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GoodDoug gets sent to boot camp

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On 2/25/2019 at 12:36 PM, GoodDoug said:

Thursday and Friday saw me putting in some long hours at work to prepare and then deliver this demo to management. The demo went very well, and we got all the outcomes we wanted from it (part of which was to ditch some of the stuff that I worked hard on but ended up feeling janky.) But that meant I had no time or energy for anything workout related. I also spent Saturday chauffeuring kids and playing Anthem (Ranger javelin of course) and just couldn't be chuffed to get off my ass enough to fill my rings, let alone go running. I was supposed to go surfing with the girls on Saturday but was just too lazy. Sunday I made up for it a bit. I made a great beef stew for the week, did a bunch of errands and took the girls surfing. It was the youngest's first time so I left my board at home and just swam with her. Lots of swimming trying to find the waves while staying out of the way of the "real" surfers. Ended up being about an hour of swimming, which my watch told me was just over a mile of swimming, but I think it was trying to calculate as if it were an indoor pool rather than an outdoor swim.

But I can say I am still pretty sore and tired from it... in a good way. I need to knuckle down and get to the damned gym this week. 


Next week, my goal is to lift heavy things. I will try to run as well, but getting to the gym is the important step.


Walking into the Warrior's camp felt different. They were part of the Rebellion like he was, but their focus was different. He was to help them this week and he knew they would work him hard. Good, he needed that.

Work is just as important as exercise, and sometimes you've gotta prioritize doing your job well over doing other, more fun Rebellion things. I'm glad the demo went well, even if it meant you had no time/energy to work out. 


Surfing sounds amazing! I'm glad you got to have that bonding time with your daughters :D 

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Wow, made it to page 2!

I did lift this week, and have done some yoga and handstands. But, I'm taking it easy this week. Trying to stay healthy for my trip next week, and also fighting off the Blues monster.


But, I am gathering some good data to use for my next challenge:

1) Running should be optional and a bonus objective, but there should be some sort of aerobic style activity

2) Lifting is something I enjoy, but I tis hard to get motivated for when the Blues monster is attacking

3) I need to work on diet. It was a mistake to focus on exercise and not diet. When my diet is right, the Blues monster has a harder time catching me and that makes exercise easier...


Thnx all for posting here, it really helps keep my head in the game.

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Not sure how this update will go. I'm on my business trip to Hong Kong and as suspected, I am walking a whole lot and eating more than a body can really handle. But the food is sooooo good here. Also, unlike last time, jet lag is hitting me really hard. That and the really rich foods are conspiring to keep me up at night and the intense work we are doing is making me really tired.

I should at least do a quick recap of the previous week...

Lifted once that week, and slacked on running. Kept my rings closed, except for Saturday/Sunday but that was because we skipped a day flying over the international date line. I have a feeling I can get more than 24 hours of stand time when I fly back over the date line on Saturday.


I'll try and do some sort of story update later this week, but don't have time to do it now as I'm sneaking in time I am supposed to be screening bugs and email to do this update. Mostly because I miss you guys.


Wish me luck

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Wrap up:

The half ogre jogged back to the Ranger camp he had started from. GoodDoug didn't feel good about this boot camp, but he had come back. Last time he had failed this bad, he had just not come back. This time was different, he was different.

He walked up to the guild leader, "Reporting in from boot camp."

"Hmph, seems like you need my boot in your rear, ranger."

"Yes, sir. I think I do need that."


Trying to sneak in this update during time I should be head down doing work. 

I was mostly successful in my challenge to close my rings every day. I think I missed two days, and one of those was because I lost a day going over the international date line. (Bonus, on the return trip I logged 26 hours of standing in one day)

My lifting took a back seat. I just couldn't find the motivation for some reason. I'll have to look into whaat that is about.

Running just didn't happen, I think I got 2 runs in the whole time. I think I need to find a way to do some aerobic activity that might include running or maybe something else.

In the end, the blues monster was just too strong for me. 


But, I am here. I am ready to start again and choose goals that are more attainable. Thank you all for your encouragement and support, though I wasn't entirely successful, any success I did have was helped along by you guys.


Lessons learned:

- Make goals flexible

- Do at least one diet goal

- I must maintain accountability


On to the next challenge

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