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Laghail and the NINE-NINE!


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  • MFP on da daily

Back from my fever & flu sickbed, MFP restarts again tonight. The entries would have recorded daily calories of 500 or so. Weight loss through influenza, it werks.

  • Sleep 6.5 or more hours, Sunday night through Thursday night

Checkity check chiennes, got about 16 hours a day for a couple days while my body played host to the windmill cancer.

  • Write 100 words or more, every weekday

This actually happened. Did a lot of harner mediation and a bit of journaling while I had the fevers.



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  • MFP on da daily

Yurp. Even managed to dispose of more batches of quinoa cookies without breaking the calorie bank

  • Sleep 6.5 or more hours, Sunday night through Thursday night

Actually doing better on this front than usual. Often taking guerrilla rest days from the gym to accommodate 7ish hours, but it happening. 

  • Write 100 words or more, every weekday

Yeah, been reading Islamic history lately and it's a unique kind of sad feels that happen. Something profoundly exhausting about learning more about the types of ignorance and racism that the west is good at, precisely when Islamophobia is at an all time high in 'murica. I expected it to fuel a bunch of aLL CaPS jOURNaLIng, but sometimes the currency of outrage is too devalued to buy anything. Still, Reza Aslan is my new baby-daddy. 

Also, someone needs to make a comic about John Calvin opening Schrodinger's box while clutching a book titled, "to serve catkind." 



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