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How to Lose Weight Fast

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  1. Hi everyone,

     I am a 33 years old male, weighing 75 Kg and height is 5 ft. 6 inches. I have 22% body fat and I want to reduce my body fat and get a lean, muscular, toned up body. How can I acheive my goal? I want to lose at least 5 kilo weight.

    Can someone please help me with a workout plan to achieve the above goal with a diet chart?

    Thanks in advance


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Hi there! Can you be more specific about the kind of workout you'd like to do? Weights? Cardio? HIIT? What are your limitations as far as equipment?

I'm currently on a cut and following the Renaissance Periodization app. It is $15 a month but it makes dropping the weight and body fat simple as long as you're willing to stay dedicated. Losing weight and body fat isn't really a fast thing, at least not if you do it in a healthy way, but the Renaissance Periodization diet plan has shown amazing results with me and everyone else that I know that has used it. You can also look at the one on one coaching that Nerd Fitness offers, I've never tried them but they seem to be great. If you're not interested in a trainer, I'd look at some of the basic body weight workouts and other workouts that Nerd Fitness has put together in their blog. No one specific fitness plan or meal plan is going to be ideal for everyone, so I recommend finding a workout trainer and using a diet program that has been proven to work to get the best results. Good Luck

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The problem is that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to diet and exercise.  The big question is, what kind of exercise do you enjoy doing, and what kind of diet do you want to follow?  


You can build muscle by working with equipment (barbell, dumbbells, fixed weight machines etc) or by using your own body weight (push-ups, pull-ups, squats etc).  You can find beginner programs for either on the main NF site, the links below are a good place to start. 


Strength training


As for diet, do you want to count calories or avoid that like the plague?  The reason I ask is that you can work out how many calories you need by working out your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and then use an app (like My Fitness Pal) to log your food and count your calories, keeping a modest deficit.  Or, if you want to avoid counting calories then you could try Intermittent Fasting.  Lots of people on here favour diets that advocate eating less processed foods and more whole foods, which often results in naturally eating fewer calories and have other health benefits too, but does this sound like something you are interested in?  The best diet is, after all, the one you will actually follow. 

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