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Stribs Gets Proactive in 2019

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Well, after a rough start to my (less than) triumphant return (and to my overall 2019), I’m here to try again.  I recently turned 30, and I’ve decided that my 30’s are going to be awesome. My main goal for the year is to shift my headspace from reactive to proactive, and this includes changes in a lot of ways.


  1. Finance:

Reactive life I’ve been living: Constant panic about where all my money goes when there’s little left at the end of the month

Proactive life goal: Make a budget with hubs and stick to it


2. Work:

Reactive life I’ve been living: Procrastinate until everything is happening all at once and I am way behind and stressed out trying to get it done.

Proactive life goal: Schedule your tasks into your day.


3. Self-Care

Reactive life I have been living: Eat my feelings when I need to

Proactive life goal: Build healthy habits such as: journalling, meditation, going regularly to therapy, and taking my meds


4. Fitness:

Reactive life I have been living: Go to the gym based on whether or not I feel like it when I get up.  

Proactive life goal: Daily home workouts, and home gym by 2020.


5. Food:

Reactive life I have been living: Eat out because I don’t feel like cooking, or eat easy junk

Proactive life goal: Meal plan and meal prep ingredients


6. Organization:

Reactive life I have been living: Clean EVERYTHING when the whole house looks like a sty

Proactive life goal: Keep to your cleaning schedule and don’t let it get too messy.


7. Hobbies

Reactive life I have been living: Hobbies? What hobbies?  Who has time for these?

Proactive life goal: Make time for writing and finish my books



Of Those 7 things, 4 of them are non negotiable and will be the focus of my first few challenges of 2019. These include WORK, SELF-CARE, FOOD, AND FITNESS.  These are the things that are unavoidable in my life because I either can’t escape them, they bring me joy, or not changing the problem causes more stress than changing.  The other three categories will make me happy, but I need to get focused on these four first.



Everyday MUST INCLUDE ONE of the following:

  • Journalling

  • Reading (30+ minutes)

  • Therapy

  • Meditation


We have succeeded if: We are successful 85% of the challenge (24 days with at least one self care strategy and meds)



  1. Plan menu and purchase groceries on the weekend

  2. IF from 8pm-12pm


  4. LIMIT 1 sweet snack per day

We have succeeded IF: We are successful 85% of the time

  • 12 out of 14 meals compliant with standards of whole foods

  • Each week’s meals are planned out

  • 6 out of 7 days per week are compliant with snacking rule



  • Do a daily home workout 6 days per week

  • Do yoga before and stretches after 5 out of 6 workouts

We have succeeded IF: We are successful 85% of the time

  • 20 workouts out of 24

  • Yoga and stretching 21 times



  • Plan out your week in terms of assignments and grading needs on the weekend

  • Grade at least 2 assignments 5 out of 7 days a week

  • Organize Cartlos and your classrooms a little bit every day

  • Come up with a schedule for updating your calendar, calling parents, and logging grades

We have succeeded if:

  • We have (and use) our schedule

  • We have utilized our planner every week

  • We organized 17 days out of 20

  • We graded 17 days out of 20


Bonus points:

  • Time Blocking (1 point for each day we do it and follow through)

  • Healthy choices eating out (one point for making healthy choices out)

  • Consistent bed time (Bonus point for streaks of 5 nights that we are in bed by 10)

  • House feat: Bonus point for a 5 day streak of house stuff.



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Love the proactivieness of your challenge. Also loving how you are succeeding if you hit 85%. For way too long, success has to have been at least a 95% for me, and then I get stressed

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13 hours ago, Salinger said:

Hey Stribs, here to offer you support and love :)  its a great challenge and you are going to smash it !! xx

thanks!  I'm hoping it's more successful than my last few!!


9 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

Love the proactivieness of your challenge. Also loving how you are succeeding if you hit 85%. For way too long, success has to have been at least a 95% for me, and then I get stressed

Ha, I almost made it 80 because that's a B on the 10 point scale at school, and all day long I'm telling stressed out kids that B doesn't stand for "Bad."  I figure, with my track record, an 85 overall would be a pretty solid accomplishment at this point.


