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What is the ultimate solution for non-slipping exercise mats?

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Hi, I need an exercise mat that super strong and prevent sliding on each side. I have done different types of things but none of them worked. I am open to any advice or product recommendation.
Note: I will perform heavy glute bridges with resistance bands(200 lbs) on this mat.
Note: I have a budget of up to 100 US $. But I need the exercise mat can do its job. Most exercise mats on the market are designed to only bodyweight exercises and yoga poses but not for heavy exercise usage.
1. Classic Exercise Mat
I have looked the internet and buy a classic exercise mat which has a dotted layer but this layer does not help much to the sliding problem and it slides on heavy resistance band exercises all over the floor.
2. Adhesive non-slip pads
I tried to fix this problem with adhesive pads. Installed adhesive non-slip pads it worked very well but they hurt my skin of the back.
3. Non-slip rug pads
I tried non-slip rug pads but it only prevent to sliding the yoga mat on the floor it doesn't prevent my back sliding on the mat.
4. Wet Towel on Mat
I placed a wet towel to the dotted surface of the exercise mat but this technique didn't work.

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I could recommend the Airex Corona, it's 200x100x1.5cm. I bought it to be able to do handstands on my parallettes safely (cushiony enough + non-slip absolutely required). I also do exercises with heavy resistance bands on it. The band goes around a rig and the rig will definitely move before the mat does. The mat is very sticky and comfortable. Not really portable at that size, but I bought it for home usage. However it IS quite pricey. I'm very happy with it though and you may find a smaller and cheaper version (I needed a big one for parallettes bails).

Now it's aimed at body weight work, if you are planning to use weights on it (ie dumbbell / barbell crashing on it), I would recommend buying a rubber roll and cut it to your needs, those are heavy and sticky. Just make sure they have a decent thickness, I'd say ~6 to 10mm (I'm not an expert on this, just read that when I was researching mat/flooring options).

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