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Recommendations for Fitness Android Apps

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So I have a burner android phone that I was not able to sell/trade due to it being damaged (still works, cracked LCD).

I thought to turning it into my "fitness phone" where I use it purely at the gym for music and apps.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I should get?

Just want to hear the good ones before committing to purchasing an app.


  • I use Garmin so FitBit app is no go. (I might be tempted to change..got to avoid that lol)
  • MyFitnessPal is not working for me, cannot seem to login both from app and website.

Did send an email to them but the solution did not help and they have stopped replying since.

Has been a few months now.

  • Need a water intake tracker for challenge
  • Mediation app?
  • I use Instagram to share daily logs (@rroenfit)



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I've tried 8Fit in the past, and am planning to get back to using that. They have some great free exercises that vary from beginner to really hard.


The subscription service I haven't tried yet. I believe it's about $30 a month. It comes supposedly with a lot of benefits including recipes and meal plans.


But as far as the free portion of the app, it's great. :D

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I prefer Lifesum to MFP, I find the layout a bit more streamlined and user friendly, and never felt the subscription to be necessary for it.  And they do water intake tracking as part of the app.


Meditation isn't my forte, I've never had much success with it in app form, so no suggestions there from me.



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I decided to ditch macro tracking. Living in Asia made it a hassle...translations, weird food names and it being non-existent in databases.


For nutrition, I using the good ol’Notepad to track portion sizes.


For water, I use My Water app.


For exercises, I use Garmin Connect (because I have Garmin), set it to Cardio exercises when strength training just to track heart rate (and getting rid the need to input what exercises were done 1-by-1 because again, some are not always in the database). Though I track on notepad which part of the body I worked on for the day.


For meditation...well and any other habit, I use a habit tracking app.


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