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Sometimes headaches aren't really headaches, as in like, they don't stem from the head.  A lot of my chronic ones have been side effects of neck/shoulder/upper back tension/muscular shortcomings.  As always YMMV but it might be worth looking into if OTC medicines don't help!


I CANNOT WAIT TO HIKE MORE!!!! I have pants and a nice base layer long sleeved shirt, the last things on my list are all-terrain shoes and SOCKS!!!! (Thanks for reminding me of SOCKS!!!!)


How's your weather?  We got a lot of ice Tuesday/Wednesday that's mostly gone, and it's raining all day today.  IS IT SPRING YET???

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Hello you guys!


well Had another great walk over the weekend and I want to share (pics INCLUDED!)....


but first.  the WEATHER?!  oh boy ... it SUCKS.  Today WINTER CAME BACK in a big way.  YUCK.  (wind, snow, cold weather....)  NASTY!!!



anyways.  Yeah the Hike!


Saturday turned out to be a somewhat appealing day to go hiking.  reasonable temperature and most of the snow had melted (it came back TODAY. but never mind that!)...


the next longest hike me and brennon hadn't done is a trail called Minister Creek. its a rugged loop trail around a valley;  Boulders everywhere, rather remote.  My kind of place!  and quite near our winter camp.  (in fact we camped just about 0.5miles IN right near the trail)


it began well.  there were recent footprints and happily we discovered we had a few too many layers and were soon down to comfortable clothes.  but within a few miles it became obvious that no one has done a good job of clearing the trail of fallen trees,etc.  well, the government shutdown in all!  our pace was slow (with walking around stuff) but steady and we had some great views of the stream!






we got up into the rocks some and the way became more rugged.  the trail became a little hard to figure out.  and then , and THEN, we lost the trail!  I spent a few minutes trying to find it.  Yes, ofc we could have followed our foot prints going back; but all the GPS's were working and I figured well, I have a good idea of where the trail is going... so lets just get there!

oh boy, that turned out to be a rugged decision.  ravines lay in front of us with no obvious easy way through; large boulders were like bumpers to a pinball-- forcing us to walk circuitous routes to avoid steep treacherous banks into the valley below.   and then Brennon (my son) ran out of gas!   he was pretty anxious being offtrail and the terrain was awful.  

I ended up Wearing HIS pack, too! (including mine).  I ended up with nearly 30#'s of weight on my shoulders.  anyways. pics







anyways. that was a LOW minute for us; but a little determination and some patience and I proved myself right.  I DID know where the trail was going!  and when we found the trail; we found it before it went over a bridge.  and that was PARTICULARLY good, cause that stream was too big to cross without a bridge!


Anyways, what to say of the next little ways on the trail. it was GOOD to be on a trail but I can't say the adventures stopped!  for example we had a stream crossing that was unpleasantly wet (all the streams were swollen with the melting snow),  the trail went through a HUGE blowdown where it nearly looked like a tornado went through.  trees had been violently pushed over, there roots partially ripped from the ground... it was fun!  more pics






and we come to the last of our walk; back up into the heights.  Brennon was SO hoping the walk was done but we had a tough challenge up ahead!  the trail hike through a boulder pile and then weaved up a tall hill to a high overlook.  the rocks were BEAUTIFUL!  but the way was so TREACHEROUS!!  we had hold hands and pull ourselves up the last snow/icy hill.  I was SO proud of my son for doing that. it was a major accomplishement IMHO with his anxiety at these kinds of situations.

and there is NO way that my pics do justice to how pretty this last little bit really was!!








and THAT Was my Walk!  the way down was uneventful.  with the slow pace, snow/ice, and bushwacking-- it turned out to be Much harder than expected! and much longer--- nearly 4.5 hours.  but we had the time and I really really think it was an accomplishment for my son to handle that hard of a hike.  You may recall that a month ago he went on a hike called "morrison" and really had a problem with mud & stream crossing.  WE both agree that this hike was considerably harder.

and he kept his head strait.  he didn't get upset and was (relatively) patient and determined the whole time.


