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Birth Control - wrong for 60 years.

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For anyone who hasn’t yet read about this fact, apparently there is no benefit whatsoever to having a monthly break in your birth control (and therefore having a period)!  It’s actually quite shocking that this has just been accepted medical advice  for 60-frigging-years with no real basis in fact.  But then, it’s just women, so it doesn’t really matter right? :rolleyes:

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Wait, were they recommending that you should have your period every month because it 'works better', or just as peace of mind that it was working properly?


I know that OB-GYNs have definitely recommended to some friends who have heavy bleeding & cramps just to skip the placebo pills, so the knowledge has been there for a while... 


I had always assumed it's common knowledge that you don't actually have to take that 'break' every month, but I suppose I rarely ever talk to people about their birth control. :P

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