8 hours ago, Cheetah said:

Sounds great!  Happy Challenge!



Even though I don't have much to report, I'll be doing my reporting in the morning, so here goes nothing.  Even though yesterday technically wasn't part of the challenge, I did some challenge-y things yesterday.  Food wasn't great, BUT I ate the last piece of processed food in the fridge (a pizza) and don't intend on buying more, so there was that.  I graded three assignments, read for 30 minutes (really interesting fantasy trilogy, The Seventh Sword), and did my meditation.  Though, I fell asleep in the middle of it, but if I'm being honest, that's mainly why I use meditation right before bed because otherwise I have a terrible time falling asleep.


I got up this morning and did my yogaday 11 of cardio trim, and stretches.  Though, in terms of stretches, I'm really looking for a set that will help my flexibility and depth with squats (my heels pop up at anything past parallel, basically) so, if any of you beautiful people have any resources for that, shoot them my way.  I will be doing research this week.


I have my meal plan for the week (see spreadsheet below) and my one indulgence beyond my optional daily sweet is my (carefully measured) coffee creamer because black coffee does not a happy Stribs make.  Today is the last day of exams, so it should be good.


Happy Monday!!

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23 hours ago, jonfirestar said:

I'm here for all the proactive awesome Stribs! 

Woop woop!  Welcome!!


22 hours ago, Salinger said:

Have a great day :) x

Thanks!  It was rather awesome!


21 hours ago, Cheetah said:

I think I've heard of the seventh sword but I haven't read it.  How are you liking it?

It's really interesting because it mixes fantasy with a tiny bit of modern day.  I'm really enjoying it.


20 hours ago, Maigs said:

Following along quietly again

Sweet!  Welcome!!


18 hours ago, Echoceanic said:

Following along. I like this set up a lot, it reminds me of my own problems. :D 

This is exactly why I love NF...it reminds me that everyone is struggling with something, and I'm not the only one struggling with these particular things.


16 hours ago, shaar said:

Meditation before bed is a great idea... hmmm.... hmhmhm *plots*


16 hours ago, shaar said:


Thanks Shaar!!!!  Welcome!!


1 hour ago, Salinger said:

How was your day yesterday?xx

Pretty solid :)


So, after workout, I went to school and gave my last test, which was fine.  I'll get those scores back today, and FINGERS CROSSED they don't suck!!  My other scores from the previous days will come back eventually.  They have a writing component, so they can't just be thrown into a machine and graded, an actual person has to read them.  My crowning achievement yesterday was falling out of a rolley chair in front of my entire class after their test was over.  ha. Fortunately, this happens about once a year, so I'm pretty hard to embarrass.  Also, due to testing, no one had their phones, so at least I'm not looping on snapchat somewhere.  


After the kids left, I finished up some grading and tried to get a straight answer about this new course I'm teaching and exactly what is involved in it..  I really need to time block today because I have been less than productive the last few days. Today is a make up day, so I might have like 6 kids show up all day, and tomorrow is a work day to flip the semester.  So these next 2 days need to be hella productive.


After work, I came home, and the weather was AMAZING yesterday.  70's with a little wind, so since I had been cooped up at work all day and hubs was still in his PAJAMAS when I came home, I made him get dressed and we went for a rare trip to the beach.  I can get the picture to get it's ass in the post.  So here is a link.  We got burritos afterward, which brings me to my first 0 week adjustment.  I'm allowing one meal a week to be "date night."  It will be without penalty as long as I make an effort to not eat everything in sight.  My burrito had shrimp, rice, spinach, cucumber, and avocado wasabi salsa, and I had a reasonable portion of chips.  I was not super stuffed when we left, so I'm calling it a win.  I'm trying really hard right now to do all of this proactive prioritizing so I can be more present in my relationship, and the last week has been better than the last year probably was.  I spent a lot of energy blaming it on my job, but I can do better, and I will do better.  