.... and this hike was TWICE as long as the morrison hike.


Hope everyone is good today.  sorry for the blurry pics. and hopefully the wall of text is not too intimidating but that hard hike deserved some words.  I often have my adventures; but not so much with my son.

I think he's getting use to my skill of finding really rigorous outdoor adventures.



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1 hour ago, elizevdmerwe said:

Some of those rocks look familiar. Did you perhaps walk here last year some time? Wow, what an adventure every time you go walking. If this isn't preparation for that long walk, I don't know what is. Hope B is feeling better by now?

You have a good eye Elize!


as you might remember last year I went looking for boulder piles in the woods.  the trail goes through several boulders piles I didn't visit BUT on the last pic (and its a Blurry picture, too!), yes, I visited that group of rocks (last year) and I think I posted a pic.


anyways, that valley is very rocky for this part of pennsylvania.  




ha. guys, I made a real pychological error last week.  seeing warm(er) weather coming in on the weekend. I got thinking that it was EARLY spring.  wow. does it NOT seem like early spring right now.  I feel Like I'm on Rura Penthe...


how does it go?


"Work badly and you will be left on the surface.  and ON the surface you will die. [bare shirted man is brought forward shaking, falls the ground and seems to die right in front of them]."



I will go browsing around and get some Shaar Hype. that will help!



also Just to say on Week 15-- so I can't let up on the hiking.  if I have to swaddle myself in fur to survive inhuman temps. so be it.  perhaps I gotta get out of the magnetic shield preventing Beaming up!?  maybe I just need to meet a bad guy and get some answers??



unlike star trek, the narrative hasn't been written.  no plot twists or amazing inexplicable changes of fate.  Just the incessant need to push forward and get stronger. Not yet good enough hiking for what will come in just 3 short months. 



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February ends THIS WEEK

and Friday

Is MARCH!!!!


IN LIKE A LION OUT LIKE A LAMB there is TOTALLY an end in sight


First "day" of spring is Wednesday March 20th so slap that sucker on your calendar cause even if it isn't 100% spring yet it's STILL way closer than TODAY








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12 hours ago, TGP said:

as you might remember last year I went looking for boulder piles in the woods.

Yes, I remember that. There was one day where you and your son walked together and walked in between rocks in a little "passage". That was what the photos reminded me of. It looked similar to some of the photos above.


As much as the heat is on this side, I don't think I'd last a minute in your cold. Nope, you can keep it up there, thank you!

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well I don't know Liz

I'm kind of hating the weather right now.  and I was telling my dad about the walk last weekend.  that trail was his favorite place to hike and a place he hasn't hiked in some time;

its clear there has been some changes....


updating my notes I was almost alarmed at how MUCH time has really gone past.  plans for the big walks are coming up--- but the woods has an alarming amount of snow right now.  dad says its nearly 12"  (~30cm) and More is definitely on the way.   :(

(he lives in the top of the hill in the woods, so the snow in his backyard is always alot more informative than what we have down here in the valley)


well, we made plans to go snow shoeing next week.  the Hikes Can't wait!  they can't!!!


the next hike might be as soon as Tonight but I have NO idea where to go.



so like the winter weather itself, life seems a little uncertain right now, with a vague feeling that the drudgery I've been suferring from is going to take me down.

and mmm.

yes, like the opening post of the challenge... its all Thorns, all the time.


I just WISHED, I do, that I felt more mentally strong and gave them less power to darken by enthusiasm and attitude.


I know I shouldn't let this seemingly endless winter weather be a "thorny" kind of thing. its a bad enough thing to deal with; I don't let it be a mental problem.




HA! so I'm ranting, or rambling/complaining (or something).  I should have just said that the day wasn't my best kind of day.


hopefully, yours is better.



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Glad you have a space here to rant and ramble. Maybe we can help you reframe the thorns into something else? If anything, the thorns will toughen you up as long as you give yourself time and space to heal.

