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Wed 24 Jun - Recovery Day

Felt rubbish this morning. Slept in and everything


KB Swings

100 Single Arm KB swings @ 24kg - alternating arms every 10 reps


Daily Victory?

Despite not doing any training in the morning - I got some swings done to 'catch up'. Was it the best I could do? Actually it probably was. So a win

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Fri 26 Jun 19 - Development Training Day




- Hollow Body Holds - 5 x 36s, 24s, 12s - Really focused on compressing the shoulder blades off the ground

- NHLL - 4, 3, 3, 3, 3-  Feedback from filming was good. Now focusing on getting toes nice and close to hands and adding reps slowly

Limited time so moved straight into work training. Will do APT fixing lunges tomorrow


Work Training

Squats / Shoulderpress. Complete the Squats, with approx 2:00 rest between sets, then move onto Shoulderpress, with approx 1:00 rest between sets

5 @ 65%

5 @ 70%

5 @ 75%

5 @ 80%

5 @ 80%


Supersetted these to save time - meaning I stuck at 40kg Shoulder press the entire time. So did Squats, straight into set of Shoulder press, rest 2:00, then go again.

77kg / 40kg

85kg / 40kg

90kg / 40kg

95kg / 40kg

97.5kg / 40kg


Strength Accessory Training

4 times of:

- 10 hang cleans (40kg)

- 10 Bird Dogs (10 each arm/leg)

- 10 x Band presses - with a band tied around a pole, stand perpendicular to the band, extending it from the pole. Hold the band under tension to your chest, then press your hands away (like a standing chest press motion). Good training for core stability as you fight the rotation forced on you by the band. Low Explode specific from Sparta Testing.

- Single Arm Deadlifts (6 per arm) - bar with 2 x 20kg plates - Low Explode specific from Sparta Testing.

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