I liked The Last Jedi. Sure some parts were clunky, but to me it was both Star Wars and a good Movie. Rose's line may not be universally loved, but it works for me. How does this apply to my challenge? Let's start with the last one. I had the fewest workouts during that challenge of any I have done on NF. In fact, you'd have to go back to the time when I wasn't on NF to find months with fewer workouts. However, in the last week I had some good headspace developments, and I realized I'm going to be positive in how I construct this challenge. I don't hate myself, I love myself. I don't hate my body, I love my body. Fearing the consequences of obesity and inactivity will never be enough to motivate me to work out. All that will help is focusing on how much I love myself, and doing healthy things because they are good for me. For that reason, I'm still going to track workouts, but not set a number ahead of time. I'm still going to pay attention to the principles of intuitive eating, because it's the only thing that will help me get my waistline back in order. I'm going to be okay with slow progress, because every time I've had fast progress with weight loss, I've ended up gaining more later.    So my goals:   Yoga: Do it.  Kettle Bell Workout: Do it. Beginner Body Weight Workout: Do it. Walks: Optional. I've realized I can get good cardio from the KBs or the BW stuff provided I do them fast enough to get my heartrate up. As such, walking is a lower priority. I want to leave more space for yoga. Intuitive Eating: Stick with it.