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Tateman - Better late then never!


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So I pretty much bailed on last challenge. Things were not working out, I let it get to me. I just got caught up in mental crap. I did however still do some of the stuff. I was running still, and eating Keto. I just was having a hard time getting back here. I was pretty pumped to get back into it this challenge period when I got hit with whatever flu like garbage is going around. The last two to three weeks have been horrible. I even stopped my food tracking. I still think I mostly ate Keto, but I have been polishing off some peanut butter like it is going out of style ;)


So anyhow, I wanted to get some kind of challenge posted up, and not just let my brain get in the way.


Now I try to ease myself back into this. Get the basics running again.


Goal#1 - Track Foods

I need to get back to 100% tracking of my foods again. I need to check my numbers, but I have a decent idea of where I need to be calorie wise. I want to make sure I am strict under 20 net carbs again.


Goal#2 - Sleep

I haven't been doing very well with getting to bed at a decent time. Even with being so sick. Time to get back into my routine. 10:30 PM off the computer to read. 11:30 PM off too bed. There is one night during the week that I do stay up late to game with some friends, so Saturday nights, I will let that happen still. At least some.


Goal#3 - Walk/Run

I was just about to break into Week 5 of C25k before I went out with that sickness. I am still not 100%, and just walking a bit today has drained me. I might still try running this week, I might just walk this week, and add running back in next week. Either way, time for me to get back to this 6/7 days. One day for rest ;)


That is pretty much it. I've been spending a lot of time in the car waiting all day for my son at school. Saving on gas money. So there is no go home and do things. I should have time to make it here to post, and walk.


Anyhow, sorry I bailed out last challenge. Hopefully, I can be here a lot more this time, and get myself back in the game!

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7 hours ago, Tateman said:

I've been spending a lot of time in the car waiting all day for my son at school.

If you know when he's going to get out, can you walk a bit while waiting for him? I used to walk around the school track waiting for my kids - even around the whole school a few laps!

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*Member of 2018 Hogwarts House Cup Championship Team*

If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress. -Barack Obama

Anyone who moves on, even a little, walks like Jesus on the water. -Antonio Machado

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15 hours ago, Mahalak said:

If you know when he's going to get out, can you walk a bit while waiting for him? I used to walk around the school track waiting for my kids - even around the whole school a few laps!

I usually drop him off in the morning, then walk for 3 miles or so. Then I hang in the car. I was going for a second walk before I get him from school normally too if I needed. Depends if I have bowling later in the night, or if I did c25k too. :)


15 hours ago, Bean Sidhe said:

Welcome back. Its good to see you.

How far is the school from the house?

It looks like you have a good plan in place. I am sure you will do great getting back on track.

about 14 miles. We use to live about a mile away. Technically when we moved, we should have transferred to a closer school. Just the one he is in now, has been great with his autism and adhd issues. So we don't really want to leave the district. 


Yesterday went ok. I am still not feeling that well. I did track everything. I got in one walk in the morning, and bowled. During bowling, my voice was going out. One teammate said "Wow, you are sounding really hoarse right now" haha. I did stay up later (and didn't read), but I did get to bed earlier then I have been recently.


I hoped to maybe try running, but I just don't feel ready yet. Even walking this morning was a bit of a struggle. Will have to see how the day shapes up. I am hoping this stuff clears up soon!

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Last week wasn't the best. I am getting back into it though. I wold track fine, but during the night I was having eating attacks. I wouldn't track. Sleep I haven't been reading, but did start getting to bed earlier. Still not exactly when I should be though. I also still felt too off to get out and run/walk. I did some walking at least.


This week is much better so far. Struggling on the sleep a little still. Last night I started falling asleep, then woke up and couldn't quite get back to sleep. Brain just going full speed.


Monday, I went out and ran. I went back to week 3 of the couch to 5 k app. I hadn't run for 3 weeks, so I figured I need to roll back a bit. I tracked everything I ate. Then at bowling this happened:


My second ever perfect game :) of course, the other games were no so great haha



Still perfect game :) Facebook link to the video my teammate shot of my last ball. 



I was so lucky that last ball.


Tuesday went ok, but I didn't walk. I did track everything.


Today I did get out for a run. Even with a massive headache and it raining, PLus I felt much better after I got it in :)

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