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Cheetah takes two steps forward and one step back.

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Local time is 11.13 pm.  It's Sunday night.  I should be asleep, but I'm not.  I was in bed for an hour, wide awake.  I finally got back up.  This strategy often works for me.  I'll go give it another try after I finish this post. 


Last challenge didn't go so well for me.  I started pretty strong, but I lost all discipline in the middle.  I became obsessed with one form of exercise, to the point of not wanting to do any other.  Ironically, I had set out at the beginning of the challenge to avoid this very thing.  In week four the obsession faded a bit, in part because my doctor and I have upped one of my meds and that seems to have shaken me out of it.  So this challenge I'm trying it all again, basically with the same goals I had last time.


Food - not exactly a measurable goal, because I'm still following Intuitive Eating principals.  But I will do my best to report on how well I follow them each day.  Even though there isn't a measurement to track, I still need to hold myself accountable here.  It's not numbers, but it's still a healthy habit that needs work and requires discipline.


Exercise - As with last challenge, I want to try to exercise every week day.  Mostly this will be either taking a walk, doing a KB circuit workout, or doing sets of BW exercises.  Any intentional exertion counts.  I just have to try to do something every day.   I have had really good discipline in the past, so this challenge I'm striving to regain that constancy.


Daily Reading - I want to build a habit of hearing the Daily Reading every M-F when I get to work.  There's no reason not to; I just have to build the habit.


Guitar - this is my lowest priority but it is a self-care item that I want to keep in the mix.  I want to practice at least three days each week.  Any amount of time with it in my hands counts.


I think that's enough to get on with.  I'm still studenting, and it's still taking a lot of my time, although the work load in my current classes is less than I've had in the past, which is what will make it possible to take walks some days.  I'm still working on my goodreads goal.  I'm still striving to be engaged and present with my wife and kids and home and church and job.  Good time management continues to be a necessary.  If I want to achieve all of my goals, I don't have time to mess around being lazy.  Roosevelt called it the Strenuous Life.  I think it's good goals to have.

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Just now, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Following along. How did you sleep last night?


Fine, once I finally fell asleep.  Waking up this morning was a bit rough, but I'm alright now.  I'm sure I'll be back on track tonight.  Thanks for asking!  :-)

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Monday Update


Food - I did okay at this today.  I had brunch a little bit late because I kept getting distracted from eating.  I had a big bowl of bacon veggie soup that was perfect.  I didn't plan my day well so I went out for dinner.  By the time I went I was very hungry and I got a fried fish sammich and a big plate of onion rings.  It was very good.  I probably could have lived on fewer onion rings, but when I was done I didn't feel over-full either.  So it wasn't the healthiest food day, but I didn't go overboard on anything, either.  Not bad.


Exercise - yes.  I did three sets of 10 squats and 10 pushups, then I did 20 lunges (10/side)


Guitar - yes.  I practiced chords for about 15 min.


Daily Reading - yes.


On top of all that I got a lot of studenting done and applied some polyurethane to my interior window trim.  We're gradually working our way around the house, staining and sealing all of the trim that was put in when we had windows replaced.  The two that are now finished look very nice, and my beautiful and handy wife is pleased with her work, which is worth as much as having the work done.


I'm calling this a very encouraging start to the challenge.  :-)

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7 hours ago, shaar said:

Did you ever finish that desk for your daughter?


I did not.  I have decided that in the interest of meeting her immediate needs, I'm going to buy her an IKEA desk instead.  I will keep the oak desk, and time permitting I would like to get it done some day, but that's probably a year or more away from now.


I wanted to get on here and think out loud for a minute or two, if you will indulge me. 


I'm on the path of Intuitive Eating, you may already know.  There are something like 10 principles to this process, but because I'm already very good at several of them, I've boiled it down to the four that I need to work on the most.  They are Honor Hunger, Honor Fullness, Honor Taste, and Honor Nutrition.  That's a paraphrase, but it's how I've come to think of it.  In the times when I have eaten meals and snacks according to these four principles, I've been able to feel satisfied with my food and avoid overeating and binge eating.  However, doing this is often easier said than done.


