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Will medicine break a fast?


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1 hour ago, Defining said:

Don't fast when you're on meds, unless you speak to your doctor ahead of time and discuss if it's safe to do so.

Thanks. I've been fasting with these meds for a month now and haven't noticed any difference, and nobody has told me I seem different (Trust me, they would) They have the plus side of killing my appetite, thus prolonging my fast. They also help me to focus on my fitness goals. If it makes any difference, I take dexmethylphenidate twice a day, once during my fasting period. So back to my previous question, does that break my fast? 


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I'm not an expert, but I don't think that medication affects insulin release or the digestive system, so no, it probably doesn't break the fast.


You should still check in with your doctor, taking stimulants while fasting can change how you metabolise them. It likely won't matter, but my default is to ALWAYS check when messing around with prescription meds. ;)

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All meds contain "inactive ingredients" which may include starches & sugars, preservatives, colors, etc. What you are really asking is if those inactive ingredients are present in significant quantities to affect your fast, which is not something anyone can really tell you objectively. If you are trying to be keto and want to know if the pills break your ketosis you can buy keto strips and check yourself. If that helps. But that's kind of intense. If you just want to not eat food (= fasting) then pills are not food and you are good. 

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