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Elinox Goes Back to the Kingdoms


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Challenge Recap

1. Sweet Treats
I did pretty well with this quest, all things considered. Still, NOT eating sweet things for a snack at night during the week was a struggle. It was nice having what seemed like extra calories for things like dinner or coffee, but ultimately, I like my damn Oreos!

I could have been a little better and maybe hit 35/40, but Friday ice cream was calling and won out. I’m giving myself a B for this quest. 


Scoring: 34/40 
Reward: +4 to CON & +4 to CHA

2. Walking
This one I blew out of the park. I would actually have had a higher mileage, but plans changed and the day I had intended to spend walking outside was cancelled. Still, this was a lot of walking as I managed 2 miles per day at the gym during the week. 


Scoring: 60/60 miles
Reward: +3 to DEX (+1 for every 20 miles reached)

3. Darebee’s “Foundation” workout

This one was hard because during the week, I often didn’t want to get up early to do the workouts and neither did my husband. And on weekends it was even harder because I’m rarely at home. This ended up with me then lumping multiple workouts together in one day to stay caught up and to finish on time. But I did complete all the workouts, so another perfect score!


Scoring: 60/60 
Reward: +4 to STA


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Level 38 Lupine Pirate = STR: 98 || DEX: 91 || STA: 102 || CON: 76 || WIS: 88 || CHA: 75

Current Challenge: 

Past Challenge List: Challenges 1-38

Battle Log: Battle On, Eli!

"You're the best kind of crazy." -Murphy, Dresden Files

"That's wolves for ya; good guys!" -Wolf, 10th Kingdom

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