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bgvanbur tries again and again

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Well last challenge was a bust.  Time for a redo :)




Here are the adjusted goals from last challenge (I am round 40% complete of my town, so another 25% would push me around 65% complete).  And with the cold, I have modified the run every day to run or lift every day.





* Run or lift every day

* Get to 65% complete of running my town

* Eat primal

* Eat a vegetable for all meals

* Complete 3 sewing projects



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Well this challenge was ok for the first week, but I kind of fell off the wagon on everything in my life.  Definitely seems like seasonal depression, I didn't want to go outside so I stopped running, was depressed about everything.  I did complete 2 sewing projects (making a jean skirt of jeans and a circle skirt with clover fabric for the kid my wife babysits named Clover for her birthday).

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