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DJ Trippy T: 100 days: HAMMER TIME!


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8 hours ago, Cheetah said:

Nice shoulders!

Quoted for emphasis


8 hours ago, Xena said:

Yeah, I'm perpetually on the verge of co-habitating with 20 cats. That video feed has carried me through many boring and/or stressful meetings.

I'm actually looking up the legal obstacles against opening a cat cafe and how to overcome them. Also, there's this https://mymodernmet.com/david-williams-men-and-cats

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20 hours ago, DJtrippyT said:

I remembered to take a gym selfie last night to show off my shoulders. Bam!


boom bam son GIF by NETFLIX


looking good! My shoulders have really started to pop since I started CF. I joked with Stu that there is a chance that my shoulders are the only part of me that my muscles visibly show without me flexing, so I may end up looking like an 80s power dresser 


9 hours ago, DJtrippyT said:

(gonna do these and eat a hot dog at the same time


Where do I go to see this?

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On 3/1/2019 at 4:13 AM, DarK_RaideR said:

I'm actually looking up the legal obstacles against opening a cat cafe and how to overcome them. Also, there's this https://mymodernmet.com/david-williams-men-and-cats


Oh wow, I keep vaguely thinking that some year I will go over for a marathon. But build a cat cafe, and I'm definitely there.


12 hours ago, DarK_RaideR said:

Go slay!



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2 hours ago, DarK_RaideR said:

Pft, it's not your first time doing the Open. Will it be a surprise when by 19.4 or 19.5 you'll want to die and wonder why you're doing this in the first place?


The workouts get easier as it goes along, right? I’m sure I remember that from last year. 

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Okay, finally having a chance to update with the full workout saga. Warning: Long post, I'll sum up at the bottom if you're in a rush.


Thursday: event announced, false confidence builds


Friday I didn't work out, because I figured the gym would be jammed and it's hard to cordon off a section just to tape the workout. I got my productive jones on by clearing out and organizing the second bookshelf in our living room (the DVD shelf was the first one). Clearing out bookshelves is such a weird archeological dig of your past brain. Like, oh, here's the brain books I read when I was researching nootropics and watching a lot of Sherlock Holmes, keep those; here's pictures of my estranged sister's wedding, put those somewhere; here's all the history and political books I bought to impress my mentor who was a super-libertarian intellectual, but who later snapped and became a virulent racist, ditch those; here's my copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark, yay! Thought I'd lost that... and so on. 


I organized the remaining books by color, which soothes my OCD.


Saturday I went in to do the competition workout, and it was... bad.


It was:


25 hanging knee raises

50 jump rope

15 squat cleans at #55


You had to repeat each round with the same knee raises/jump rope, but 20 more pounds on the bar; and you had a four minute limit per round, so if you couldn't finish the round before the time ran out that was where you had to stop and sum up your points. I really thought my stopping point would be the end of the third round, when the squat cleans got to 95 pounds; that's a lot for me to clean. Round four was going to be 115 pounds, and I knew that was beyond what I could do.


I don't know WHAT happened; I may have overdone the preworkout, or I just got a case of nerves, but holy cow it was a disaster. I got everything set up, warmed up, and then was so rattled and off-key that I actually pulled the ripcord 4 minutes in and stopped the whole thing. Each of the parts of the workout were things I could do individually just fine, but something about the intensity and the combination just freaked me out. I was so organized, too. I had a cue sheet and everything!



I sat down for about 10 minutes and calmed down a bit, then went back and did it again. This time it was better, but I had gone in fully expecting to do 4 rounds in the time allotted and I barely made it thru one, and got just a few moves into the second round before time ran out. Talk about an ego check. I wound up with 107 points and the hanging knee raises killed my hands; I had a huge welt across each palm by the end. 


The good thing that's come out of this is that I didn't just go cry in the corner - I WAS pretty upset, but not in a "god I hate myself" way; I just had to solve the problem. I went home, pondered my sins, and went back on Sunday to try it again. I also was able to see what some of the first scores being listed were, and they weren't that much better than mine, which meant it wasn't just me, the workout was just difficult.


Sunday I went back, deliberately waited until 5 pm both to give myself the maximum recovery time and because I knew the gym would be deserted. Saturday's ponderings helped; I wrapped my hands up in moleskin to protect them, and I arranged the equipment differently to make the transitions easier. I had a better idea of pacing as well; I knew I had to get through the knee raises in the first minute or I wouldn't finish the round in time, so I was ready to grit my teeth through the hand pain and get through it.


It went a TON better; I still underachieved because I wanted to get three rounds, and I only managed to squeak out two, but I improved my score to 167 points - almost exactly 50% better - and I didn't think I was going to have a heart attack halfway thru this time. I had to lay down on the gym floor when it was done because I was so out of breath. I think I scared people.



I also realized later that I had put 10 pounds too much on my barbells; I made myself work harder for nothing because I can't math. Farg. 


