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(kinda sorta) first challenge!

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Saturday & sunday were really good days as far as hitting all the goals.

a lot of drama went down in the Buti yoga community over the weekend, & I've decided I won't be teaching anymore. it's a really long story & might sound like drama & nonsense to an outside person, but for me, someone who has invested a lot of time & energy & heart into the practice, it's been heartbreaking & heavy. 


yesterday (Monday) was a long day. I was pretty confident I got the job & I didn't :( i had a rough day, because this is the 3rd interview I've been to where I didn't get the job. I let myself wallow in self pity & maybe ate some chocolate cake, but woke up this morning feeling slightly more rejuvenated. 

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I totally thought I posted on Wednesday! I think I did but mustve never actually hit post.


so Monday I found out I didn't get that job. I've applied to over 20 jobs over the past 2 days and have had one place call me back...and they called me Megan (my name is Melissa). for $9/hour. ouch.


yesterday I was feeling really depressed with the job searching so I ate like crap, and let that follow through to this morning. they say the unemployement rate is at an all time low...but i'm def not feeling it. I've been looking into remote possibilities, like this digital nomad type stuff? anyone have any input?



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