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Bench 1.5x your bodyweight

Defining a goal.  

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  1. 1. At 155lbs I had a goal to 1RM bench 1.5x my bodyweight (233). The day I pressed 235 I weighed in at 160lbs so did I meet my goal?

    • No, 1.5x 160 =240 keep pushing!
    • Yes, because the goal was set when you wieghed 155.
    • Yes, but your next goal will now be the same thing... 1.5x 160 = 240

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Summer 2017 was my best season for lifting. Weighing in at 155lbs I tracked my 3 major lifts (Bench, Squat, Deadlift) I had a goal to bench 1.5x my weigh.
For months all of my lifts steadily climbed but my weight also slowly climbed with it. So when I hit 1.5x155 I weighed 160lbs and when I hit 1.5x160 I weighed 165lbs etc...
I finally broke even at 167lb benching 255 (:black_eyed:the week before a shoulder injury, so I only did 255 once:crushed:) But I always ponded the question... Technically I only made my goal once but what are your thoughts.
The injury set me back longer than I thought(and I unfournuantley gave up my other lifting too) but I'm finally able to push it hard again. With a new year I'm back at the weights and I stir an old question.

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I think its a great milestone and definitely something you should be proud of. However, just by you asking the question leads me to think you know what the answer is ;) keep pushing, you'll get there. 

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