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Xena's Re-Boot


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17 minutes ago, Xena said:

He added in a workout for this week: "Optional: 45 minutes on the bike"

I can tell you what I think of that option. Hells no!

My ass hurts just thinking of sitting on a bike for 45 minutes! Perhaps I need to invest in better equipment for biking. Screw it, I’ll just run until my knees give out :P 

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Today - I ran as planned in the morning. I meant to do a short yoga video after work, but I got caught up working on my computer and forgot until it got pretty late. That's ok...Today was a very busy work day, and I'll have more time tomorrow, but I need to remember to take time for things other than work.

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On 3/6/2019 at 10:48 AM, Cheetah said:

Good job running!  Making time for all of the things can definitely be challenging, especially on busy days.  Good awareness; tomorrow will be better!


It was! It was a day off from running, so I got some yoga in. I was surprised how tight I was...more than usual, I think. Made me glad I took the time to do it. Went to the gym after work. I put in a little time on the bike and then did my strength work. Had to shorten the time on the bike (I wasn't sad) because I had the chance to go to a nice (free) dinner for a work event.


Today I did 3 x 2 miles at a solid clip (8 miles total with jogging in between etc). It was a really good workout.


As I was shopping online for a new calendar/planner, I stumbled across the panda planner. I had heard people talking about them, but didn't know what they were. I guess it's a little like a cross between a standard planner and a bullet journal. Anyway, I was a little intrigued, so I kind of made my own generic panda planner in a blank book that I had lying around. Have been trying it out, and I think it's an interesting concept, but I'm still not sure I would like it in the long term. My main concern is that I would likely still need a traditional planner, and it seems wasteful and inefficient to have both. I'm thinking (1) I don't think the Panda Planner calendar goes out far enough, and I often need to keep track of things farther into the future and (2) the point of a panda planner is to work on personal goals, feelings etc, and I'm not really sure I want to carry that around at work. Maybe I'll try the homemade planner for a couple more weeks. If I like it, I can order a real panda planner in April with the thought of using it starting in May (it's undated, so you can start it whenever you want).


Do any of you guys use those things? or something similar?







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16 hours ago, Xena said:

I put in a little time on the bike and then did my strength work. Had to shorten the time on the bike (I wasn't sad) because I had the chance to go to a nice (free) dinner for a work event.



16 hours ago, Xena said:

Do any of you guys use those things? or something similar?

If its not in my phone with reminders set, I don't remember to do it or look at it. My wife, daughter and I share a calendar on our phones that we put stuff in to help with family long range planning. So, I'm probably not a good person to ask :P 

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On 2/21/2019 at 8:20 PM, Xena said:

1. Running: Run the plan.  That's the real goal. It's a pretty standard week with the key workouts being intervals, threshold and long run. I'll do what I'm told unless there is a good reason not to. I did the math, and for the last 3 weeks of the challenge 75 miles is reasonable. That will be the actual scorable part.

2. Online yoga. I splurged and signed up for Yoga Glo (still in trial membership). Scorable part of the goal is 6 classes over 3 weeks. Stretch goal (ha ha) is to do 9 classes that include at least 3 different teachers.

3. 6 strength workouts. I've found two workouts that I will alternate. One is specifically targeted toward runners ( https://www.self.com/gallery/strength-training-workout-better-runner ). I tried it yesterday and it seemed fine. I'm thinking that after this challenge is done, I'll pick the most useful exercises from these two workouts and collapse them into one. Next challenge I'll do that "super workout" and try another new one.

4. Professional development 1 hour per week. So much of my time is doing urgent things or things I feel obligated to do. I want to pick one thing each week that I'm doing to expand my own knowledge and abilities. This will most likely be reading a technical paper of my choice, but it could be something else.



New boards up already? Seriously???


Well, ok then, a summary.


Running was my main goal. Now that I'm back on land, I wanted to rebuild my base and work toward getting faster. I got in 80.3 miles over 3 weeks and did everything my coach told me to do. I have a half marathon next week (as a training benchmark and fun thing to do) and I feel ready for it. I also feel like I'm on a good trajectory of improvement.


I've done at least 6 online yoga classes...I think I did more, but I lost track a little. I also did 2 IRL yoga classes. Re-building my running base has left my legs pretty tight, and this has helped a lot.


Strength training...I did exactly 6 workouts, and had to cram 3 in during the last week. But I feel like the workouts have been pretty useful.


Professional development...yeah, I was gung ho in week 1. Forced it in during week 2. Couldn't be bothered in week 3. During week 3 I focused a lot on productivity at work, including making time for big-picture important things. I was really productive this week, but part of the way I did it was by working a couple evenings and doing some more work on the weekend. That's ok, but not something I can (or want to) plan to do every week. So this goal was kind of a fail...but I think more a fail in the sense that the goal I articulated didn't map well onto an actual goal that I care about.


Overall I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment. I've gotten back into the swing of things and feel like I'm getting stronger. Being back to cooking my own food has helped immensely as well.



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