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Terra changes tactics and heals up


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Details aren't much today - She is doing good but we are fighting with the girl a bit.  She is suppose to be load bearing and its been hard for her to put the leg down while walking even with crutches.  Signed up for high school freshman classes this morning.  My parents who are in town to help her while the hubby and I get back to work are driving me nuts already....  


Not much of a challenge for me this month.  I am finally feeling better, but am taking care of the girl.  So my stress levels are higher and I'm not making it to classes as much as I would like to....  New work stuff is going to make updating here harder as every minute will be of utmost value now that it is split between two groups. However, I'm going to work on my next challenge this week, I will make time to take care of me!!!  

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Current Challenge: Terra turns 50?!?!?


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There is your challenge goal. Time for Terra. [emoji4]

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"We do not rise to our expectations. We fall to our level of training." Archilochus

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