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I'm starting the next 4 week challenge a bit late, but I'm here!


My goals for this challenge will be:

-Doing yoga for at least 10 minutes every day 

-Walking outside 3 times per week

-Doing meditation or Tai chi 2 times per week for 15 minutes 


I've been doing a lot of kettlebell workouts for the last few years, which I love, however, I just had my second baby and I feel like focusing more on grounding and connecting to my body/breath and slowing down/staying present are what I have been craving physically and mentally in the three months since I've given birth. I'd like to shift my perspective inwards right now while still staying healthy!


Thank you for your support!

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Hey @Mojobee! Congrats on the baby! 


I moved your challenge into the 4-week challenge section. I moved you into Level 1's, just because it'd been a while and we've had a few changes since you challenged last. No changes to the format, but wasn't sure where you'd like to be placed. You'll definitely get more traffic being in this area though.


Let me know if you want me to place this anywhere else instead - I'm happy to do so!


Good luck and let us know how your challenge is going!

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Mental health is just as important as physical health. I don't think I've ever encountered an instance where improving one doesn't positively impact the other. If you feel that your focus should be more an your mental health then that's where it should be. Get focused and grounded for you so you can be there for your babies [emoji847]

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