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Murphy's Roommate Learns to Type!

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Hello Nerds!


It is good to be back!  I fell into work for a few months there.  Work life balance kind of completely fell apart, all the good stuff I did for myself went on back burner, and now I am in recovery mode.  Beyond me complaining about life, I have to confess to a personal shortcoming.  As a nerd, someone who has finished a nanowrimo novel, someone who uses a keyboard for a living, I am a hunt and peck typer.  It is ugly.  Hackity tap tap urgggh thwack thwack thwack backspace backspace groan.  And I am going to change that.  I have a keyboard that forces me to type properly.  It looks weird, but it makes my bad habit painful enough to drive change.


So goals.  Wouldn't be a challenge without some goals.  


Typing: practice 15 min a night.  Target number at end of challenge...  20 wpm?  My end goal is over a hundred wpm.

Pushups: 100 a day.  

Tai Chi: 3 classes a week, back to daily practice.


Good enough for government work as they say.  


- Murphy's Roomate

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It took me  a few months on Typing.com to become almost good at typing. I have since relapsed a little, but it is a useful skill to have. Even if it is just a way to look almost professional at a NaNo write in.



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Your favorite speak and spell is still at it.  Typing is going quite well.  Okay.  Less worse.  Pushups are coming along nicely, three days in a row!


Tai Chi is back on track.  I've gotten the 24 form down reasonably well, gross movements, working on the 42 form now.


Started watching "Stan Against Evil" and I can't but think how gamers would handle it.  Kind of like the Evil Dead series.  Pretty sure my gaming group would have a different response.


 - Murphy's Roommate

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Well then.  My shoulder gave in again.  I was rampaging on pushups, and that old problem reared up.  Giving it a few days to recover.


Typing is doing far better.  It has gotten a lot more fun to actually type and I now somewhat resent normal keyboards.


Tai Chi is proceeding apace.  The problem is that I am running out of time before I go back stateside.   It kinda kills me, when I watch my teacher do it, and then my wood shop butchery of what he does.  That would be the difference between me and someone who had trained for decades.


- Murphy's Roommate

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