work at least 10-15 minutes a day

Eat a serving Vegetables at every meal

Minimize soda consumption by start with no more that 2 sodas per week


Life Quest:

Not use the use the snooze but at all.


I just to remember every try counts and most of all I have to just start. Good Luck to everyone:encouragement:

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 To define is to limit.~ Oscar Wilde

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Okay, I so far I feel that may a have bitten off more than I can chew even with though my quest are small.

So, I have been walking, better yet wondering when I know that I won't be able to "excerise" the amount of time that I want. I have be trying to keep vegetables at every meal but it is hard for breakfast. (Ideas are welcomed). Soda is a little harder if I forget to bring a water bottle and it is the only thing offered in the space that I am in. Positive of not using the snooze button is that I learned about my rhythm about getting up in going in the morning. 

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 To define is to limit.~ Oscar Wilde

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Hi @Dark Artemis


I just found your challenge and it does look like your challenge may be a bit difficult but doable.

I did want to give you an idea about the veggies for breakfast. I tend to dislike eggs. I dislike them alot. My Hubby finally got me to eat eggs by putting green pepper, onion, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes (whatever we have) in my scrambled eggs. In fact, it generally looks more like Veggies with an egg binder. We have even taken this concept to make me breakfast sandwiches. I use Onion bagels (you could use just plain or whatever you prefer) and we bake eggs with a bunch of veggies in them. Once the eggs are cooked and cool, we slice them into "patties". The egg patty and cheese go on the bagel and we prep a weeks worth at a time. Then when I need them in the morning, I microwave it for like 30 seconds and off I go. (If I can't eat while driving, I found they can make it to work and then I microwave it there).


I hope this helps and that your challenge is going well.

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream - C.S. Lewis

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Well done on not using the snooze!  How is the challenge going Artemis? If it is difficult, then I'd focus on just one or two goals.  


How about eating fruit or a few dried fruit/nuts with breakfast?  

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