I came home and marinaded a pork roast for dinner today, cleaned the bathroom, journaled, read, and meditated.  Which brings up to today.  This morning's workout was pretty simple: 300 high knees.  I did them in 3 sets of 100 and it took no time at all, so I tried harder yoga and did some good calf stretches because that is part of what is really killing my squat depth.  And now I'm sitting on my ass drinking coffee and enjoying my morning.  This is my favorite part of home workouts.


Happy Tuesday!!





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I do miss the closeness of the ocean.  I don't miss the traffic. :[  I do also miss FLAMING AMY'S, that was my favorite burrito place ever!!!!  Glad you got in a little relaxation time! :DDD

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23 hours ago, Cheetah said:

I almost fell out of a chair yesterday too!  But I caught myself.  Happy Tuesday!

I had been telling the kids all semester that I "eat it" about once a year, so I guess it was a self fulfilling prophecy


22 hours ago, Salinger said:

Wow that sounds like an amazing day stribs!!! Wish I could just pop to the beach...the sea keeps me calm :) 

You'd be surprised how rarely we go...ha...we really do take it for granted.  I want to go more!


16 hours ago, shaar said:

I do miss the closeness of the ocean.  I don't miss the traffic. :[


16 hours ago, shaar said:

I do also miss FLAMING AMY'S, that was my favorite burrito place ever!!!!  Glad you got in a little relaxation time! :DDD

Flaming Amy's is AMAZING!!!


Tuesday update:


After my workout yesterday, I went to work, and while I didn't follow my time blocking (not because I got distracted, but because I became obsessed with the clutter everywhere), I got a TON done in terms of organization and purging, so today is really about setting up for the new semester.  I have quite a detailed to do list on my desk, and until about 3pm to do it.  I have a therapy appt at 4, so hopefully having that deadline will keep me on track.  


Food yesterday was okay.  I had a granola bar around noon, then we had an appreciation lunch around 1.  I ate too much, yes, but I did put a fare amount of veggies on my plate (and they weren't smothered in sauce or cheese).  And I had 2 small cookies, which I'm counting as my sweet for the day.  Overall, I would grade lunch a solid effort with a break in my willpower due to the buffet style of the lunch.  Dinner, however, was much better.  We had a marinated pork loin (marinade=soy sauce, olive oil, rosemary, brown sugar, pepper, balsamic vinegar and garlic) and roasted broccoli (salt, pepper, garlic).  I had a large helping of broccoli (it is my drug of choice) and three slices of pork.  I felt full when I finished eating, but went to bed slightly hungry after staying up to watch the State of The Union.  We weren't watching it live, so it ended around 10:30 for us, and I definitely fell asleep for like the last 10 minutes.  But, goes to show how appreciative my body is of my consistent, early bedtime.  I did my meditation, and promptly fell asleep afterward.


Got up this morning kind of not feeling like working out, but I did it anyway because when you take out all the extra effort like getting dressed and driving, there aren't really any excuses left. Went back to my easier yoga, did day 13 of cardio trim (replacing 20 burpees with 30 jumping jacks because it's my life and burpees are the devil), and this full body stretch routine , plus calf stretches.  Some things I am noticing.

1. This program LOVES high knees.  In the last 3 days I have done 840

2. I need a new mat.  Mine is an old walmart yoga mat from like 2012, and every time I do plank jacks, or anything with a little friction against the mat, it crumbles a bit. And it's causing a blister on my big toe (I like to work out barefoot at home)

3. My shoulders are shot (peeks at day 14, sees it's an upper body day, cries) BUT MY ARMS FEEL AMAZING.  


Anyhoo, what a good day.  I'm going to try to catch up with a few of you before I leave for school.  TEACHER WORK DAY!!  NO KIDS!!  WOOHOO!!

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So, I took my rest day today.  I have to go to the store and pick up some groceries for a counselor's appreciation breakfast and I woke up TIRED, so Thursday is as good as any other day for a rest day.


