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Hoi. My name says it all

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On 3/16/2019 at 2:58 PM, slowprogressguy said:

I know. ^^ But let's skip the video part for negative chin-ups. 

Last workout was 3 sets, 8 seconds x 5 reps


Okay.  You seem confident in your negatives, so I'll post the next progression.


We're returning to the Flex Hang, but this time lower yourself to the midpoint, such that your arms are bent at roughly 90 degrees, and hold yourself in that position.  As usual, I made a video this morning to demonstrate what I'm asking you to do:




It would be helpful if you could share a video of you doing it, so that I can see the angle of your arms during your hang.  But if decide you don't want to take a video, then just post here telling me how many seconds you were able to hold yourself in the position.





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