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Should I keep working out with shoulder pain?

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Hey guys,

So two days ago I tried doing the NF semi advanced bodyweight routine. I got through it, but as I had a party to attend imediatly afterwards, I don't think my stretches were all that they could be. My question is, should I be working out today? I feel the pain is mostly muscle soreness, and not an injury. I'm pretty sure I can workout if it's not due to injury, but I thought I'd ask experts. (Y'all say you're not experts, but you're a lot smarter about these things then me.

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If I did any shoulder-involved exercises, I'd do them at an easier resistance level and not max out the reps (a.k.a. I'd do active recovery).   If I felt sharp pain that might not be muscle soreness, I'd stop the shoulder-involved exercises while taking a course of Naproxen Sodium for 10 days; after which I'd do a few easy test sets to see if my shoulders had recovered during the rest.



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