And just think about how in a few months you will look back at these lovely snow pictures and reminisce about how beautiful it was. That can help you appreciate just how beautiful it is right now. 


I'm all about reframing and playing mental games with yourself. It will get better, but sometimes it just needs a little nudge to get there.

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26 minutes ago, TGP said:

I should have just said that the day wasn't my best kind of day.



Definitely NOT! This is a place for you to tell us how you really feel, and for friends to give advice and love and listen! 


Im sorry the weather is having such a bad effect, its been sunny here today and i know how much it boosts my mood. It must be hard because the snow IS debilitating. It does stop you getting around. I hope it fucks off soon... xx

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OK, I'm not sure its time for me to speak up... but I got some planning todo Nonetheless...



Fact, is a good many weeks ago.. I color coded my hiking weeks into 


Green and Blue


"Blue" weeks are those in late april and May; where its Essential that the maximum effort be put into hiking.  I DID this last year!  

"Yellow" weeks are those in winter.  I knew that snow and cold would put me out of the woods and restrict what hikes I could do.  and besides' I have time.


its All on the "Green" weeks to make a big, big difference with last year.  Last year's (2018) winter was a little late too! and for several weeks I just kind of procrastinated.

THAT cannot happen this year!


and more IMportantly.  "Green" starts this coming friday on March 1!  Yep.  snow Everywhere! but I can't let it hold me back.  I promised myself I would strive to bring it to 3 Long (ish) Walks per week.... 27 miles or 9 hours.

thats the Bronze!  the lowest of my Hiking "Achievements"



so with that in Mind I made a "Long Walk" calendar!  Said calendar only tracks long walks- mostly on the weekend and on the occasional weekday.


I have 17 hikes on it; starting this weekend (though that Hike Might be postponed till March 17  {and in that case WEdnesday March 6th will be the first hike}) and ending up on the night hike May 11-12.


5 hikes will be done as a workday vacation.

5 hikes will be done by the North country trail club itself-- they call these practice hikes and they are an excellent ways to go hiking miles on the trail itself.

7 hikes will be done as late night hikes 6pm till midnight or further yet. 6am-6pm.


but while this calendar is nice; it Too is insufficient to ensure good hiking.  No!  instead- we must go week by week  to firmly plan for the "bronze"; to ensure that in long walks alone we have 27miles and 9hours of hiking per week.


in addition to that we must start building our base by walking the lesser walks.  THOSE though can be more "weather permitting"

we have 3 daily opportunities for walking.

* going to work  

* lunch-- I should be cautious about taking TO MUCH time here. but it is available

* going home

we should get 9 of these little walks done a week


we aren't taking those opportunities too much these days.  in fact, we've already had several warm snaps without using that time!  that really must stop.



so lets get our act together and put this into a set of rules that meshes with my "fantastic beast" long term planning game


* 1  we need to do all scheduled hikes.  and if we Don't!  we should take away two points of the week.  (this prevents us from having a better than 50% on a failing week)

* 2  we need to do 2 "magical hikes" /week MIN!

* 3 we need to get to Bronze; and if we Don't we shall count this point as a percent of bronze.... (ex 67% of bronze = 0.67 points)

* 4 we need to do hikes that test 3/4 things I struggled with last year

* 5 we need to fully plan- with a weather forecast in hand; hikes and short walks per week

* 6 we need to get 9 little walks done in a week


"improvement" week by week shall be considered getting to all 4 things I struggled with last year- between 2 adjacent weeks.


I will include a weekly listing of long hikes and short walks tomarrow....


hope you guys are having a good day!


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Well  HELLOOO!!!! guys to Spring!

wooh, what? dissapointed!?

yeah so am I !  this is no flippin' spring weathr!!!!! : angry face






yes. this is "Hiking" Spring and I figure I have a solid 14 weeks to prepare.  so We must Now step it up a Notch!  and what we must do, is to plan (grab the weather forecast, when my daughter needs the car, and any preplanned hikes and Figure it out) : the who, where and when of all upcoming Walks.....  so drumroll please!... this is what we are going to do!





