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Yrsadur is respawning!

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Well, we're here again. Let me tell you about my journey so far.


As a kid, i was always very active. Did a lot of sport, was good at a lot of sports, was also a bit chubby but i didn't mind. Then, when i was about 13 years old, I started struggling with an eating disorder. I lost a lot of weight, and after a while i started binge eating and gaining again. The two disorders kept alternating, until i decided i was done with it. That was around October 2018.


Ive been in a traffic accident in 2016, which made me stop doing any sports at all. So i started gaining more. And more. And now, I'm more out of shape than I've ever been, but also more motivated. I've been on Nerd Fitness before the accident as well, but my mindset got in the way a lot. Now I have professional help for that, and for my diet, and its the best possible moment to restart the fire!


I'll restart my own challenges and quests, and try to make sure I keep doing it because i like it. I hope this is the last time I'll be posting in the respawn point, but you never know!


Anyways, I'm all ready for my fresh start, thanks for reading and supporting, I'll keep you posted!



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Thanks for the support man!


I'm a few days back in now, and Ive been going very strong with exercise, doing fun things like bouldering and enjoying my runs outside!

Diet wise I'm sticking to my dieticians' plan, and it makes me feel a lot more energised already :)


I have a lot of momentum right now and it feels great. Gonna start thinking of a good challenge for the next 4-week!



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Alright, so this is about my second week after respawning.

The first week I've been going bouldering with my sister, tho the place was quite far away we had a great time. I could definitely feel those extra 20 kilo's since the last boulder session about 4 years ago, which is a bit frustrating but as long as i avoid any steep overhangs I'll be fine. I guess it gives me even more incentive to get rid of the extra weight.

Also went running once, which was really nice. I can feel my overall shape starting to improve, and I'm not as tired anymore afterwards either. Me and my BF signed ourselves up for a 5K in july, and my goal for now is to run that without stopping, no matter how slow my pace. His goal is to crush his previous 5K record, so if I dont step up my training game we wont be running it together. Also great motivation.

On top of that I'm making it a point to go places on foot, to get some of that extra movement in. Really liking that so far as well!


The second week has been an absolute blast. I started the week with a running session of about 30 minutes, had a rest day on tuesday, did some mild hiking on wednesday, and went climbing again on thursday! We went to a different boulder hall this time, which was closer by, and we had a blast again! We'll definitely be coming back to this particular place. In the evening i also did a floatfit class, and accidentally ended up in the experienced group. Boy was that tough! I could feel my abs 3 days after haha! It was great fun tho, i didnt expect it to be this intense and also to be this fun! I'll do this again as well, for sure!

And to top it all off, me and my BF went on a bike tour on sunday. The weather was amazing, i really missed roadbiking. It was actually a tour set up for older people on e-bikes to enjoy a nice day outise, but we decided to go for it anyways because why not? It was free and incredibly well organised, the weather was great and we made it all the way through 51 kms, even though the last 15-20K was dead against the wind. BF's legs were really burning towards the end and i felt i needed to pace myself as well in order to make it to the end, but we did it!


The start of week 3 hasnt been as spectacular tho, as i've gotten a pretty bad cold from the roadbike-adventure. So far I've been sleeping, resting, and sleeping more. My appetite is also at an all time low, which is frustrating because i really try to stick to my diet plan. Today I'm thinking of going on a short workout outside, but I'm not sure about that yet since I'm not feeling my best being out of bed, sitting at the computer. I made a pact with myself to stick to working out, with only three exceptions: important events that can't be rescheduled, too much soreness from a previous workout, or being ill. So right now I'm technically ill, and i think i need to figure out why i'm even thinking about breaking my own pact. Something to reflect on!


In the meantime, I graduated! The official term is that i now have a bachelors degree in Social Work, from university of applied science. Also landing me a job, I just had the second interview yesterday and it seems like a great company i'd love to work at! Today or tomorrow they will contact me about their final offer in terms of salary and my starting date, and if i agree to that I'll have a job! Its a job coaching and helping people of all different sorts of backgrounds, and on top of that i will be a part of a new team that will be developing new kinds of social work, for example digital coaching, which can be done over distance. Not only will i be developing the actual programmes, but the organisation on a larger scale as well.


All in all, I'm very excited and, despite being ill, bursting with energy to start my new job, to be graduated, to committing to a healthy lifestyle and to being a better, happier person!


You'll be seeing me in the next 4 week challenge! :D

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