Monday, thank god, was rest day, and I submitted my scores and video. Or I should say I tried to do so... there was something wrong with the phone video and it would play on my phone but not once downloaded to either of my laptops. I spent four hours fucking with it and almost had an anxiety attack. All that work, for nothing! NO NO NO NO NO. 


I tried to upload the vids directly from my phone and that wouldn't work either, and then just as a was about to give up and throw the whole thing away and - I don't even know what, go do the workout again? upload a stick figure animation? Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! - my phone dinged and I got the notification that the Saturday workout had uploaded so I quickly did the Sunday upload again and after two MORE tries it worked and I got it all submitted. By this point I was near hysteria. I DID NOT WORK THIS HARD TO BE DEFEATED BY A GODDAMN IPHONE.


So! after all that drama I wound up doing pretty well, actually. At one point I was in 64th place, but I dropped to 74th at the end. I'm not in the top 50, so I have to keep working hard and try to make up some ground and hope that some of the good crossfitters all get the flu next week.


Monday ended with me meeting up with the Mantis and him patiently listening to me rant about all this, and then we discussed the elephant in the room, which is that I'm (still!) 50 pounds overweight. It came up because I was talking months ago about hiking the John Muir Trail this summer, and I told him that this week showed me that I am just not ready to do that, and he pointed out that it wasn't a fitness problem; it's a body composition problem. His exact(ish) words were, "Look, you're super motivated and nobody is working harder than you are in the gym. But you're carrying around a 50-pound backpack and it's the thing blocking you from everything you want to do. And until you solve that problem, it's going to keep being the one thing that holds you back." Which was what I had been thinking myself lately anyway - that I was fitter than I've ever been, but also bigger as well - so I foresee some serious nutritional work coming up very quickly. I might need to see a nutritionist, I might need to work out a plan with my trainer at the gym, I might need to see a therapist and find out what my emotional issues with food are, but I'm tired of hauling all this baggage around. Plus none of my summer clothes are going to fit.




For the TL;DR version, I did okay, I'm in 74th place, and I'm too fat for my pants.


On to the next






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1 hour ago, DJtrippyT said:

TL;DR version, I did okay, I'm in 74th place, and I'm too fat for my pants.

There's a lot going on in that post! So, I quoted the TL;DR instead. Plus, my reply got a little long too. Sooo,


TL;DR version, you're doing great and I love the therapist idea.


Long version:

74th is great! Might not be where you were hoping to be at this point, but it's still good. There's still time to get into the top 50. This is the one thing I've noticed about CF WOD's. So many of them look so simple. And then you start them and you feel like you've stepped in the ring with Muhammad Ali. In 20 minutes or less they will toy with you and lead you on so you think you can do it and then beat the crap out of you and leave you lying in a heap on the mat. Take Cindy for example. 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats, repeat. How hard can that be for 20 minutes, right? Cindy always beats the crap out of me and takes my lunch money.


As for the pants, a nutritionist isn't a bad idea. My dietitian was a big help. But, I think a therapist is a great idea! Too many of us underestimate the emotional attachment we have to food. The dietitian helped me realize I can't outrun my fork, and that makes perfect sense. All the training combined with bad nutrition isn't going to get you to the finish line. Insert old grainy video (can't believe I'm calling 2008 old, seems like yesterday):


Logically, perfect sense. But, then when it comes time to let go of that food, all the feels creep in. I mean, in our culture where do meet up with people? I bet most of the time it revolves around a social gathering with food. And then, what kind of food is it usually? Not to mention, that food tastes delicious! Making it even harder to stay away. I got so sick of meeting somebody somewhere and they would load up on stuff I used to love eating while I got the same thing as last time because it was the only thing on the menu that wasn't trying to kill me. Or I'd go to family get togethers and go hungry all day because, again, the food assassins trying kill me. Therapy is incredibly useful for a lot of things including food stuffs. There's a lot of reasons we eat what we eat and why it's hard to change. A big chunk of those reasons exist between the ears.


I don't know if you've ever heard of Drew Manning or listened to him talk, but he was/is a trainer who was an athlete growing up and was fit his entire life. He couldn't figure out why his clients weren't successful. So, he decided to put on 75 pounds and try to lose it so he could better empathize with his clients. Quick transformation video here. He said the one thing he learned as his biggest obstacle to losing the 75 pounds was the emotional side of it.

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I love your story of how the first workout was disappointing, but instead of giving up, you went back at it and increased your score. Total win!


You are so determined, and consistent, once you decide to lose weight it will happen. I know my blood pressure raises when I'm even slightly overweight, so  I would think that would really help your blood pressure  (and your joints, and your entire body) 

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1 hour ago, jstanlick said:

underestimate the emotional attachment




Figuring out your food triggers and how to deal with them is a lot of hard work, but it's worth undertaking, whatever that ends up looking like for you.


Really, really good work raising your score!

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I love living vicariously through you crossfitters. It's so interesting to read about how you attack and solve the WOD problems.!


Regarding weight - I'm completely here for you no matter what you decide to do.

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