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My name is Aaron and I am an avid fitness enthusiast and nutrition freak. 


I started about a year and a half ago on my journey. I started off at 215 lbs and cut down to 163, most losy within about a 6 month time period. I wanted to be in better shape for me and more than anything my family. 


About 6 years ago I sat in a wheelchair for 2 years due to an auto immune disorder that absolutely obliterated my legs. It was one of the toughest times of my life. Since then I am walking, running, lifting and loving life. I also am medication free for the first time since I was 16 years old which is when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I just came off my last leg medication and was able to rid myself of the blood pressure pill about 4 months ago. 




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Great to meet you! A new member with his own YT channel dedicated to fitness and gaming is fascinating. Great job getting off of the blood pressure medication and returning to an active lifestyle, it couldn't have been an easy road back for you. I hope you enjoy it here and make tons of new friends. 

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