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SHE-HULK: Fixing Form


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Yay! It's going to be gorgeous!

Can you introduce new fish to the others? I had gold fish as a kid and they attacked and killed the new ones we bought :( (fish skills subzero)


Aww, fish kiss!


Pain level at 7 all day! wow! That sounds pretty hellish.

Great job for giving your body the rest and healing time it needs!


Dancing Sylph - Level 9 Monk/Druid

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"E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle" - We came forth, and once more saw the stars, Dante

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Sorry that you had a shitty day earlier this week :( are you feeling better? And hooray for the new fishies! I love that your other fish is named Pippin. I still fondly remember my 3 black mollies Fat Joe, Calzone and Minestrone :D

do you have names for the new ones picked out yet?


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"Just sitting here on the corner of awesome and bombdiggity..." - unknown


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Rough day again. Just a mini update. Dropped down to a 5-6, but the snow kept me from going to an event I had planned on attending. =/ Mood's down, bleh. Minor binge. Right hip keeps subluxing (partial dislocation) and the left fully dislocating. I'm currently cocooned in pillows with my legs in different directions to keep them in place. Ugh. EDS, man. All I want is the steak I have in the fridge but I don't have the energy to cook it. Will order real non-taco bell tacos for lunch instead... or a lobster roll. We'll see. Meaning delicious shrimp with cabbage and steak. Nom. Pricey but at least it's real food. I did manage a shower yesterday and did my hair though so that's a positive. Okay. Back to resting. I'll do my check-in and replies later today.



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Current Challenge: She-Hulk Strengthens the Stronghold.

[Level: 6 | STR 8.18 | DEX 6.31 STA 9.47 | CON 11.08 WIS 10.5 | CHA 6.9 ]

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Okkkayyy. Let's jump into this with a MONDAY update and disregard the rest of last week.



Productivity! GoalCLEAN FINAL 50% of bedroom: AKA THE HULK HUT

Putting this on hold while my EDS flares. 

Productivity! Goal: AQUASCAPE ON

Nothing to do today besides feed the fishies. 

Productivity! Goal: APPLY TO 10 JOBS A DAY

I spoke with my therapist last night and decided I need to speak with a few recruiters. I'm going to meet with a friend for lunch on Tuesday and bring my laptop so I can sit in a cafe somewhere and get some work done out of the house.


Quest 2: FIX THE FORM!


PT is going well. Still feeling some pain but my walking is steadily improving and in general, I'm getting better and better.


No at home exercises on PT days. 



Breakfast: Chicken with wild rice and veggies (I'm not a big breakfast foods person).

Lunch: Lobstah roll

Dinner: Second Lobstah roll

Extra: Some pirates booty, a few sweets, I did have a coke, but, meh... not that bad.

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Current Challenge: She-Hulk Strengthens the Stronghold.

[Level: 6 | STR 8.18 | DEX 6.31 STA 9.47 | CON 11.08 WIS 10.5 | CHA 6.9 ]

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