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Severine's Post-Cancer Comeback

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[mention=18127]Guzzi[/mention] that was an epicly fantastic response and I am so grateful to you for taking the time to write it. Thank you - I really need to hear that. I think one of the hard things about going through something rough is that is makes it really easy to get caught up in the moment, in what's wrong today, and it makes you feel like you have to do everything now and fix it all immediately, but what you really need is a long term plan. It's good for me to remember that on the days when I feel like everything is bad and because it's bad today that's how it'll always be.


I’ve been through some rough times over the last few years myself so I get what it’s like.

I've had a really busy week, hence being scarce on here. I am taking two accounting classes at the moment from the local university and this week's workload was a little insane - each class had a quiz AND an exam in the last week, plus homework. I'm doing really well in the classes but bloody hell what a timesink. I have a tiny bit of breathing space today, but not much as there's a research project due Wed. My final exams for this semester end May 9 and I am really looking forward to a couple weeks off.
As for goals - food has been going well. I had to go on another course of antibiotics (a z-pack) for my respiratory issues, which required some coordination with mealtimes, but it wasn't too bad. L has been cooking a lot of great homemade stuff with veggies which has helped a lot.
I've done my PT stuff and even had my final meeting with the PT person (she is amazing, if anyone in Boston ever wants a recommendation, hit me up) and she measured my neck mobility and all that stuff and I was improved on every rating. Most importantly, I don't have the stupid arm numbness/tingling anymore. And I have the traction device to use at home and it really seems to help. So yay! I know how to manage the pinched nerve from now on.
The other really good news is while my bronchitis is not gone it is definitely better. I'm still coughing up gross phlegm but I have less of a rattle in my chest and all the head congestion is gone. Just need to work it out of my system at this point, so YAY! I want to get back to evening walks in the neighbourhood ASAP.

Glad to hear things are slowly improving! It’s amazing how long it takes to get fully clear of illness and/or injury, huh? Fingers crossed you keep on getting better.
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I don’t know how accurate these things are but but there are calculators that tell you what time to go to bed to wake up naturally at a particular time.  They might be a load of nonsense though. :unsure:

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