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J3NN Emulates Harvey with her boxes

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Spoiler: Gotham Season 5 Episode 5 Pena Dura


Harvey Bullock and Bruce Wayan had a moment in a recent episode. when all seems lost, when it feels like there is simply too much to deal with, he keeps going and keeps working. He tells Bruce that the little things truly matter, that helping just the one person can make all the difference in the world. 


I need to feel like the little things are going to turn the tide, so the scene in the spoiler really appealed to me. So this time we're going to work on my origin story a little bit. It's about going back to the basics. This challenge is about making sure I keep on doing the little things to create a foundation for my future moments when I shine. I'm not there yet, but I'm working on it. I may not ever become the heroine of any story but my own, but I will still contribute in the greater good, and I need to give myself credit for that.


So, like last time, I'm stealing @Bean Sidhe box idea. But I'm adding in something new. I want to spread joy. So I'm going to start exploring how and where I can do that... in small every day actions. So that will be a new section of boxes for me.


This is what I'll be working on:

Fitness challenge Goal – lose 4.16 lbs

  • 2x week exercise
  • 1 gym plus 1-1hr walk w/podcast OR BWW and Fitness Marshall and stretches or yoga

LYL challenge

  • Unfilth your habitat - Complete 1 decluttering/cleaning challenge of minimum 20 minutes per week
    • Track boxes of donations and purchase streak (not replacing a “lost” item)


  • Level up
  • Be the light/Spread Joy
  • Move daily
  • Maintain flexibility

Work challenge

  • Develop digital workplace award entry
    • strategy
    • rationale/business case
    • governance framework
    • Killer apps (3)
    • User engagement
    • DWP impact
  • Document roadmap of current projects
  • Keep digging into analytics to guide decision making


Here's what the actual boxes are

  • Level up (do 15)
    • Update tracker
    • Update nerd fitness
    • Update goal board
    • List of doom item
    • Process mail
    • Meet Step count goal
    • Drink 80 ounces water
    • Morning vitamins
    • Evening vitamins
    • Make bed
    • Wipe down bathroom counter
    • Cat litter
    • Do weekly chores
    • Write (10 min)
    • Commonplace book
    • Chores before toys
    • Face morning
    • Face night
    • Teeth morning
    • Teeth night
    • Mouth rinse
    • Floss once
    • Purchasing Streak
    • Go to work
    • Get to work on time
    • To Do List
    • Post in Nerd Fitness
  • Be the light
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • In person
    • Other
  • Movement (if no workout, do 1)
    • gym/workout
    • 20 bodyweight squats
    • 10 push ups
    • 20 walking lunges – 10 each leg
    • 10 dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug or another weight)
    • 15 second plank
    • 30 jumping jacks
    • Walk with podcast
    • Walk with family
    • Fitness Marshall dance workout
    • Tai chi/yoga
  • Maintenance & Flexibility (do 2)
    • Cat & Cow
    • Puppy & extended puppy
    • Plantar fascia extension
    • Roll plantar fascia
    • Neck roll
    • Next stretch pull down to side w/hand (both sides)
    • Chest opener (hands up, hands down, squeeze shoulder blades, hands up, hands down to waist)
    • Interlace squeeze and bend
    • Titanic stretch
    • Ballet stretch
    • Child
    • Cobra
    • Half tortoise
    • Crab on ball (hands over for deeper stretch)
    • Side reach
    • Tall kneeling back arch (Camel)
    • Behind neck tricep stretch
    • Against wall tricep stretch
    • Braced bicep thumbs up to thumbs down
    • Reach out and round back to raised arms
    • Left or Right Twist to raised arms
    • Ear to shoulder, arm out, move arm to adjust
    • Push elbow with hand down spine
    • Cross over arch back, inhale up, exhale arch down
    • Shoulder to ground
    • Chest opener twist on ground
    • Interlaced hands behind back on belly, pull up
    • Other


Here's to this!

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I am glad the idea of boxes are helping.  I even used the term "extra credit" for the boxes that are over what the minimum is for each catergory. So if I do 8 boxes and only needed 6, I got 2 pts extra credit. (it makes the student that HAS TO have an A happy).


The spreading Joy sounds like a great idea. I am curious to see how that goes. Good luck

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Thanks @Bean Sidhe for checking in. I ended up taking a sabbatical... or quitting... I just needed a break from checking boxes. I think I had too much and wasn't seeing progress, I don't know.


I'm back and going to try again... We'll see.

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Not a problem.

I am sorry the boxes didn't work out. Sometimes a break can help. I will have to find your next challenge and try again. Sometimes there can be just too much going on to get it done.

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