The above quote probably won't top my list of favorite quotes from the aforementioned documentary, but it felt right for the marquee of this challenge thread as it encapsulates the spirit of where I'm at right now. Through a combination of soul searching, talks with the SRLF and therapy I've come to realize that for too long I've been ignoring what I really want to do, to the point where it never even popped up on my mind as a potential option at all. Instead, I've been busy doing what others want, need or expect. I've been doing what is proper, polite or usual in every situation. I've been avoiding conflict at all costs, I've been victimizing myself and taking up blame that wasn't mine. So, as part of this new path I'm trying to learn how to travel, I present to you my brand new....   4 WEEK PLUS 3 DAY CHALLENGE (a.k.a. all of March)   Why now and why for the entire month? Because that's what works for me right now. Not strict 4 or 6 week challenges. Not waiting for the new challenge forums to appear or the start of the next challenge round. It's my challenge and I'm doing things my way.   Dammit, Fred Durst, get the hell away from my challenge thread!   If you still haven't noticed, doing stuff my way is kind of the theme for this challenge. One half of it, actually. The other half is finding my why or rather, my want. For instance, all this soul searching is pretty Druid-y and I still train muay thai which could take me to the Monk guild, but I'm staying on the Ranger part of the woods (or in this case, forums). The entire guild division is imaginary and meant to bring people with similar interests together. Guild hopping is allowed, encouraged even; there's no rule about where my challenge should be and even if there was one, I'd still go against it and do what works best for me. I've been around long enough to have a wonderful assortment of rebellion buddies from all over the boards already, so no need for networking either.   I feel like I've been half assing NerdFitness as of late and in the wise words of a fellow Rebel, this place gives you back whatever you put into it. I'd like to be more active round these parts, both keeping up with more people, posting something a bit more substantial than jokes and one liner comments as well as writing out more stuff about my thoughts, feelings and experiences as I think it'll also benefit me to put the things in my head into words.   Onwards!   Goal 1: Track my eating, weight and water intake on my phone app on a daily basis and report here. Why: I'm fine with my current weight and shape of my body or at least I'm not willing to turn my life around as much as is needed to make much more progress towards losing fat and gaining muscle. If it does happen, cool, but I'm not making it a goal. However, if I do not keep a leash on my food inake, I tend to go overboard and gain weight. Even for maintaining the habit of weighing my food and keeping the size of my portions in check, keeping the app fed with data is the way to go.   Goal 2: Attend at least 2 muay thai training sessions every week. Why: Because I enjoy physical activity and suffer if I don't train for a while. Because I enjoy muay thai and adore both the school and the trainer I am lucky to have right next block to where I live. Because it keeps me active and helps with keeping my weight/fat/muscle in check. Because I like having to think on my feet how to act in a fight and hate how I've been feeling my mind slow and numb the last couple of years. Because I've been avoiding fights and conflict all my life so the mentality of it all the the physical experience of receiving impact seems to help me.   Goal 3: Keep my Bullet Journal up to date with stuff I need to see through and any expenses I've made Why: My memory sucks and I have a hard time getting out of the work-sleep-train-repeat loop in order to get the small life stuff done, which ends up being postponed ad infinitum and piling up. A BuJo is like a quest journal that helps me keep track of all the little side-quests I need to get done. As for expenses, it helps me and the SRLF see where our money went throughout the month and plan ahead for the coming months. Simple as that.   Last but certainly not least, I've tried a bunch of themes lately, none of which ever really stuck past page 2. Most of which were from things (mainly videogames) I liked but didn't even play at all or past a couple of times. Only game I play these days systematically and passionately is Total Extreme Wrestling 2016. I enjoy that one, tabletop RPGs, pro wrestling in general and storytelling in more general so I've decided to bring back...     