Is your kung fu ready for...   GOALS Fitness Karate class twice a week Side goal: Order sparring gear, start sparring classes Side goal: Learn green belt form One more workout per week (usually kickboxing) Side goal: Get in some climbing this challenge Side goal: Register for the Pride 5k   Diet Make a big-ass salad once a week Side goal: Make some non-lettuce salads Cook a vegetable-centric meal prep once per week Side goal: Make a new recipe or two Life Plan 4 hours of project work per week every Monday Keep working on Thai language lessons     Our story so far for those just tuning in: I'm a middle-aged vegetarian bisexual academic librarian writer and new karate student and I do kickboxing and climbing and meditation and I'm way into rogues and thieves and assassins and I like Ninja Warrior and lucha wrestling and I'm going to Thailand this summer and I'm working on a spaceship LARP set on a real battleship in the fall okay you're up to speed.