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Tanktimus the Encourager

Adaptation is What Rangers do Best! Tanktimus Deals With a New Schedule

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In January I had finally found a rhythm after months of dealing with my work schedule that let me be consistent with workouts. The last challenge was shaping up to be the more consistent with workouts than the last several. Then halfway through the challenge my schedule and work locations got changed. Now I get to find a new routine. Routine is very important for my fitness; I have to burn enough willpower to do something regularly. Having to adapt all the time makes that far more difficult. I'm still not sure what is going to work, so this is going to be more experimentation for me. I have found not taking a break for zero week is helpful, so I'm tracking 5 weeks worth of goals.


What I want to Accomplish:


NF Beginner Body Weight Workouts:  7 over the course of the challenge.

NF Beginner Kettle Bell Workouts: 4 over the course of the challenge.

NF Yoga: 4 sessions over the course of the challenge, probably the Water B workout.

Walks: 5 walks of at least two miles over the course of the challenge.


That part is easy. Figuring out when to do them is hard. The easiest one to schedule is the KB workout on Wednesdays. That's when I'm at the police substation (I volunteer as a Chaplain there) and that is where the KBs are. 

Monday and Thursday I am at a hospital (Chaplain again, but at least it's a paying job) an hour away from our apartment, and by the time I get home I am very tired from the drive and it is difficult to find the energy to work out. 

Tuesday I am off  completely (No work or volunteering) and can usually do either Yoga or a walk (the BW workout is unwise given I will likely do a KB workout the next day).

Friday and Saturday I work 3p-11:30p at a downtown hospital. A workout on Friday is easier, and going in at 3 I have plenty of time in the morning. Saturday Sra. Tanque is home, and I often don't want to work out. Sunday is now a day off, and while I do generally volunteer at church there is time in the evening to workout, though I often don't want to.


What's going to help is to figure out what takes the least amount of willpower to get started (once I start a workout finishing is comparatively easy) on whic days. Wednesday is already locked in. Tuesdays are fairly easy to start. Training myself to workout on Saturday or Sunday is probably going to be very helpful.


The other component is eating. I am still over 300 pounds, and fixing what i eat is the only way that is going to change. Sticking with intuitive eating is probably my best bet. Right now I'm in that dangerous phase where I understand the principles intellectually but am in the grind of sticking with it till the results actually show themselves. My fellow perfectionists know what a dangerous time that is. Constant required effort with little to show for it is going to feel like failure no matter how well I am sticking with the process. I'm simply choosing not to give up.

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7 minutes ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

Following old friend.

So glad you are here. You also win the prize for first reply.

7 minutes ago, Elastigirl said:

First! Way to go on persevering with the plan that you know is right for you



Boo, not first; Sneaky Sloth posted right before me

You two posted less than a minute apart. You're still welcome here of course.

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1 hour ago, Salinger said:

Here to try and support you Tank. Good luck with the challenge x

Thanks! Glad to have you.

1 hour ago, deftona said:


Image result for mad with power gif



This is exactly how I pictured it.

7 minutes ago, Rinna said:

Following.  I managed to keep up last challenge, I just didn’t chime in often......

No worries, I did the same to you.


Today is a good day. The following is from Friday, but it's public as of today.



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1 hour ago, Curl Brogo said:

Best of luck to you, Sra. Tanque, and baby tank!


1 hour ago, Stribs said:



7 minutes ago, Rinna said:

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This is the bestest news EVER!!!!!!!!


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Congratulations! I'm going to be an adopted aunt :D I'm so happy for the two of you. Sending Sra. Tanque HUGE HUGS (softly though).

You'll manage to find the time to fit in all your workouts, I'm sure. :loyal:

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