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Still Running: Swinging_Jarnbjorn Keeps Getting Back Up

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I am Swinging_Jarnbjorn, formerly Odinson_Rising, and I am unworthy. Mjolnir, the hammer which previously defined my self-identity, sits on the earth, and I cannot lift it. It will not always be so, however, for each day I am growing as a person, and becoming more and more worthy. One day, I will lift my hammer up to the sky and declare myself Odinson_Ascendant, but until then I am Swinging_Jarnbjorn.
Hey Rebels, I’m back. This is my umpteenth challenge, and the last several have not gone my way. It turns out that I’m a starter, but not a finisher. Does it have to be this way? No, but for the time being, it is, and I won’t grow if I keep lying to myself about it. So here I am, again, starting another challenge. Because I’ve been limping along for quite some time, I’m trying to completely reevaluate my situation and take measurable steps towards being the best version of me.
Note: I am totally recycling my previous challenge. I will do this until I finish. Think of it as a personal Groundhog Day. I can move forward when I get it right.
Big goals:
Lose 80 pounds – I’m roughly 275 pounds now, so I’m just looking to get under the two-century mark, and I’m not looking for shortcuts. This is 4-Life.
Read the Bible – It’s basically the most influential book in the history of mankind, and I intend to read it, in its entirety.
Read/listen to a minimum of 20 books, by June 14th, my 39th birthday.
Get out of debt – This one will take a lot longer, but if I’m going to get there, I need to take steps now.
Rebuild my marriage – Oof. I don’t even know where to start. I do, however, know that I need to acknowledge that I prioritized some other values above the sanctity of my marriage. It hurts to even type that out, but that probably means I need to start there.
Clean and improve my home – I love the house I live in, but it’s getting as cluttered as the inside of my head. Not only that, but my 9-year old twins and their 2-year old sister have left their mark. I gotta reclaim some of that lost ground.
My four quests (measured from 2/11/19 to 3/10/19):
1. Track all of my food intake. I’m using Cronometer this go round.
2. Read from the Bible, my current personal development book, and my current entertainment book for 30 minutes each, every single day. Audiobooks count. I’m making a list to post online, once I wrap my head around how I want to present it.
3. Track ALL spending. This will likely be a mashup of technology and pen/paper, but the end result will be a hard copy that I will use to establish and adhere to a budget.
4. Drink at least 2L of water each day. This is a milestone goal, which I will build to 1 gallon by spring  The start of the fourth challenge of the year.
All quests will be evaluated on a percentage basis
All right, rangers, and let's go to work! 


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