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Searching for Answers for Excerises with Busted Ankle

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I am new to Nerd Fitness, but not new to fitness itself. I am 29 years old and have recently been diagnosed with an ankle impingement. Sadly this is something that can only be truly fixed with surgery but it is early enough that there is only soft tissue damage and no excess bone causing the issue. Funny enough I have only just recovered from the same thing after having surgery on my shoulder. Currently I am seeing a physiotherapist for it and do have a personal trainer at the gym. I workout with him once a week and we have been focused on MMA training, which keeps getting held back by injuries.  Currently I am unable to run (running was my life, especially with my dog) or do any exercise where there is too much movement in the ankle without pain. I am working on a few things with my physio but might just rip my hair out.


So my question to all of you lovely Nerds is, what exercises do you think I could use to build a program that won't bore me to death and allow me to work on my cardio endurance? I am so used to HIIT programs that involve a lot of running, jumping, assault bikes and stairs that I am very, very lost as to what to do. I get bored just lifting weights and working on my upper body. I have to build up strength in the arch of my foot to help balance the ankle. Google has failed me as I can only find upper body workouts, I am finding I am feeling the strength go in my legs.


This whole situation is not helped by my depression. I am at a complete loss. Used to be able to do everything, now I am doing the same things over and over again. My diet has blown out and I am searching everywhere for answers.


Thank you for taking the time to read my massive rant. I really appreciate it and cannot wait to finish reading everything this site has to offer before making huge changes.

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1 minute ago, Elastigirl said:

Do you think you could do kettlebell swings? That  would give you cardio and build strength. 

I can't see why I couldn't give some light ones a go! :) It's anything that requires any weight to be put forward over the ankle, so things like squats and lunges are out where the knee goes over the ankle. Makes it tricky to pick exercises I enjoy haha.

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