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A New Hope - Skywalker Reboots [still in abridged-posting mode]

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On 4/1/2019 at 4:52 PM, TGP said:

I very much think I will move on to trail running, Matt, After my big hiking challenge.


last year I did a little road running but didn't keep it up. 


you mention using more muscles on trail running...thats interesting.


when I Hike (or rough wood trails) I feel like I use more muscles than when I walk. 


Generally, I don't feel as sore from a long hike as a long walk.


maybe walking long on the road  puts the more strain on less muscles (thus more soreness).  or maybe its thats the muscles I use to go fast on a road aren't as conditioned.  idk.  but I have solid advice from some hikers to NOT predominately train for my big hike by walking lots of road miles...


do you think you could run on a trail longer than you can run on a road?


are you, thinking of doing some long trail races


like a 50km ultra??


that is my new, private, day dream.   as cool as it is to walk 50 or 100 miles.... 

wouldn't it be SO cool


to run it?


Sorry for such a long wait for my response. I've been hiding on the Ahch-To island again. :X


Running on trails is more challenging in some ways - it takes more energy to bound off and you definitely run slower. But yes, you can actually run longer because the impact stress is much lower. I would like to try ultras eventually, but I think I'm still far from it. Never even done a marathon, or a half race for that matter (only in training once). But I got to know many people who run ultras since I joined the trail running club, and they helped me see it's not that unachievable as I previously thought. One of them with which I like to run in the neighbouring fields was inactive and over 100 kg just 6 years ago, and now regularly runs 50-100k ultras.


And yes, your friends gave you a sound advice. Road walking is not the training you should be doing for hiking. Just go on trails whenever you can, even if it's not hilly. But uneven and soft surface of the trail makes the walking a much better (and healthier!) preparation for hiking.

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