Yesterday was very productive.  I got my grades done, and I got everything ready for NEW SEMESTER!  I love new semesters.  It's a chance to recharge and start over and improve.  I really want to accomplish 2 specific things this semester because, if you know anything about me...I HATE PAPER: 1. FILE THINGS IN A TIMELY MANNER 2. RETURN WORK SO IT'S NOT EVERYWHERE IN MY ROOM.  Now, neither of these are challenge goals this go round, but having and creating a schedule will hopefully set me up for success, AND just because it's not on my challenge doesn't mean I can't do it anyway.


The next 2 days should be easy since I only have 2 classes (that new class I have isn't quite set up yet), so I have plenty of time to get off on the right foot.


Food wasn't great yesterday, but I did everything else I was supposed to, so there's that.  My goal today before school is to organize my desk drawers (there is all sorts of crazy shit in there).  Anyhoo, I gotta roll!

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13 hours ago, Salinger said:

Hope your day was good stribs !! I had a bad food day today eeek but will get back to it tmoro xx

It was fast paced, but good :) We got this food thing today!!


12 hours ago, Cheetah said:


I feel your pain.  I'm way overdue a clean-out.

Well, it actually didn't happen because yesterday threw me for a bit of a loop, but it'll get done soon :) 


After yesterday's rest day, I got to school and set up breakfast for our guidance counselors because it's their appreciation week and I run the committee that does that kind of stuff.  While I was up there just casually chatting with a counselor, she mentions that they put kids in my credit recovery class, despite the fact that their online stuff isn't ready, AND they were told not to.  Cue me freaking out because I have nothing to do with these kids for 90 minutes.  Thankfully, they had only scheduled juniors and seniors and so I only had 9 kids, and they were well behaved (but we did basically just chat and do nothing after they filled out a survey for me about themselves.)  My other classes were fine, so YAY!!   I only got to eat a protein bar for lunch due to time (new planning period earlier in the morning doesn't line up well with IF and I only have a 25 minute lunch), but I came home and hubs let me have his leftover Mexican (real love right there) so I had plenty of dinner :)


We hung out all evening chatting and watching Scrubs, and it's so nice when there's no grading :).  I feel like my efforts to prioritize him are already paying off for both of us.  I'm also trying to shift the way we communicate, as I tend to add extra layers of meaning to whatever he says (even when it's dead wrong) and that has been working well too.


And Before bed I read and meditated, so that was self care taken care of.


I did my workouts this morning, so I'm all on track :) 




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The weekend has been pretty great, minus food.  Hubs and I have been spending a ton of time together, soaking up the beginning of the school year and enjoying this beautiful break in grading that will abruptly end Monday when my seniors plunge full tilt into graduation project.  0 week was successful in a lot of ways, but there are some adjustments to be made.


0 Week ruminations:


I want to be successful, and also want to push myself, but I feel the need to simplify because some things in life aren't going to change as fast as I want them to, and recognizing those things means providing some extra space for goods intentions that may not be exactly correct.


Self care will remain the same, as will school.  I am in 100% control of all of those things and nothing stands in my way but me.


Food and exercise will change slightly.


Exercise will be the same intent, BUT in the spirit of prioritization, I am allowing myself to count spontaneous cardio as a workout once a week (granted it actually is) and I'm cutting my number of required workouts down from 6 to 5.  This gives me a weekday and weekend rest day.  So overall, if I count SC and get my 4 regular workouts in, that's still pretty good.


Food: This is where we really ride the struggle bus, and it comes down to the fact that I am not completely in control of this situation and must work with hubs to make us both healthier.  SO, New rules:


1. Weekday lunches must include: a protein, a vegetable, and a fruit (example: Friday's lunch was tuna a tuna packet, pineapple, greek yogurt, and carrots).  I can control my lunch, so they will always be compliant.

2. Continue IF

3. Dinners: Each week, 5 dinners must be cooked at home and include a vegetable. THAT'S IT. If I can spend this challenge breaking our cycle of constantly eating out, I will be happy.  I really don't mind what gets cooked as long as it gets cooked in my house and not in a restaurant.  Hopefully next challenge I can make this 6 dinner and add another healthy parameter, BUT for now, I think this is reasonable.  


Here we go into week 1!!

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