Honoring Hunger is pretty easy most of the time, but not always.  I usually don't feel hungry until mid or late morning, and by the time it hits me I'm often in the middle of some task or another, so I'll put off eating until I get to a good stopping point in my activities.  Sometimes this means that by the time I eat my first meal of the day, I'm very hungry.  Sometimes this happens to me in the evening as well.  Like everyone, if I'm too hungry when I'm assembling a meal, I'll put more food in front of myself than I actually need, and once it's on the plate it's hard not to eat it.  Which leads us to the next principle.


Honoring Fullness is the real trick, and the principle that I struggle with the most.  To be honest, I'm still learning what it feels like to be just full and not stuffed to bursting.  I find that in order to recognize fullness, I have to be eating with no distractions, and very slowly.  I have had some meals which were made successful by literally setting my fork down on my plate and leaning back in my chair after every bite.  If I'm doing anything while I eat, I will mindlessly eat everything within reach.  If I eat too quickly, I'll eat too much before I realize I've done so.  The trouble with this is I don't always have time to stop what I'm doing and slow down for a meal.  I've been trying to make up for it by recognizing times when I'm going to eat quickly or in front of the computer, and serving myself a smaller portion than I think I need.  I say to myself, "Let's start with this much, and if we're still hungry we'll get more."  This has worked for me, when I remember to do it.


Honoring Taste seems like it should be simple.  Just eat what sounds good.  However, I'm finding now that I'm allowed to eat anything I want, it takes a pause and some serious consideration to really figure out what sounds best to me.  The other side of this coin is the next principle, and the two must be kept in balance.


Honoring Nutrition.  In the book they say to do this last, only after you've got a good grip on the rest of the principles.  I'm bucking the system a little because I can see where this is all leading, and I think it will work with me to skip ahead a bit.  What I figured out - and they don't do a good job explaining this in the book, but it makes sense to me - is that the ideal is to honor taste by eating what sounds good to you while at the same time making choices between various healthy foods.  You really want to do both at the same time.  This requires preparation.  You have to have at least some variety of healthful foods on hand so that they're not too inconvenient.  You have to search out recipes and food ideas for things that are both healthy and delicious.  You have to experiment with new things to find out what's going to work for you.  It's a process that takes some time, and really it's the start of a food journey that lasts a lifetime, as our tastes and interests are constantly evolving.


So that's all I have to do.  Just those four things.  Sounds simple, right?  It's only mindfulness, after all.


Wish me luck.  ;-)

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Tuesday Update


Food was okay.  For brunch i had eggs scrambled with a diced avocado and a little hot sauce.  For dinner I had meatballs in tomato sauce, all home made.  I love love love making meatballs.  I've tweaked it a bit but the base recipe I use is here


For the sauce it's just a couple of cans of diced tomatoes (with juice) a couple cans of tomato sauce, a diced onion, a chopped bulb of garlic (not a clove, a bulb.  the whole thing.), a handful of baby carrots, a bell pepper chopped up, and two small or one medium zucchini chopped up, and about 3-4 oz of sliced mushrooms.  I like criminis.  I put it all in the instapot with a wack of parsley, basil, and oregano and salt and pepper, a few chicken bullion cubes and a splash of fish sauce.  A splash of red wine does it no harm.  High pressure for about 20 min.  The goal is to cook everything to almost mush.  Then I use an immersion blender to grind it almost but not quite smooth.


I cook the meatballs under the broiler until they're browned, turning to do both sides.  Then I put them in the finished sauce and set the pot on "keep warm" for a couple of hours.  I do a double batch of balls so that a lot of meatballs and sauce can go into a gallon freezer bag to freeze up for another day.


I did not guitar yesterday, and I forgot to do the daily reading.  I did exercise, it was more pushups and lunges and squats.

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1 hour ago, Atrytone said:

Those meatballs sound tasty. What meat, or meat-blend, do you use?


I use 1 lb of ground beef (85/15) and 1 lb ground pork.  I double everything else in the recipe except the salt; the pork is salty enough.  I roll them out about the size of a golf ball and cook them under the broiler.

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