March 1 @ 10pm.  (Nighttime Clarendon Dirt Road Walk.)  Yes. tonight.  TONIGHT we must start our hiking spring challenge, face on, Head on! and early!!

....   I will do the Clarendon Dirt Road walk.  I haven't done that this year- but I know from Last year thats its a road that takes Snow well and offers a good athletic 1-2 hour walk.


(Saturday, March 2?) I KNOW brennon (my son) wants to do something.  but What??  I'd love to plan for a hike- but I'm too uncertain about him.  If I can sneak a Fourth MAJOR hike. wow would that be a GOOD start for such a cold wintry week!?  but... idk


estimated  2.5hours 6.5miles.



March 3@ 8am. ( ANF Chapter; March Advanced Hike Well, this I guess is happening!  the "North Country Trail group of PA" had planned a longish 5-6 walk on this date a few weeks ago- but I thought Sure they WOULD cancel!  they Haven't!  way to be hardcore Guys!  and we are INDEED having some hardcore conditions.  Highs only in the 20s.   A good challenging 12" (30cm?) of snow Everywhere in the woods. and MORE is coming!  a snowstorm between March3-4 is supposed to put down 10" MORE (25cm) of the cursed stuff!


.... still thinking it could be canceled last minute like - and that would stink.  but then IF they Did that - I might walk in the Woods Anyway! I kind of doubt brennon would do this- but no one needs the car and the wife may insist that Saturday is Cleaning day for the house.  that Might push brennon into coming.   


now the Good thing about Going is that the Hiking Group would be hiking a long ish segment of the very Trail "North Country trail" that I will hike on the A100.  its Not normally easy to do that, as you need two cars to go from Trailhead to trailhead.


estimated  6hours 11miles.


(and then yep! a sucky winter snowstorm; followed by days of "unusually Cold air".  Cue the Painful cry




March 6@ 8am. (Snowshoeing Morrison)  I'm taking this wintery day to go snowshoeing with my dad.  True, I would rather Hike but he tells me, that by this date (with the snow that has come and the snow that is coming).... snowshoes will be the only way to comfortably hike in the woods.

this will vaguely screw around with my mileage- but its the third nice "hike" of the week


estimated  6hours 9miles. (though my dad has ALOT to say about howlong and how far)



March 4.  To Work and Back again.  

yeah NOT fun, winter weather conditions.  but better than most days of the week.  Tuesday March 5 will be particularly brutal!   1 hour 3miles



March 7.  To Work and Back again.  

slightly better, winter weather conditions than 3/4.  Definitely worth the effort!   1 hour 3miles


TOTAL....  14.5hours / 32.5 miles    Def a Good 'Bronze', but not 'silver'. 



(Weekly progress, cont in another post)...

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Seems like whenever I get REally into something I get REALLY big files somewhere.  and MORE often than NOT these in fact become really big spreadsheets...


so.... lets share some data!


Exercise, as a whole since Last June... we're getting our game face on 



Moreover, exercise has been more consistent week to week; with me getting to rock climbing, lifting and HIking every Week as Opposed to the fall/summer


(Hiking= orange, Climbing=red, weight lifting=orange)


One of the Next ways I can work it, is to know broaden the types of walks I do...  since late winter; I've been stepping up the walking- but generally if I have a long walk I don't do others; If I do those medium walks I don't get to long walks,etc.


You'll note my plan THIS week is to get to every size walk; from little 30 minute walk(s) to work to 2 6 hour walks.  so this next chart is one I hope become better and more pretty in weeks to come...




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Wowie wow wow looking at your calendar and graphs makes my head spin and I'm glad I'm sitting down!!  GET THOSE HIKES, YESSSSS


I do agree that WINTER NEEDS TO STOP.  I'm so done with this snow BS ;____;  It's March LET US BE FREE OF YOUR ICY CLUTCHES YOU FIEND

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