Frequently Asked Questions   The company NextGen Wrestling began in early 1997 when John Silver and Leon Harrison saw an opportunity in the market for professional wrestling in Europe. With Harrison moving away from his hometown of Brighton, England and chipping in half of the starting $1.000, he was made owner of the promotion with Silver as head of creative. NGW prided itself on promoting athletic, modern wrestling by young upstart workers like its founders and to this day it does just that, although understandably enough its growth and history means some older veterans are also around. NGW is one of the few companies around the world to have promoted intergender matches, before a restructuring led to the creation of a split division for female athletes, as well as the Heavyweight and Cruiserweight weight classes for male competitors. In October of 2011, NGW set up its very own pro wrestling school or dojo and exactly a year after, invested in creating European Wrestling Alliance (EWA) as its child promotion. NGW also has been cooperating with Ring of Fire in Birmingham, UK to trade young talent and even hosts an annual cross-promotion show every March named “Ultimate Challenge”.     The stars Marat Khoklov Age: 37 (9 years pro), Nationality: Russian, Style: Brawler, Size: Ripped Giant, Affiliation: Czars The giant Russian Marat Khoklov is a menacing former body builder, whose freakish strength and great look make him an awesome competitor to behold.  Before he had even wrestled a match people were hailing him as a future star and his tenure with NGW made him just that. As menacing as they come and possessing some considerable skill, including his vicious Moscow Lariat and Russian Legend Powerbomb, Khoklov has been a dominant force in the company and three time holder of its top title. He is also the founder and leader of the Czars, a group of Eastern European wrestlers.
“The Gothic Grappler” Fusae Etsuko Age: 35 (14 years pro), Nationality: Japanese, Style: All-rounder, Size: Toned Small, Affiliation: None 5'6, 149lbs Fusae Etsuko rose to fame as part of the all-female BHOTWG:W roster in Japan before the promotion was bought out by the original Burning Hammer of the Wrestling Gods. Out of employment opportunities as women’s promotions went out of business in Japan one after another, Etsuko looked abroad and NGW capitalized on her popularity by signing her up to be "The Gothic Grappler", a character who enjoys using her submission skills to spread misery and pain although she has admittedly rounded up her skillset ever since. Etsuko has been undefeated since her debut in March 2011, capturing NGW's big title and then vacating it after intergender matches were stopped, only to immediately regain gold in the form of the brand new NGW Women’s title until an injury in early 2013 forced her to vacate the title. Ever since her return, she has been looking to reclaim gold and defend her streak against current champion, Geena the Warrior Princess.   Geena the Warrior Princess Age: 35 (14 years pro), Nationality: American, Style: Entertainer, Size: Muscular Lightweight, Affiliation: None Geena The Warrior Princess is American by birth, but has spent the early part of her career in Europe with NGW. A powerful brawler, her intense “angry” interviews are also pretty impressive. Her hard hitting style would be perfect in Japan and indeed led to her being regularly called in for tours, before she left for a brief stint in Canada before returning to NGW in early 2013 just in time to claim the vacated Women’s title. She has been feuding with previous title holder Fusae Etsuko since her return from injury.   Champagne Lover Age: 31 (10 years pro), Nationality: Mexican, Style: Entertainer, Size: Middleweight, Affiliation: None Champagne Lover is unique Mexican talent who blends traditional lucha libre with Eastern influences, resulting in an exciting hybrid high flying style.  Combined with a fantastic look and some outstanding promo skills it seems that there is nothing to stop Champagne Lover from becoming a huge star and after slowly climbing up the ranks, he won the promotion’s top title and is already being positioned as the new face of NGW.   Shiro Akuma Age: 31 (12 years pro), Nationality: Japanese, Style: Super Junior, Size: Toned Small, Affiliation: None Shiro Akuma (White Devil) is an alter ego of high flyer Marihito Masuko. After losing the Young Lion title to Champagne Lover at End of the World 2010 and at the same night seeing his friend Captain Hero get unmasked, Masuko tapped into some dark power from the great beyond to fuel his revenge. This saw him get more aggressive in the ring and brought him several victories until he finally snapped, betraying his League of Heroes allies to go on his own as the NGW Cruiserweight champion.     