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Rookie Building Habits


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Food tracked

2L water

0 physio


Today I asked my physiolady to work on my shoulder since I got that spasm and my knee has been ok except with all the drywall lifting and stairs last Friday. I told her next week I will go for a massage instead and I will see her the week after. She thought that was a good plan. 

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25 minutes ago, Bean Sidhe said:



You have had so much going on and I see a ton of progress in how you are doing. Hopefully the bathroom is coming together and your shoulder is feeling better.


Bathroom is coming together nicely :) Hopefully it will be done soon. Shoulder is feeling better today and I booked a massage Wednesday so that should help!




General Update: 

Bathroom is almost done and I really cannot wait lol I need to sand, prime and paint the ceiling in certain parts (the hole for the fan was cut too big on one side.... T_T) . 3/4 walls are mostly done with the wainscoting ... At least the hard parts haha. So close to being done yet the list seems huge still lol


- another mud coat on ceiling near fan (tonight)

- sand, prime, paint ceiling

- put ceiling fan cover

- finish putting up wainscoting (1.5 walls) (tonight)

-  caulk, putty, sand, prime and paint wainscoting and trim (caulk + putty tonight)

- paint top of walls blue grey (tonight)

- finish electrical (heated flooring thermostat, vanity light, attach to breaker) (tonight)

- plumbing for vanity

- install vanity + sink

- prime and paint red door (prime tonight if I have time after everything)

- refasten the weather strip on bottom of door

- get new knob for door

- install bathroom door 

- huge clean of the basement because of all the dust T_T




I took tonight off riding and moved my lesson to tomorrow so that I can finish what I can with dad tonight since he is busy tomorrow. Though it seems like Daisy is still sore according to her owner... .So I might have more time to paint Tuesday haha T_T 


Anywho, the challenge has come to an end. I am pretty happy with my progress thus far! I was able to lose 4/5 lbs I wanted to lose and that is pretty swell. Habits have been built and although this is something I will need to work at with consistency I am definitely moving in the right direction there. I did better with drinking water over the weekend. I was a bit more lazy with tracking my food but I still did it (mostly). I was lazy with physio stretch so I need to do better there. 


Great job everyone!

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