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I’m StealthNinjaWarrior...NOT! just joining NF to mostly find a fun and supportive community and this game theme seems so fun! I don’t know much of that world, but so far it seems fun! 


So, I’m turning 49 in a week and am the heaviest...and in the worst shape of my life! As a female, getting older and my hypothyroidism has my metabolism beyond slow! It’s a battle, even on thyroid meds. That said, not watching what I eat has been my downfall this past 6 months, so here I am to tackle the damage and then some. 

My big quest is to lose 15-20 lbs. ideally 20! 


My 2-3 smaller goals are:

* Keep my carbs, protein and fats within my personal goal limits

* stick to intermittent fasting and work up to 1-2 days of 24-hour fast. 

* workout or walk at least 4 days a week. 

* drink 60 oz of water a day

* make time for me at least 3x/week


So that’s me! 



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