Factions The League of Heroes Members: Nelson Frye, Christopher Lister, Robert Howard, Adam Matravers, Stig Svensson, Emerald Angel, Jeri Behr, Megumi Nakajima Originally put together to fight back against the villainous Hellfire Club, the League of Heroes was established by Stig Svensson who also put on the mask of Captain Hero around the same time. The group’s first members were Svensson, Frye, Lister, Howard, Matravers and Akuma. Many of them held various titles while affiliated with the group, with Frye being singles champion before teaming with Lister as Cream of the Crop to dominate the tag team division while Captain Hero held onto singles gold. Matravers and Howard also joined forces to much success in the tag team division, before the weight split caused a reshuffle: Frye and Howard became ‘The Gentleman and the Pitbull’ while Lister and Matravers captured the Cruiserweight Tag Team titles as ‘Team Fly’. Behr and Nakajima have been representing the group in the Women’s division while Emerald Angel is the latest addition to the group after the traitorous departure of Shiro Akuma. Following the dismantling of the Hellfire Club, Stig Svensson losing his Captain Hero mask in late 2010 and a series of injuries that have kept Svensson on the sidelines, Nelson Frye has stepped up as leader of the group.   The Czars Members: Marat Khoklov, Dovydas Vidmar, The Ivanoff brothers, Zofia Jankovic Originally a troika of Russians that comprised of Khoklov and the Ivanoffs, the group has since expanded to include “The Bratva Bruiser” Dovydas Vidmar and “The Pain from the Ukraine” Karen Bilous, who was replaced by Belarussian wrestler Zofia Jankovic after her departure from NGW. Respecting only strength and power, the Czars have held every title on the Heavyweight division and given plenty of people something to worry about.   The Real Deal Members: Edward Cornell, Wael Hossam, Roy Edison, The Nigerian Hit Squad (Rahabad & Rashid Lawal) Sick of the comedy, gimmickry and cartoonish shenanigans, Edward Cornell joined forces with the Lawal twins to fight back and defend old school wrestling. For all their bullying ways, the Real Deal are a group of legitimately tough men with impressive in-ring skills that’s went on to include the Egyptian technical wizard Wael Hossam and former MMA competitor Roy Edison among its ranks.   The Outcasts Members: Sebastian Koller, Hardcore Hernandez, Viper McKenna, Petter Eriksson, Wade Orson, Landon Mallory, Melanie Flyman, Beast Bantom The most recently formed group in the company, the Outcasts have banded together thanks to their disappointment at the way they have been utilized by NGW. Whether they are disgruntled employees who feel they’ve been mistreated or past workers who recently returned to the fold, the Outcasts bear a grudge against the powers that be, making them vocal anti-heroes who will still put their personal interests over those of the group if an opportunity presents itself.     The titles NGW Heavyweight title Current Champion: Champagne Lover Previous Champion: Marat Khoklov (3rd title run) Defenses: 3 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of December 2012 at NGW End of the World   NGW Cruiserweight title Current Champion: Shiro Akuma Previous Champion: John Silver Defenses: 1 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of December 2012 at NGW End of the World   NGW Women’s title Current Champion: Geena the Warrior Princess Previous Champion: Fusae Etsuko (vacated after injury) Defenses: 1 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of January 2013 at NGW Determination   NGW Heavyweight Tag Team titles Current Champions: Nigerian Hit Squad (Rahabad & Rashid Lawal) Previous Champions: The Ivanoff Brothers Defenses: 0 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of February 2013 at NGW Fallout   NGW Cruiserweight Tag Team titles Current Champions: Team Fly (Christopher Lister & Adam Matravers) Previous Champions: None Defenses: 3 Reign Began on Friday, Week 4 of November 2012 at NGW Reach for the Sky   NGW Open Collective Six Man titles Current Champions: The Outcasts (Beast Bantom, Landon Mallory & Petter Eriksson) Previous Champions: Emerald Angel and Double Dutch (Frank Van Heer & Henrick Van Bon) Defenses: 0 Reign Began on Monday, Week 1 of April 2013 at NGW Back to the Future