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Deadlift form

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Hey there guys! I've been trying to work some more on my deadlift form. I would love to get some feedback on it! Thanks!



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Late response and from the front/side might be a better angle to view, but since no one's posted anything...

* Looks like you're letting the bar get too far out in front of you, especially on the way down. This weight looks pretty easy for you so you might not be noticing, but when you put some more on there it'll give you trouble.

* You might try playing with your stance width a bit. You're pretty narrow, and while that might be what works for you (everyone's different) it seems like it's giving you a tough time getting the bar past your knees, so I'd have a go at a wider stance.

* Hard to say for sure, but it looks like your heels might be coming up a bit. This could be caused by the bar being too far out in front as I mentioned. You want your weight as evenly distributed through your feet as possible.


Beyond that it's hard to say as the weight looks really easy for you. Heavier weight usually reveals more issues.


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